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Marketing 5

QT Sydney Hotel SWOT Analysis


  1. The hotel has state of the art facilities and structures

QT Sydney hotel has invested in elegant infrastructure that is one of its kind in its bid to offer world-class services to its guests. The hotel has 200 hundred guest suites that are carefully crafted with traditional gowings and state theatre buildings. Its boutique Sydney accommodation has retained many of the buildings most attractive features including the blend of gothic, art deco as well as Italianate influenced architecture forming the dazzling exterior at the building. The guestrooms feature luxurious bedding, high speed internets, walk in showers and indulgent oversized soaking tubs (, 2014). Features of the hotel facilities include its 200 designer guest rooms, Gilt lodge, Gowings bar and grill, SpaQ, particular lane roasters, 24 hour room service, valet car parking and private dining and events. All these facilities serve to provide the guests with memorable experience which is key to success in the industry.

  1. QT Sydney has a strong market position

Backed with the above facilities, the hotel has strong and vibrant market positioning and it manifests itself as a brand identity with international standards (Tampoe, 2000). Its guests review shows that the hotel actually delivers a five star level of services to its guests.

  1. The hotel employs high class technology

The hotel has upgraded its facilities with a high class technology which creates multipurpose, multifunctional interiors while entertaining travelers. Employing this technology enables the hotel offer guests a virtual concierge and entertainment experience (Neal, 2013). For instance, its elevators have heat sensors able to detect how many people are in and able to play music depending on the number of people in the lift. For instance, if you are alone in the lift, it will play songs like “all by myself, are you lonely tonight? Etc.

  1. The hotel’s location

The hotel is centrally located making the guests feel as if they are at the center of everything. Furthermore, its location means that more and more gusts are likely to visit the hotel more than many other hotels.


  1. The hotel has a narrow focus

One of its greatest weaknesses is its inability to compete on a smaller scale in Australian hotel industry. In essence, its expertise, skills as well standards of quality fail to match the lower requirements and hence the hotel is unable to offer the lower prices that this class of customers would expect (Jabez, 2011). In a state of economic slowdown as experienced recently, the hotel may find it hard to adjust and hence may operate at losses.

  1. Constant complains from customers about poor service

The hotel has been experiencing constant complains from customers regarding its service standards which compromises its five star status. For instance, gusts have complained of bad food, not being well guided at the reception or rooms not being properly lit. While these complaints are not numerous, such guest reviews may be detrimental to the hotel’s reputation hence affecting its market.


  1. Growth of the tourism industry

Rapid growth in the tourism industry backed by conducive government policies to boost the tourism sector is a real-time opportunity for QT Sydney Hotel to explore and take advantage of.

  1. Focusing on the industry’s emerging business

There exists an opportunity for the hotel in tapping the emerging markets. These include business, class as well as mid-priced markets. There is also an opportunity for the hotel to expand into the events management arena.

  1. Gaming activities

The hotel has an opportunity of taking advantage of the expanding gaming industry.

  1. Threat from competition

The entry of domestic low cost competitors is a major threat to the hotel despite the fact that QT Sydney is in itself a brand having international accolade. There is also a major threat from its level of competitors hence the need to stay focused to its marketing and service strategies.

  1. The threat of terrorism

Economic downturns are a major threat to the hotel industry since organizations and individuals adopt cost cutting measures. In essence, people renegotiate over tourism and buying habits during recessions which affect the hotel industry negatively.

  1. The threat of recession in national and global economy

Since 9/11, terrorism is now a major threat to the hotel industry. This is especially so since Australia is also a prime target for terrorism.


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