Management skills Essay Example

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Description: Delegation and empowerment in workplace

Critical Analysis & Explanation: I saw in the organization where I was working the lack of delegation and empowerment to employees to take certain decisions which affected the decisions. Despite repeated request and voice regarding delegation from different quarters the management didn’t take any step to improve the situation

Reflection: The learning from the course helped me to understand the manner in which delegation and empowerment leads towards better decision making as employees at the job are able to evaluate different factors and based on it take decisions which will help to improve the working. The same when applied to the job where I was working would enable the business to take better decisions as giving the necessary delegation and empowerment will help them to take decisions. This can be controlled by ensuring that the management provides certain directions and areas through which the business is able to take better decisions. I will ensure that under my leadership I provide the employees more empowerment and responsibilities along with the opportunity to take decisions so that there is effective management

I will also ensure that I will use my overall learning to develop the business in such a manner that it helps to ensure more delegation and empowerment to the employees as there are certain situations in which the employees or the management cannot wait to go through the entire process of decision making and need quicker decision which will be easily facilitated through the growth and use of empowerment. This will ensure better decisions and guide the management in better use of resources.

Description: Importance of developing effective workplace for better working

Critical Analysis & Explanation: While working in my organization I had seen the lack of safety equipments and strategies at workplace which is required for proper services. Despite the need for developing a workplace which looks at the safety aspect of the business the management didn’t take any step to improve it.

Reflection; The learning from the course highlighted the importance of developing an effective workplace which looks towards developing a safety environment so that employees are able to work freely without any fear of injuries. I will use this learning in my organization as I will ensure that workplace safety measures are kept in place and developed so the employees don’t have any sort of fear. This will help to ensure effective decision making and develop awareness. I will look towards providing the required training so that a better workplace enviornment is created and safety is looked as a main concern.

I will also look towards developing an environment which gives priority to safety and ensure that a team is developed which looks towards addressing the issues that the workplace presents. This will also include solving the problems and looking towards garnering better strategies so that the risk factor is dealt in an effective way and a workplace which has all the safety measures is developed. This will also help to reflect on the working and will solve the different issues which the business faces from time to time. Along, with it ensuring that every employee undergoes training will help to reduce the number of accidents.