Managing Pay and Performance Essay Example

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Managing Pay and Performance

Telstra: Goal-Setting Theory, Behavioural Measures and Goal Performance Review Meetings

Telstra is an established company with goals aimed at enhancing its performance as a leading provider of communication networks and facilities. The corporation’s goals are developed by a focused board that sets performance targets and follows up on their implementation (Telstra, 2013).

Telstra sets out strict guidelines that define the expected behaviour for everybody working in the company. The behavioural measures apply to members of society against cases of theft, possession of illegal items and assault. For employees, the company expects compliance with laid down requirements in matters relating to the company’s privacy, occupational health and safety as well as the policies on equal employment opportunities. Further requirements warn against coming to work under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol stressing that employees must come to work when in a condition that they can perform duty. Telstra Corporation Limited does not allow smoking in its premises and vehicles (Telstra, 2005).

The corporation has in place an annual performance review process. During this time, reviews take different dimensions, including a review of the corporation’s performance against those requirements set out in its charter. During the meetings, individual committees are critically analyzed to determine their performance. Also review is the performance of the individual directors that run different departments as well as the performance of the chairman relating to his capacity as board chairman (Telstra, 2013).


While the corporation has a well established policy on performance and behavioural measures, the enforcement of these policies is what causes the difference. Performance evaluation should also be organized to include junior employees and should incorporate evaluation of customer relations. Behavioural measures must also include strict and punitive consequences for defaulters.

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