Managing Human resources (Question review) Essay Example

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Effective employment strategies require effective planning to determine the specific human resource management needs of the organization when filling a vacancy. Discuss this statement.

The success of any organization entirely depend on its human resources having been argued to be the most critical assets of the organization. In order to put the right people in the job positions for the right work, the human resource manager must plan in advance and in a strategic manner so as to meet the competitive edge of the organization in the industry. Additionally, proper manpower planning translates to the meeting of the human resource strategies and thereafter the strategies of the whole organization (Jackson & Schuler, 1990: 224).

In order to employ the right number of persons, with the expected qualifications for the right kind of work, the organization has to carry out the process of manpower planning. The process begins with the assessment of the current manpower in the organization so as to understand the gap to be filled. The human resource needs are identified for proper hiring process to be carried out. Then the human resource manager carries out a forecast on the organization’s labour demands in the near future. This forecasting ensures that the future needs in the organization are identified so as they can be met during the hiring process (Jackson & Schuler, 1990: 226). Thereafter, the analyzing of the labour supply in the market is done in order to understand the market in terms of the skills, talents, experiences and the numbers available in the market. The analysis is also done in order to find whether the supply can meet the demands requirements (Jackson & Schuler, 1990: 226).

Ultimately, the manager matches the demand and supply of labour in the organization. The gap analysis is majorly done for the purposes of identifying the future human resource requirements and knowing how to possibly meet them for a successful workforce (Jackson & Schuler, 1990: 227). Then this process is done so that the right cause of action is taken in order to meet the organizational goals. In case of shortage the human resource departments has to carry out the hiring process. However, in case of surplus, the human resource manager has to reduce the manpower through retirements, terminations, layoffs as well as demotions in order to make the organization more competitive, productive and hence increasing its profitability (Jackson & Schuler, 1990: 231-232).

In conclusion, proper planning process endures that the organizations needs are identifies hence the most appropriate staffing process is done, meeting the expected organizational needs. Filling a vacancy entails recruitment, selection and placement of the appropriate candidate. Effective planning will therefore ensures that the employment strategies are effectively and efficiently put in place.

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