Management skills ( Managing a healthy workplace) Essay Example

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Reflective Journal- Week 3

During week 3, we examined important aspects of management. We focused on different ways of managing a healthy workplace, problem solving and ways of building effective teams. I learnt very important lessons that I believe in future will help me become and effective manager. For example, I learnt that it is the duty of employers and workplace managers to provide a work environment that is safe, friendly, conducive to health, fair and has clear work policies and procedures. I also learnt about some of the common work stressors such as poor management, poor communication, unreasonable workload and bullying among many other factors. In order to prevent and address these issues, I learnt that problem solving skills and knowledge are necessary. Moreover during this week, I was able to understand why teams fail and how to build effective teams. The lessons learnt during this week have to a great extent helped me to develop people skills and understand ways in which I can contribute to the development and management of a healthy workplace.

I believe that, due to what I learnt during this week about managing a healthy workplace, problem solving and ways of building effective teams, my overall skills in management have improved. This will evidently be reflected in my professional practice in future. For example, I have gained a lot of knowledge with regards to managing diversity in teams and I believe that in my professional practice in future , I will know how to effectively relate to people from ethnical background, religions and cultures. With regards to what we learnt during this week, I was able to identify that groupthink is one my main pitfalls. One of the areas that intend to change will be on groupthink, during this week, I learnt that in as much as team work is important, one should not loose their individuality.