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Health Issues

Question 1

The three main health issues at the workplace that affects productivity include the following:

  • Absenteeism: It is a habitual failure to go to work as a result of injury or illness. In Australia alone the problem usually costs the companies 25.7 billion.

  • Presenteeism: It is the loss of productivity that occurs when the employees come to work but cannot perform their duties fully as a result of injury or illness.

  • Unhealthy workers: This involves the employees who cannot perform their duties as a result of illnesses and injury.

Question 2

In Australia, the health issues among the employees are a growing problem that affects the workforce. Every year the companies in Australia loose a high amount of money as a result of the health issues. Absenteeism alone usually cost the companies about $ 25.7 billion. The figures are increasing every year as the problem is increasingly becoming common in the workforce. The unhealthy workers in Australia average only 49 hours of productive work every month. The health of the employees in Australia is usually affected by various factors including the lifestyle habits. Physical injuries when carrying out different tasks usually contribute to poor health. In other instances, the health of the employees is usually affected by harmful habits that include smoking or excessive consumption of alcohol.

To address the health problem at the workplace in Australia, the first procedure involves identifying the problem and its prevalence at the workplace. The next step is establishing a plan to deal with the problem. This involves determining the scope and putting in place measures to deal with the problem. The next step is to promote the program that has been developed from the plan. This mainly involves creating awareness among the employees. Meetings can be arranged with the employees to promote the plan. The final step is managing the program that involves the continuous monitoring of the problem.

Managing the problem at the workplace involve the development of policies that promotes healthy living among the employees. This involves smoke-free policy and healthy eating. This can be achieved through meeting with the employees and provision of information about healthy eating. Providing medical benefits to the employees is also one of the methods that can be used to manage the problem at the workplace. This mainly involves the provision of medical insurance schemes to the employees of the company. The provision of the medical benefits to the employees is the most proffered method of managing the problem. This is because it ensures that the employees are able to access quality healthcare services whenever they are in need. The medical benefits however require some finances to ensure that it is successful.

Cause and extent

The main cause of the health problem includes poor diet, lack of exercises and physical activities that causes injuries to the employees. This problem affects a high number of employees as each of the employees at one point ends up with a health problem.

The program will cover all the employees within the organization. This is aimed at ensuring that the organization can fully address the problem. Adequate resources have to be allocated to the employees to ensure that the program is successful.


The program that will be implemented includes the medical benefits for the employees as well as promotion of the healthy eating habits. Resources have to be allocated for the medical benefits and experts in the field of public health have to be involved in the awareness campaigns.

Physical resources

Various resources will be required to implement the program. This includes the financial resources as well as the human resources. Planning and coordination among the employees is required for the purposes of ensuring that the program is successful. The allocation of resources will require close coordination with the management. Facilities for enabling the employees to carry out physical exercises such as weight lifting will also be required.

Personnel needed

Various personnel will be required for the purposes of implementing the project. This includes the human resource manager, health and safety officers, public health experts and fitness experts. The company will therefore be required to hire new staff members with certain expertise to ensure that the program is successful.

Administrative structure

The program will be headed by the human resource officer of the company. The other staff members will be selected to coordinate different activities that have to be carried out during the program. The human resource manager will act as a link between the management and the employees to ensure that the program is successful.

Cost factors

The cost of the program will depend on various activities being carried out. The bulk of the costs will be on the medical benefits. The benefits will cover all the employees of the company. The purchase of equipment will also attract some amount. The recruitment of new staff members will increase the costs at the company.

Approach to promote the program

The program will have to be popularized among the employees to ensure that it is effective. Frequent meetings with the employees have to be carried out to create awareness about the program. Meetings will be held every week with the employees and any new employees will be informed of the program as part of the induction process.

Benefits to the organization

The organization will experience a lot of benefits as a result of the program. The health of the employees will be improved as a result of the program. This will lead to improved productivity and hence benefiting the company. The incidences of absenteeism among the employees will be reduced which will ensure that the employees are able to fully perform their duties.


To improve on the health and wellbeing of the employees to enhance their productivity

Workplace health policy

The employees have to adhere to the workplace health policy at all times when carrying out their operation. All the employees have to be provided with the copies of workplace health policy guidelines.

Employee support and Assistance Policy

All the employees must be provided with all the information about the workplace health and safety policies by the management. An employee has a right to ask for any assistance from the management regarding the policy.

Guidelines for employee participation

All the employees will be provided with a registration form that they be required to fill and provide various details. The employees may be required to provide some of the personal information that is related to their heath. High levels of confidentiality will however be maintained to gain the confidence of the employees.

Milestones and objectives

The program will have the following objectives:

  • To promote healthy eating habits among the employees.

  • To promote healthy living among the employees.

  • To reduce injuries among the employees when carrying out their duties.

  • To increase the levels of awareness among the employees regarding the health issues.

  • To promote productivity among the employees.

Timelines for achieving the objectives



Development of the program plans

Creation of awareness among the employees regarding the program

Program implementation

Program monitoring and evaluation

Continuous basis

Process of tracking progress

The success of the program will be determined by its outcome and general impacts. The evaluation of the program will be carried out every month to determine its impacts. During the evaluation, the aspects of awareness as well as presenteeism and absenteeism will be determined. The human resource management department will be involved in tracking the progress made by the organization with regards to the program. The information obtained will be used for recommending the changes or improvements to be made.

Template for the progress report

Progress report form

Name of officer

Changes made during the month:

Number of employees who experienced health problem during the month:

Cause of physical injuries:

Levels of awareness among the employees:

Benefits noted at the organization:

General improvements made at the organization: