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Business Communication

Q1: List three environmental cues and indicate how they influence your expectations for communication

  • Distance- this will show whether the communication is intimate or note, you will chose closer distance if communication is intimate and reasonable distance if communication is official. The nature of text message to be chosen will dictate the nature of communication (Neves, Pedro, and Robert E. p34)

  • Time:- Official communication are always done during the official business hours and always carry with it official language in it while on the other hand, non official language can be done any time

  • Dress code: — Official communication like presentation should always be done when be dressed officially while non official can be done

Q2: Does the communicator have a responsibility to the audience? Does the audience have a responsibility to the speaker? Provide justification

  • Yes, both communicator and the audience have responsibility to each other. Always communication is two- way- traffic where there is a listener and a speaker, any form of distraction among the two party’s results to noise and effective communication only take place if the two parties listen to each other.

Q3: From your own Viewpoint, how do you think thought influences the use of Language? Provide evidence to support your view?

  • Thought influences perception of an individual and when mind is preoccupied with earlier thoughts, it means there will be bias selection on what an individual wants to listen to and as a result, mind might give it different interpretation resulting to distortion of information. Information is only effective if the intended message from the speaker is interpreted by the receiver without distorting its meaning. It is also very useful if the receiver does not have prejudgment on the speaker normally brought distortion in the interpretation of the message. For instance, if in your thoughts you think an individual is thieve and he turns out to be a preacher, the initial thoughts will always make you think that a person is pretending (Neves, Pedro, and Robert E. p114).

Q4: How does language affect self concept? Explore and research your answers finding examples that can service as case studies

  • The language impairment or barrier may influence how an individual express himself or herself in terms of explaining a given concept. With poor explanation on a concept, self concept is interfered with. Self concept also determined the speaker understanding of the concept to be communicated, with proper self concept, explaining it to the audience will be much simpler than concept which the speaker does not understands.

  • When we communicate, we are full of expectations, doubts, fears, and hopes. Where we place emphasis, what we focus on, and how we view our potential has a direct impact on our communication interactions

Q5: News article

BBC: News 27 June 2016: Brexit: Germany rules out informal negotiations

From the headlines, using five principle of writing skills,

  • Clarity: The heading is clear and captures readers attention making it a good writing

  • Easy to read: The article has only cover major aspects of the topic written in simple English hence meets the quality of easy reading.

  • Catches readers attention: Like in the article, the reader wish to know what is happening or the Germany position on Brexit

  • Meets readers’ expectation: The article actually stipulate the German position on the issue and it states that there will be no casual discussion on it but everything must be treated with seriousness and official

  • Effective and efficient: — The message from German to Britain is clear and they don’t wish to carry any informal talk on the Brexit issue but everything must be official and done with seriousness due to its economic impact and consequences

Q6: Is there ever justifiable use for doublespeak? Why or Why not explain your response and give some example

  • Yes, there is justifiable ground for use of doublespeak. It helps in distortion of words to make unpleasant words with negative situations not to sound awful as they ought to sound but give them dignify meaning in conversation. Example of double speaking is when people say that a person has “Passed on” as opposed to “died”.

Q7: How Signposts help audience follow presentation

Signpost gives vision expression of a give issue like road sign which indicates that there is bump a head. This help the audience to visualized the idea and the message. The sign post are used by marketers to help customer memorized the point of advertized message.

Q8: Jargon in Economics

  • Ceteris paribus :-

  • Inflation:-

  • Gross domestic product (GDP)

  • Game theory

In the article explaining the country economic development and growth, the writer first explained the meaning of a given word before going ahead with explaining the circumstances. Abbreviation like GDP was given in full before indicating the abbreviation and Game theory is used by giving example and how strategic decisions are used to explain a given phenomenon.

Q9: How does self concept help in writing?

  • It influences the attitude and behavior on a given issue. The passion through which I used to write largely depends on the self concept. Furthermore, it helps in explaining the concept involves in a particular play. Self concept is very important in writing as it assist in understanding the environment and the target audience. This help in selecting the kind of words to be used and how they should be used (Neves, Pedro, and Robert E. p134)

Q10: What does the field of psychology offer in the field of self fulfilling prophecy?

  • A self fulfilling prophecy is a concept where a given prediction that causes itself to come true due to the fact that the prediction was made. This happens due to the simple fact that our actions influences our believes. In psychology, the mind or what we thinks are translated in our actions and our believes influences our actions. Psychology deals with believes and how we thinks.

Q11: How does perception limits our view on issue or enhances our view on issues

  • Perception is how we interpret the information as we see it. The way we interprets information dictates our understanding. Therefore, when we wrongly perceive an idea or information, this implies that we will give wrong information on it and limits our view but with deeper perception it will enhance our understanding on a given issue.

Q12: Listening styles

  • Active listening style: Active listening style help in enhancing our ability to absorb and pass on the data and information given during the exchange. It also help in development of skills and technique to actively listen to the communicator with greater clarity and empathy.

  • One disadvantage of active listener is that it increases stage freight for the public speaker as many questions might arise if it involve question answer session

Q 13: Strategies of minimizing psychological noises in public speaking

  • Proper planning of the message is very important in reducing psychological noise so that you be to the point. In planning the message, first you should know what to be said, when to say it and how it should be said. Secondly you should craft the message that is being strict to the point using common language and avoid using jargon, use of proper branding and lastly seek feedback. Deliver message now and find out if the audience can respond, timing of the message among others.

Q 14: Email

The two emails in the reading cannot be addressed to my lecturer since they are irrelevant with academic issues. One is discussing employment issues with the employer while the other one is discussing and thanking the customer for registering with them. The message is proper but is not appropriate for the intended communication. This message will create noise and in the process the intended meaning and purpose will be lost.

Q 15: How audience influences choice and use of language in a document

  • Take for instance case of two workmates are talking, they can use jargon within their profession since both can easily understand and one will not be very keen in using their professional jargon since both can easily interact and understand. They can also use slang since in most cases, they do not converse on official issues but can joke around. The second instance is where there is official communication between employee and employer, in this case, the words to be used will be strictly official simple and straight to the point. Hence, the audience one is addressing is very key in influencing the choices of language and kind of words to be used.

Q 16: Sales letter from culture

Dear customer

In order to improve your understanding and memory, increase the intake of fish since it increase the OMEGA 3 in the brain which helps in increasing memory cells in the brain. More OMEGA 3 more memory and more success in your academics. EAT FISH — FISH and FISH for success. The Japanese produce cars and have the skills of doing so since they eat a lot of fish and this has made them succeed in producing huge machines if you want to be like them then eat more fish (Neves, Pedro, and Robert E. p234)

Q 17: Draft letter

Dear customer

It is with great pleasure that I would to take this opportunity to introduce to you our products new IPad note 4. This product has very many new features which is not found in the current IPads in the market. Some of the outstanding features include:

High internet speed which can be used as Wi-Fi and can connect up to 10 other laptops or people at any given time.

  • High resolution Camera

  • Water proof

  • Long life Battery

  • Ability to charge other mobile phones

  • Portable among others features

Try out this our new product and we will always give you a warranty on any sale and great sales discount for any product bought. Offer ends but stock last.

Yours faithfully

Q 18: Product to produce

I would like to produce farm product which include:

Companies I wish top supplier with this product include;



The three companies deals with the production and packaging of meet and sausages. IBERICOS Guelen for instance is a South African companies with modern technology in butchery services with many branches and great supply chain. With the production of pork, I will be having readily available market for my pork which are fresh from the firm. The same applies to Kabanos and JSC BREST MEAT PACKING PLANT. They are good companies which will provide me with market for my product.

Q 19: Resume

  • A longer resume is justified on first, it is one of the requirements by the companies requiring you to submit that longer resumes asking you to state all the requirements they require. Extensive job experience before attaining your bachelor degree and lastly Small percentage of undergraduates and graduate students who have extensive leadership/involvement and related experience to justify two pages.

Q 20: Diverse audience speech

  • When preparing speech, first it is important to understand the background of the audience, their diversity and needs. This will help the speech writer to cover the needs of each and every person in the group or find a common problem or aspect which the two groups share.

  • For instance, when preparing a speech for teacher, parents and students, the common factor for this people is education and one cannot decide to discuss security though a common factor but not appropriate for the meeting. The diverse audience here needs different motivation but within the area of academic excellence. Therefore, it is important to understand the background, nature and needs of your audience before delivering speech to them.

Q 21: Rhetoric situation

  • Yes, it is important is some cases like in situations where by one would wish to avoid direct confrontation with the people. The group will take time to understand the concept before they can apply it in their life and it helps in bringing out deeper understanding of the situations.

Q 22: Tattoos

  • The topic is highly common among teenagers and most of their role models in the world of celebrities have tattoos in their body. Therefore, when approaching this topic, first it is important to approach it in a neutral point of view giving benefits if any and coming to disadvantages. For instance:

  • Tattoos increases publicity and easy notification among people like you can say that boy/girl with nice tattoos in his or her hand. Therefore, if you would wish to be easily identified, the tattoo will do. Meanwhile with that much benefit, it should be noted that the process of putting tattoo in the body has several ramification as the machines used to write them leaves some radioactive elements which might results to defect of body and may replicate to a child during pregnancy. It has consequences which are negative if one wishes to undergo operation. Otherwise we were created in image of God why then deform image of God with so many tattoos in our body, otherwise we are just custodians of the body as it is a temple of God.

Q 23: Ethics in presentation

Yes, presentation involve ethics including flow of words, words to be used and how to use them. This is a requirement for any public speaker and any other person involve in delivering speech. Standing posture, opening remarks and order of recognition of major dignitaries in the meeting.

Q 24: Hillary Clinton Nomination acceptance speech for democrat’s party

  • In her speech, she started by acknowledging the people in the room, electorate and the entire USA. Support from the family and party members, friends among others.

  • The speech was simple and direct to the point

  • Clarity and able to connect with the audience

  • Simple language which is easy to understand

  • Effective and efficient


Q 25: Mobile money transfer

This is one of the technology which has transformed my life and many lives across the globe

  • Vodafone/Safaricom

  • Chase bank United States through via wire


  • Recognizing the inventors

  • Discussing how it has transformed our lives

Work cited

Neves, Pedro, and Robert Eisenberger. «Management communication and employee performance: The contribution of perceived organizational support.» Human Performance 25.5 (2012): 452-464.