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Market segmentation


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The paper is going to address segmentation marketing approach of the following companies: Unilever, Coca cola and Shell. Each of the companies uses given segmented approaches that maximize its service delivery and thus promote their market share. Unilever satisfy its millions of consumers by providing domestic products such as dove, washing powder (OMO) and margarine (blue band) by geographical segmentation. Coca Cola Company on the other hand is the leading global soft drink manufacturing companies and serves its consumers by multi segmentation of its markets. Shell also is a petrochemical company that satisfies its consumers by geographical market segmentation.

Excellence in marketing by segmentation is dependent on how well the market is segmented. None of the segment should be performing below average. A close insight into the three companies reveals that each of these companies excel in their product field. But a comparison of them shows that Coca cola segments their market well followed by Unilever and lastly but not least Shell. This is so due to the market complexity of each of the brands sold by the companies.

The following are few recommendations on how the companies should segment their markets further. First is regional demand. There are regions which are neither defined by demography nor geography but show a significant demand for a given product. This can be addressed by a segmentation system which analyses such boundaries and segment the market accordingly. Secondly, composite segmentation should be promoted. One of segmentation strategy may not be suitable for a give market. In such a case a combination of the strategies should be implemented. Lastly, competition strategy can be adopted by given companies to ensure that areas whose markets demand due to rapid population growth are expected but have not been exploited by companies producing similar products are exploited. This will take care of future trends in market share by the company.

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