Managing for Profitable Growth — is the Rookie Ready? Essay Example

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Is the Rookie Ready – Case Analysis

The case titled “Is the Rookie Ready” presents the situation of a company named Driscoll software and a problem that is a very common corporate problem that many managers face. Driscoll software is in the software development business for a vast variety of businesses ranging from aircraft operation software, to writing software for casinos and even for stock exchanges. All of the company’s clients use its software for mission critical operations and any failure of the software can cause all the business activities to come to a standstill. Therefore, software that Driscoll develops is highly reliable, however it is also quite expensive.

The main challenge of Driscoll are two folds. Firstly, one of their client called Hybara Casinos, which had shifted to other cheaper software has decided to come back to Driscoll because the other software has a lot of glitches and causes the system to malfunction very frequently. However, Hybara wishes Driscoll to provide them a new system within two weeks during the Christmas season when most of the employees at Driscoll have already planned for vacation. The task normally would require six weeks for completion. Secondly, Kristen is the manager in charge, who has only been recently promoted, and in spite of being very bright, has not been able to perform very well in her new role. The unit head is not very sure if Kristen would be able to deliver on this project, particularly with a reduced workforce.

The overall economic situation presented in the case is not very optimistic and all of the clients of Driscoll are looking at cost cuts. Since Driscoll’s software are quite expensive, the company is facing serious economic pressures. Therefore, it makes the current contract of Hybara Casinos very important and if they fail in this, they might even have to initiate layoff in the new year as well.

There are a few points which have become evident from this case. Firstly, the project is technically feasible and the only challenge is the short deadline and the limited workforce. Secondly, the employees are also willing to contribute to the project and four of them are even willing to cancel their leave plans. Finally, the deadline is quite strict and it is not possible for the team to deliver on it. In order solve this situation, it is required that a best case plan is devised in consultation with all the team members as well as with the client. Firstly, Tim and Kristen should ask the team to thoroughly analyse the business problem at hand. Based on this understanding an estimate should be drawn for the solution being proposed and how it will solve all of the problems of Hybara effectively along with an estimated timeline. Next, Tim should arrange for a meeting with Hybara explaining them the proposed solution and the time related constraints. Tim should highlight it to the client that if they press too much on time, it might negatively impact the quality of the software system and might not solve the business problem that it is currently facing. A compromise solution that can be proposed in this case would that until a full scale replacement software is fully developed, the current team at Driscoll will fully support the existing software and ensure that the business downtime is reduced to a minimum. This way, Tim can find a middle ground, through which the concerns of the clients as well as those of this team can be addressed effectively.

Hiring Alessandra might not be the right approach for the company, because not only is she extremely expensive, hiring her might demoralize the team and indirectly communicate to them that the company does trust their competence. This approach might help them to get this contract, however, it will significant impact their ability to deliver on similar high stress performance in future. However, the solution recommended by Carol Walker in which Kristen takes a decision on whether to have Alessandra on board or not and if yes then in what role or capacity, can also be a viable solution.