Manifesto Rough Draft Essay Example

A Personal Manifesto

I am the Pilot of My Life

It is true that every human being has one life to live on earth. I also have one life to live. In this regard, I want to make the most out of my life. Hence;

I want to be personally responsible for everything that happens in my life. This entails making decisions and choices and being ready to experience and encounter the consequences that arise from the decisions and the choices I make.

I want to always see myself at the steering wheel driving myself and my life instead of letting others steer my life in whichever direction they so desire. I therefore refuse to be the airplane and I make the decision to always be the pilot. I refuse to hand over power about myself to other people and other outside circumstances and make a decision to consolidate this power around myself in order to take charge over my life.

I want to have adequate knowledge about different things in life by educating myself through reading a wide range of materials such as blogs, books and articles. I want to be an open minded person who is knowledgeable in a number of fields such as that other people don’t take advantage of me due to the knowledge they posses over me. Instead of defending faith, I want to always search for truth.

I want to always make decisions about what I want and what I don’t want. I want to make consideration about what I consider valuable in my life and shun that which I consider irrelevant in my life. In this perspective, I want to stand and take action for what I consider to be valuable in life whether other people support me or not. Through my actions and words, I want to pursue all valuable things in life and shun irrelevant things in order to have maximum satisfaction out of my life.

I want to always have a peace of mind. I want to pursue things I can do best and work very hard on such issues instead of pursuing everything only to get disappointed on the way. In this regard, I want to cultivate the peace that comes with satisfaction of performing roles to the best level possible. I want to always delegate those roles and duties I cannot do well in order to eliminate any form of disappointment and dissatisfaction from my life.

I want to live my life to the fullest and enjoy everything that happens in my life. Towards this end, I want to never take things personally and realize that other people have their own manifestos and everything they do is because of their satisfaction and not because of me. This is driven by the fact that the world around me will never be fair just because I am good in the same the bull will never be fair to me just because I am a vegetarian. Hence, I want to bring change to the world by doing little things not to be appreciated but to live a lasting mark in the world.

I want to be at peace with all the people around me by treating every person the way he/she desires to be treated. I want never to cause pain to any individual through my words, actions or plans that I make in this life. I this regard, I want to pursue morality with all my efforts in order to ensure that I live a life free of scandals and other shameful occurrences that might destruct me from achieving the maximum satisfaction I so desire in my life.

Unless for the sake of making more money, I want to free myself from debts and be satisfied with the much or little money I have as my savings. I want to avoid loggerheads with other people because I owe them money. Similarly, I want to minimize conflicts with other people by not lending money to other people unless I feel that the situation calls for such a decision.

I want to make the environment around me liveable by not harming or polluting the environment. I want other people to enjoy being around the environment just as I enjoy being in the environment. I want to make the world and specifically my surrounding a better place than I found it by doing everything possible to improve on the environment rather than degrading the environment.

In my lifestyle and particularly my purchasing habits, I want to be frugal in order to ensure that I do not overspent and enter into debts due to lack of money. In this regard, I want to invest and save more money every month while ensuring that I do not deny myself a good and comfortable life in the name of investing and saving.

I want to personally be responsible for my spiritual, physical, emotional and financial growth and development. Hence, I want to be an active member of a certain religious group. I want to also participate in physical exercises to ensure fitness in my health. I want to have a balance between anger and happiness to ensure that my emotional life is well taken care of. I want to have sufficient money for my consumption, savings and investments for I do not know about tomorrow.

I want to always take responsibility of evaluating situations in life and making relevant choices and decisions that will bring maximum satisfaction to my life. Hence, I want to be ready to change my mind if the situation does not fit into my description of the best choice.

I want to live a life full of fulfilment knowing that death is inevitable, and if I die tomorrow, I will never have anything to regret about and other people will never have anything to say against me because of the pain or harm I caused them when I was alive.

Life is sweet when we live it to the fullest and particularly when we determine the course of our own lives instead of letting others determine the course of our own lives. I am the pilot of my life!!!!


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