Market Forces Carbon Divestment Campaign

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Implementation Calendar of Events

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Implementation of the Plan

Campaign Calendar of Events

The campaign towards carbon divestment targets banking institutions, universities as well as superannuate investment strategies against investing, as well as withdrawing current investment in fossil fuel industries and stocks. Campaign activities intended to include a climate impact day scheduled for local universities, highlighting the salient adverse impact of fossil fuels on the economy. Banking institutions invest with the authority of the shareholders, indicating the need to target campaign activities to shareholders. Liaison with bank shareholders in forwarding the agenda for carbon divestment to their annual general meetings provides an avenue to influence bank investment decisions. Superannuate investment decisions made by the working population can also assist in carbon divestment, with participation sought through informative talks in churches and such other social institutions.

Activities Log

Film: Dear President Obama

When: Saturday, 14 May 2016, 6pm-8pm

Where: Community Social Hall

Description: The feature film lasts 96 minutes, conceived and directed by Jon Bowermaster. Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo lend his narration to the movie, making a great impression on his audience on the need to revise the environmental policy. In targeting the president, it is a direct appeal to the government to address policy on alternative energy. The film’s cross-country assessment of drilling empathizes with victims of contaminations while busting the belief of energy independence from fossil fuel exploitation[ CITATION Jon16 l 1033 ]. Input from activists, scientists as well as economists provide principle evidence required to convince the Administration on easing up on the exploitation of fossil fuels. The movie targets at eliciting a similar reaction in its audience, especially the university students, to help in activism for carbon divestment.

Climate Impact Day Lobby Day

When: Friday, May 20th, 2016, 8am-5pm

Where: Across the Community

Description: A day dedicated to celebrating the natural environment, and the beauty it presents through active preservation. All persons are welcome to participate, where the day’s activities will theme around moving legislators into passing laws against exploitation of fossil deposits. Music, songs, and dance mediums shall share the vision of the world we want, and the route to follow in making the vision a reality. The police department is duly notified of this activity and has, in turn, pledged security for the participants. Family and friends are invited, with their banners, t-shirts, and signs in lobbying for our mutual home.

Activism Sunday

When: 22nd May 2016

Where: Across Community Places of Worship

Description: Conception on the need for this day targets superannuates investors on the benefits of divesting their retirement benefits from oil portfolios. Mobilization of this province towards divestment on fossil fuel interests presents a major blow on the capacity for commercial exploitation. Alternative investments on clean energy should pass to this group as a sustainable means of preserving the earth for future generations, given that the majorities in this category are parents [ CITATION Sam14 l 1033 ]. Selected speakers will represent the activism initiative in various churches across the community, impressing upon their audience on the need for carbon divestment.

Bank Shareholders Sensitization Forum

When: Sun, 22 May – Sat, 28 May 2016

Where: Mass Media Outlets

Description: Influencing bank shareholder’s decision invites the use of mass media advertisement, given the anonymity and physical separation among separate holders. Sensitizing the society on the impact of banks on investment will encourage change by banks on investment trends. Curtailing demand for carbon fossil fuels will ultimately lead to a society weaned of dirty fuels [ CITATION Sin14 l 1033 ]. Agenda recommendations towards carbon divestment during annual general meetings would also serve to reduce investments in fossil fuel extraction companies.


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