Managerial Decision Making Scenario Exercise

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Communicating in Multicultural Workplaces

How I would handle this problem?

While each unique problem requires own investigation methods, some common factors are associated with all types of investigation situations. For instance, as an investigator, I would need to first review the state and federal employment laws on the issue. I would also need to respect the privacy and confidentiality of employees (Meinert, 2014). I would also need to undertake a methodical investigation. At the same time, I would make sure that it does not drag on for longer than necessary. I would also need to be objective. Lastly, I would concentrate on the critical objective of coming up with a resolution to allow the management to take a proper corrective action.

After identifying a resolution, I would call a meeting with the entire staff to reiterate a need for cultural awareness and respect for diversity at the workplace. The key themes at the meeting would revolve around teaching employees on mutual respect and empathy (Sundar, 2013). In addition, I would offer acculturation training or orientation to the new employees to allow them to have a greater insight regarding the company’s diversity and a need for mutual respect and empathy, in addition to the behaviours expected at the organisation. On the other hand, to contribute effectively to best practices at the organisation, I would summon a meeting to clarify to the employees the attitudes and beliefs that they should have, and how they would need to act to respect each other, including avoiding obscene and vulgar languages, being respectful of other’s beliefs and cultures, including avoiding demeaning behaviours, and showing consideration to other’s moral values and viewpoints, such as condemning acts where supervisors lick whipped cream off the breasts of strippers at office functions, as this may not be respectful to others’ morals (Sundar, 2013).

What kind of investigation would initiate?

Informal investigation would be carried out. When initially meeting the employee who has brought out the complaint, I would identify all the facts and issues, such as which employees were involved, why, when and where. I believe that an informal investigation would result in resolution as the complaint concerns lack of an understanding by organisational policy by the employees, poor multicultural communication among supervisors and employees.

What applicable laws, legislations and official government agency policies would you use to make your decision on how to handle the problem?

Essentially, investigations are tools that can be applied in the analysis of the causal factors for problems by gathering data. In the United States, certain laws in the field of employee relations demand that an organisation’s management has to conduct investigations to fulfil certain obligations stipulated by the laws. As a manager, the general duties would revolve around discrimination, harassment, threat, and employee safety. Indeed, failing to investigate these situations may lead an employer to lose lawsuits or claims that employees may bring while responding to the problem.

Therefore, examples of laws, legislations and official government agency policies that I would consider include those that restrict discrimination at the workplace, such as Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII). Additional laws to be considered touch on promoting drug-free organisation, specifically Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. The health and safety laws that I would consider include OSHA, which demands that employers have to carry out investigations into problems in order to prevent similar problems in future, including violence and harassment.


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