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4Manchester United Vs Arsenal Game Analysis

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United Hit 8 past Gunners! Surely it Can’t be this easy for Fergie

Arsenal and Manchester United are two top English clubs who normally participates in English Premier League every season. The two teams have played 206 competitive matches with 98 games played at Arsenal, 99 at Manchester United and 9 games played on neutral ground (Lindner, 2012). The number of competitive games between these two great teams is not important but what is in focus here is the premier league game of 2011/2012 which took place on Sunday 28 August 2011. Ten goals in 90 minutes! This was real thumping! Someone would wonder if it was a training session. Of course it was a competitive premier league match. Arsenal managed to concede eight goals and this left them 8 points from the league leaders (Chris, 2011). The starting lineup could tell it all but the extent at which the result was could not be expected. The Arsenal lineup was majorly composed of young players of ages 19-20 years who were not experienced while their counterpart composed of experienced players both in and outside the bench. The positioning of the defense, more so left back made Arsenal so vulnerable in the hands of Manchester United. Strikers were able to sneak past weak defenders leaving no hope for Arsenal to prevent Manchester from trouncing them in the game (Chris, 2011).

This game actually exposed the weakness in Arsene Wenger’s tactics and theory of using young players and this made the fans even forget the last four games they had won before (Michael, 2012). Michael (2012) in his blogging rated arsenal players differently. Majority were generally poor with Szczesny and the two center backs getting the rating of 5 each while left back Jenkinson getting three as strikers could easily sneaked past him. Arshavin and Rosicky were at the pick and in their best form in the game but could do little to salvage.

By the end of the 90 minutes the score line was 8-2, though the fans were still chanting their support to their team after they were smashed, it was quite disappointing for a giant team like Arsenal to concede 8 goals in one game.


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