Marketing Management and Planning

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Marketing management and planning

Marketing management and planning

Product line review

Domino’s pizza is basically an international restaurant or corporation that deals mainly with the delivery of pizza, and its headquarters are in Michigan, in the U.S. This means that the main product is the pizza and at the moment, Domino’s pizza is among the largest pizza chains in the United States. Other products manufactured and delivered by Domino’s pizza include pasta, wings, sandwiches which are oven-bakes, boneless chicken, breadsticks, salads, cheese ticks among other varieties of dessert items (Domino’s 2016).

Domino’s pizza always ensures that its esteemed customers have the most competitive products and foods available at retail. Market research is always conducted at Domino’s pizza so as to ensure that they offer the right product at the right price and at the right place and time. Domino’s pizza offers high quality foods and is one of the most preferred fast foods ad take away retailers not only in the US but also across the world where the company has its outlets. Domino’s pizza continues to improve in terms of its services offered as well as ensuring that it manufactures new and improved products so as to ensure that maintains its competitive advantage in the market. Domino’s pizza has several competitors that include various Chinese restaurants and other fast foods outlets such as Burger King and McDonalds. Domino’s pizza focuses mostly on low carbohydrate foods as well low calorie products and this has made the company to increase in terms of sales (Domino’s 2016). The company has also been working hard so as to ensure that they focus on offering more organic pizza in the market.

Distribution situation

In this section, the channels of distribution applied at Domino’s pizza are discussed together with the size and importance of each channel as well as the issues of each channel member (Bhatia 2008). A channel of distribution is the chain through which a business uses so as to ensure that the products and services reach the final consumer and this can either be direct or can also involve the use of intermediaries such as wholesalers, retailers or even the internet (Dean 2010).

The type of distribution used by Domino’s pizza is the direct channel and this means that all its products are sold directly to the final consumer (Domino’s 2016). Domino’s Pizza does not involve any of the intermediaries, but the use of internet is also applied as customers can order for pizza and other products online.

The direct channel used by Domino’s pizza is considered applicable and successful in extremely large markets that are highly dispersed geographically. The direct channel of distribution is also relevant and highly useful in markets that have a large number of customers, but each buys just a small number as what happens in Domino’s pizza (Domino’s 2016).

In terms of size, Domino’s Pizza does not use many channels of distribution and this translates into a relatively small size of distribution channel (Bhatia 2008). Ideally, Domini’s Pizza applies three major channels of distribution or rather methods of selling products to customers. One of the main methods or channels of distribution is delivery. In terms of delivery, customers are able to call Domino’s pizza and then they can place an order from where the order is delivered to the respective customer’s premises. This is a major channel of distribution and is of high importance to the profitability of the company as well as promoting its image since customers want a reliable service for the products they purchase. The other channel of distribution used by Domino’s pizza is for customers to dine-in. This means that it offers a conducive space for customers who walk in to purchase products such as pizza. This is also a convenient channel of distribution for Domino’s pizza and is of high importance since it doesn’t involve the costs that are required to distribute and deliver ordered products to customers’ premises. In this case, customers can visit the nearest Domino’s pizza, placer an order right away and either leave the premises with their order or just eat at the restaurant, depending on what the customer mostly prefers (Dean 2010).

One of the largest competitive advantages of Domino’s pizza is the fact that they have large spaces for their customers to visit, make an order and sit down to eat their as well as enough parking space for its esteemed customers (Bhatia 2008). In addition, Domino’s pizza is more advantages due to its restaurant style of facility. In most of its restaurants, Domino’s pizza has a strategy to have a very clean space for customers to sit down as well as enjoy a variety of pizzas, pasta, salads, sandwiches, wings and other foodstuffs and other products offered. The restaurant works to ensure that its customers are able to sit down and enjoy and have fun in a family atmosphere and this strategy has continued to boost sales at the restaurant.

The third and main method or channel of distribution used by Domino’s pizza is the use of internet or online ordering whereby customers can log in into the restaurant’s website and place an order without the need to visit the premises (Domino’s 2016). Due to the current technological advancements such as the use of mobile gadgets as well as relatively cheap internet services, customer just need to go on the internet and place an order. This channel is very much useful to the customer and most preferred since customers are able to view the entire menu and download any special coupons and the place an order without necessarily having to disclose some of the private information such as credit card numbers. This method is very much convenient for both the customer and the restaurant since all transactions can be done online without the customer having to meet any of the restaurant’s staff (Bhatia 2008).

There are several issues for each of the channels of distribution. One of the major issues is on whether the channel of distribution has the capability to maintain or increase the customer base. For example, many customers would prefer online ordering or products, and this is a main issue that calls for Domino’s pizza to major on online marketing and distribution (Dean 2010).


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