Impact of culture on our lives today. Essay Example

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Impact of culture on our lives today.

August 2017


As time keeps moving, so is the globe generation is changing its face. In the essay, the impacts of culture in the to-dates’ life has been reviewed. Culture can be defined as a system of dynamic rules, implicit as well as explicit that is established by a group of individuals (Amick, 2014, pp. 3). The culture is created for ensuring the survival to the group. The cultures involve beliefs, values, vices, behavior as well as the norms governing a Group of individuals. Along the evolution is the change of the look of the world due to the interaction of people of different culture. Therefore, some individuals have kept held to their cultural beliefs to date (Beer and Burrow, 2013, pp. 56). Due to the evolution of the face of the globe, these individuals have been impacted as discussed in the essay. Moreover, maintenance of culture is no harm. But it is a recommendation that some cultures be updated as time goes by. The update is meant for keeping at par with the present generation (Hwang and Matsumoto, 2017, pp. 343). Additionally, the different generations available in the globe have differentiated views on the importance of culture in the current world (Amick, 2014, pp. 6). Also, these various generations have differentiated impacts from the cultural beliefs as viewed in common society.


Culture today has a different impact on different people. It all depends on one’s perspective towards some values and beliefs. Basing the study on culture and organizations, the current organizations cannot be managed using the same strategies that were followed in the past. The reason behind this could be due to the presence of employees and customers of diverged cultural beliefs (Freitas, 2013). Also, some individuals now less about the culture governing their society of family. Therefore, it becomes a challenge to implement these cultural practices in the organization. When the management introduces culture or tries to run the organizations using the same ethical regulations as was in the past, turnover of employees if probable of happening. The turnover is for the employees who leave the organization for other businesses companies (Amick, 2014, pp. 7). Therefore the organization management should keep on making implementations on the strategy to follow in governing the firm.

The culture on the other side has a positive impact on the nation currently. The intelligence that was there in the culture were important in uniting as a team towards o common interest. It is in the cultural practices and believes that the current generation will adopt self-management, social intelligence, and empathy along sides’ self-awareness. Some respective culture that existed in the past was necessary for everyone. The respect ensured that there are no immorality-related cases in the society (Choi, 2015, pp 597). The impact of the past culture to date is that the society has been taken back to the respect dominated nation that existed in the past.

Current communication has been impacted by the culture also. The impact is both positive and negative as well. On the positive impacts, we have the communication is taken as the key to peace and violence in the family. Therefore, people then communicated while keen not to alter abusive words. The culture in the current globe least takes the concern to the communication culture. The culture here is an activity that is learned from one or more individuals in the man’s life (Amick, 2014, pp. 11).

The past culture is also applicable in the current lifestyle. The culture that is to be adopted includes the dressing culture as well as the behavioral strategized culture. It is based on the respect thereby between the genders in the society as well as the age groups in the society. Among the opposite gender, we have the male culture is closely related to that of the female. These cultural practices have impacted the current life positively (Amick, 2014, pp. 13). They have opened ideas to investors and innovators to make adjustments on the walls of the culture. These innovations and inventions could be based on dressing codes attires as well as the behavioral plan of the individuals. It is through the adoption of the culture that the youth in the society is able to be protected from the current diseases in the society. The protection is obtained through conduction of several platforms that are reliable to train on cultural practices and beliefs (Beer and Burrow, 2013, pp. 49).

Different people have different hierarchy and definition of culture. Here we have four levels of depths on the cultural manifests. They include the rituals, values, heroes as well as symbols in the society. Symbols could be a gesture, objects, and words of pictures that have a given meaning to the society. The meaning of the symbol could be known to the current generation societies that share a common culture. The Heroes are people, either dead or alive who are believed to have had unique characteristics to the society (Amick, 2014, pp. 14). The rituals are the practices or activities carried out in the society as a culture as well as values being the positively impacting activities of the community. These four manifests are necessary for the current culture since they require fewer amendments to be at par with the current is because the four manifests are up to date no matter the state of the globe in relation to the evolutions occurring/ therefore, the past culture is of importance to the current life (Hwang and Matsumoto, 2015, pp. 596).

Some cultural beliefs and behavior in different communities have one thing in common. They have many similarities. This doesn’t insinuate that the culture is the same or these people are the same. It only shows that for the survival of all societies and their interaction, a common event or activity must be available as the medium of information and character exchange among the societies. Therefore, the presence of the common species in the culture has impacted the current life whereby we have a mixed culture in the society (Amick, 2014, pp. 16). The subgroups of not able to only portray their own culture purely. It is due to the mingling that led to the adoption of each other’s culture.

As the technological error keeps evolving, so is everyone also expected to. It is always advised that people move in line with the changes in technology in the daily basis activities. Therefore, despite the change in the technology, the culture should persist with only a few changes being made. These changes include the reaching the level of technology as well as adopting their culture within the same technological zone (Hepp and Krotz, 2014). The current culture has led to the deterioration of the loyalty as well as the gap that existed between those in authority and any other citizen. The current culture has the gap minimized close to zero thus the increase in gross misconduct amount those in authority. The normal citizen is also affected as a result, since their personal space, as is in the culture, is intruded into (Amick, 2014, pp. 19).


In conclusion to the essay, it is important to know that there are two different approaches of past culture and the life today. The impact here could be positive of negative to the individuals owning it. For the success of any community, updating on the culture is a necessity, since it helps prevent loss of culture as well as keep at the same level with the current generation. The past culture is of great influence to the respect and response of people to the current happenings across the globe. Therefore, it is right to conclude that adoption of the past culture is necessary in some cases, as its adjustment is necessary also. The adjustment is important since the management cannot use the same culture to manage the current organization as was being managed in the past.

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