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McDonalds Marketing Communication Plan

Marketing Communication Requirement

McDonald’s communication purpose is to communicate a nutrition message to the increasing health concerns. McDonalds wants to win America’s most lucrative segment that consist of approximately 50% of the population, the millennial who are seeking for healthier options. McDonalds has faced criticism due to the growing awareness of the food content and rising obesity associated with fast food. McDonalds now want to include healthy eating messages.

However, McDonald has implemented strategies as a way of countering the healthy criticism especially after the super size film was air by conducting marketing strategies to avoid negative effect on its brand. For instance, the introduction of healthier options such as bona fide blockbuster and other premium items has showed its dramatic efforts on the food nutrition structures and impacted significant sales. Despite McDonald’s effort to change people attitude and creating public awareness of new healthy options, it is clear that the marketing strategies and brand image are misaligned. McDonalds didn’t receive the expected awareness as the chain has always been marketed as cheap giving the assumption that their products are of low quality (Deng 38). Therefore, the chain had challenges in persuading the customers to buy premium items as customers are accustomed for cheaper prices. Despite the numerous efforts to introduce healthier options, it was still difficult to change people behavior of associating McDonalds brand image with healthy foods. Furthermore, the chain attempts to induce customers with gourmet options as well as all day breakfast has lead to additional costs and operational challenges.

The challenges of the previous marketing communication strategies is that people still view McDonalds as a fast food restaurant despite its numerous effort to introduce healthier options. For this reason, McDonald needs to develop new marketing communication that meets the requirements of the millennial better, an important market segment. Also, new marketing communication strategies should be cost effective and do not create operation challenges.

Marketing Communication Brief

The current situation at McDonalds calls marketing communication strategies to focus on communicating nutrition messages due to changes in dietary and lifestyle in the current food environment. The aim of McDonald marketing communication plan is to change the perception of the customers that offering cheap product does not mean they are of poor quality, thus promoting their gourmet and healthy ranges. The communication plan objective is to change the dietary behaviors among their customers including health oriented customers, particularly for the millennial who are more concerned about the nutrition of the product and account for the largest target market. The new marketing communication will serve two objectives:

1) To change the McDonalds brand image that is perceived to provide products of low quality since its products are cheap. This objective will help it promote its gourmet and healthy ranges to attract those millennial, a large target market that prefer healthy options to increase its current market share.

2) To ensure that the new marketing strategies are cost effective and do not create operational challenges to avoid reduction in profits.

Clearly, McDonald’s marketing communication is facing challenges in achieving and maintains healthy dietary changes to better meet the millennial expectations due to the associated increased costs, as well as operation challenges associated with these efforts. To ensure that marketing strategies are effective, McDonalds needs to communicate messages that change the perception that if a product is cheap it must be of low quality, thus encouraging their target audience to try their gourmet and healthy ranges (Strom «With Tastes»). The communication plan is concerned on how a message is perceived by particular group people and the types of messages that is effective to particular type of market segment.

The role of McDonald’s marketing communication is to identify its audiences that have similar needs because if the message fail to attract attention it will do no effects one them, and marketing efforts will be in vain. McDonald’s audiences can be segmented in terms of age and currents nutritional behaviors. McDonald’s primary market is composed of the young adults, the millennial, and a consumer group that consist of approximately 50% of the population (Larkin 16). This target segment consists of people aged between 19 and 36 years who are more concerned with quality of foods they consume. This group generally catches their meals by themselves or reaching out. McDonald’s secondary market is the segment comprised of children and teenagers, who are more concerned with the general taste of the products. On the other hand, this group checks out with friends and family. According to the above segmentation, it would be advisable to use psychographic segmentation on both primary and secondary target audience. The primary segment composed of the millennial care about healthy lifestyle and considers McDonalds as a restaurant that offers junk foods. The secondary segment consist those who frequently eat at the McDonald for their tasty foods. However, this segment will soon be young adults and are likely to change their attitudes and accept new ideas.

Recommended media for marketing strategy

Facebook. In fact, almost 25% of this segment checks Facebook more than ten times daily. In fact, brands that use Facebook as a media for advertisement such as Facebook engage with customers and these media is supported by millennials. For this reason, McDonald should use a social media platform as majority of the target audience use social networking platform. Also, McDonald can reach a wider audience. They value connecting with their friends and family, therefore, social networking sites can be considered to important to them as they allow them to interact with their friends. Furthermore, they offer instant messaging and they can connect with their friends at any time, for instance, To effectively pass the message that cheap products are not always of low quality to encourage its target audience to try their gourmet and healthy ranges, McDonalds should select appropriate media to reach them. The millennials, which is the largest target market, expects Internet experiences to be interactive.

Creative Brief


McDonald is known as a fast food restaurant that offers French fries, burgers among others that have attracted criticism from the public, health advocate and the government because they are associated with the increasing cases of obesity in America. Although, McDonald has introduced healthy options to its menu, it has not translated to increase sale because customers regards its cheap products to be of low quality.

Our Objective

The aim is to change the perception that because their products are cheap, therefore they are of low quality and promote their gourmet and healthy ranges to increase sales. Eventually, the objective is to make McDonald to be viewed as healthy fast food restaurant. Therefore, there is a need to persuade the target customers to sample the gourmet and healthy options in an effort to draw in the millennials who are currently eating healthy foods at other restaurants, not at McDonald’s. By showing that the restaurant can be part of healthy lifestyle, the consumers, particularly the largest target market to change in their perception regarding the brand from the previous low quality connotation into a healthier one.

Target Audience

Primary target audiences include the health conscious segment that consists of the millennials, the largest group of the population. These segment rarely eats at McDonalds because of health concerns are perceive its food to have a low quality standards because they are cheap. However, this segment is the largest occupying 50% of the population; therefore they should be given an incentive to try out the healthy options with aim they will come back. This segment is the main focus of the communication plan because of their large number that will be used to increase sales as well as its market share.

Secondary target audiences include the youths who are more concerned about the taste of the foods rather than the health. The segment is technologically savvy who frequently visit McDonalds for French fries and burgers. The segment is easy to obtain, and McDonald can easily incite them to purchase healthy options.

Target Insights

It is clear that the most lucrative group of McDonalds target market is the millennials. This segment represents approximately half of the total population and emphasis on high quality standards for the food they consume. Therefore, McDonald’s set out to develop a better understanding of their healthy food among its consumer and build an accurate picture of its healthy ranges to attract more customers that pursue a healthy lifestyle.


Effective motivation can significantly boost the performance of marketing staff to ensure increased sales. The staffs will be given commissions based on the profitability of sales after the customers pay for gourmet and other healthy ranges orders as this can encourage them to do better. The staff will also receive regular training, particularly because they are using social media that is constantly changing due to improvement in technology. This will keep them knowledgeable about new developments.

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