Marketing communication

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Marketing communication

  1. SAMSUNG Marketing blog entry

SAMSUNG UNVEILS THE NEW GALAXY NOTE7. The smartphone is being termed as a phablet that thinks big.

Marketing communication

Samsung has utilized its state of the art craftsmanship to unveil the next big thing, The Galaxy Note7 that combines advanced S Pen capabilities with innovative security features. This venture has been catapulted by the category-defining leadership of the company coupled with the innovation that the company has endorsed. This gadget comes with a water resistant body and a stylus pen (IP68) that does not appear in the previous brands. What makes this phone outstanding and worthy buying is the combination of the top-of-the-line security inclusion such as Samsung Knox and the biometric authentication that entails the iris scanning feature that does not even happen to be adopted by the company’s big competitor, Apple. Galaxy note 7 is the best in the entertainment class due to its capabilities of streaming video using the HDR technology feature.

The Vice President of IT & Mobile Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, Conor Pierce stated that the smartphone has combined entertainment and productivity in one single gadget. It hence serves as the best and ideal smartphone for the users who are searching for a device for work and play. It has an enhanced service ecosystem and strong security features. Conor Pierce appealed the users by asserting that the device was built in a manner that reflects the way people live their lives helping each other at any place and at any given time. Customers can preorder the device that comes in Black Onyx and Blue Coral categories with other colors like Titanium and Silver coming soon. Pre-order customers will be rewarded a free Galaxy Gear VR.

For additional information about Galaxy note 7, please visit the following

  1. Highlights for IBM Annual Report 2015

IBM is a unique IT company that reinvents itself via multiple economic cycles and technology eras. They do so to create differentiating value for their clients as well as for the owners of the company. Currently, the company has gone a step ahead to be a leading provider of cognitive solutions as well as Cloud Platform Company which is much far different from the typical IT companies which deal with just Hardware and Software services. Since 2013, the company laid a strategic plan to transform the company to meet the changing needs of the clients and tap the highest-value opportunities for the investors (Burdicket al., 2015). They then divested commoditizing businesses which did not add value to the business and also accelerated the strategic imperatives which are Cloud, Data and Analytics, Social, Mobile and Security in a bid to assist its clients to become digital.

IBM launched integrated units in 2014 to make it easier and faster to pool together the solutions offered by the expanding digital portfolio. This further accelerated growth and enhanced client experience. The total revenue of the company as at December, 31 2015 was $ 81,741 and net profit was $ 24,740.The company’s strategic imperatives delivered a significant growth of 35% of its total revenue ($29Billion). Mobile (250%), Cloud (57%), Social (21%), Analytics (16%) and Security (12%).As the company fueled the expansion of the high-growth businesses, it did not lag behind in innovation that the clients deserved and have long valued and relied on. IBM Global Technology Services finished with a growing backlog due to the increasing injection of automation and cognition into the company’s service delivery. Growth over the year also came from the IBM Global Business Services (GBS) like the famous partnering with Apple that delivered more than 100 IBM MobileFirst for iOS applications. This translated to transitions in how 14 industries worked and how 65 professions worked too. The company’s Systems Hardware business also grew by a 35% margin mainly due to the launch of the z13 in the 1st quarter of the year and the value has grown exponentially throughout the other three quarters. Power has grown over the 4 quarters of 2015 on the strength of OpenPOWER and Linux on Power, by a percentage of 4.

The growth is mainly attributed to the business restructuring that the company has endorsed and implemented over the last year. This saw the company achieving operating earnings per share of $14.92 as well as operating net income of $14.7 billion in 2015. The company’s transformation of its portfolio coupled with the injection of new thinking and talent into the company’s culture such as training employees on Agile methods of development and increasing professional team of designers in the 23 design studios around the globe has seen a great achievement for IBM. The cognitive technology that the company utilizes enhances the human capabilities. The results of the year 2015 gave insights to the company about how they relate with their clients and have known why brilliant experts, innovators and professional have chosen to remain as part of the development tea in the company(Burdick et al., 2015).

  1. Creative Brief Schweppes


Schweppes has got more than 200 years of experience in the business of creating tonic waters and mixers. We are set to launch a brand new marketing campaign that celebrates the rich heritage of the company. Schweppes was invented by Jacob Schweppes in 1783 and tops the list of the 18 brands that are sold in UK and Australia. Our founder is remembered by his first practical approach of bottling carbonated or sparkling mineral water. Based on Neilson volume and value MAT 06.03.16, Schweppes remains to be the number one branded product for tonic water.

Product background

Indian Tonic Water Carbonated Soft Drink fromSchweppeswith Quinine, Sugar and Sweetener. Schweppes Indian Tonic Water for instance is part of the brand’s mixers range and can be enjoyed on its own or combined with fruit juice or with alcohol. Fever-Tree CEO insisted that the Schweppes was no longer as great as it was before and ventured in the same industry as premium spirit mixers to outdo them. They then came up with poor quality mainstream tonics which were preserved with sodium benzoate, flavoured with decanal and sweetened with saccharin. Schweppes tonic water does not contain artificial sweeteners at all.

Target audience

Our ads are used for communicating to the consumers. The ads usually have a sense of grown up fun. This year we created an event where people would experience it for themselves. The current advert that leads up to the main event shows a series of online teasers where Martin Benn, the brand’s marketing manager and his team are experimenting the tests of the mixer ranges. Our brand has undergone a rebrand through a marketing campaign aimed at appealing youngsters between the ages of 25-39 years old (Burdick, D., Das, S. R., Hernandez, M., Ho, H., Koutrika, G., Krishnamurthy, R., &Vaithyanathan, S 2015). All adverts are in TV and print media as well as in experimental marketing. The new strap in the cans communicates the position of the brand’s perfect mix for cocktails as it reads “the magic is in the mix”. One of the ads also feature the line 1+1=3

1= Schweppes

3= Incredible Mix


Schweppes is:

  • Targeting all age & class of consumers

  • Using as a great mixer with Cocktails &Mocktails

  • Adopting advertisement as an universal energy drink with 0% sugar Content

  • Trying to increase profits by slightly increasing the selling price of other brands such as Sin Alco, Orangine and Sky Cola in US.

  • Positioning itself as the most authentic and preferred adult entertainment and leisure drink for more than ordinary home occasions.

Reference List

Burdick, D., Das, S. R., Hernandez, M., Ho, H., Koutrika, G., Krishnamurthy, R., …&Vaithyanathan, S. (2015). Extracting, linking and integrating data from public sources: A financial case study. Available at SSRN.

De Mooij, M. (2013). Global marketing and advertising: Understanding cultural paradoxes. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.