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Promoting cosmetics for women


Women cosmetics or make up include eye liner, hair color, eye shadow and lipstick. The promotional materials will affect female audiences as they are a demographic group that spends inordinate amounts of money to improve their nature. Many women believe that beauty dissolves quickly and is ephemeral to an extent that it requires constant advertising (Britton, 2012). The new skin product is called Palmo and is advertised to global audience.

Advertising Palmo ads

The cosmetic ads to be developed will speak out a desire to keep women healthy. According to Reynolds (2015) women persist in looking for products that advocate a healthy lifestyle, youthful looks and beauty retention. The new ad will focus on anti-ageing component to have considerable influence on women. Besides, sending a message of sense of well-being is also important. The product ads will pair ingredients such as yoga into the natural ingredient cosmetic line. The ads will not only offer reduced-price coupons but also use mature models that exude beauty and health after using a wrinkle reducing product, Palmo.

The ads are intended to raise the self-esteem of women by older women being able to compare themselves with beautiful young models. The ads will adhere to the ethics of advertising by desisting from creating impossibly-perfect appearances and mere improvement of images through air-brushing. Instead, the ads will be proactive and takes the appearance of women from all skin shades, hair color and skin tones around the world. This will make women to feel positive about their proactive step to take care of their appearances. For example, Palmo will help resolve skin problems such as blemished skin where women users will feel a sense of commitment and personal pride.

Target market

Palmo is wrinkle reducing product for ageing women who want to feel young and beautiful. This market is not only mature and consumes a lot of beauty products, but also have disposable income to purchase the products. They are also cautious of the ads they watch on any media platforms. The demographics and psychographics of the market will be as shown in the table below.



Business and corporate female executives

35-55 years


College and university


Corporate employees or self-employed

$20,000-$50,000 annually

Marital status

Married or divorced with children


They are trendy and ageing with wrinkles on their faces. Desire to look young and impressive during holidays and corporate parties or functions. Likes travelling and meeting new people. Spends more time on the mirror, sauna and choosing healthy food.

Highlights of the campaign

The ads will involve models and carefully crafted texts. One celebrity model in the age bracket indicated will endorse the product on the advert. The pricing of the products will focus on psychological pricing such as $6.99 for a 200ml Palmo tube. To reach international audience, Palmo ads will use social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Moreover, a website will be created to monitor traffic and uptake of the new product. Online sales will be encouraged with online deliveries optimized.

The intended budget for the ads will be $200,000 which includes developing the ads, websites and monitoring the customers online. The budget will be reviewed during the promotion.


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