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Management skills 2

Reflection of the lesson learn on teamwork

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I have been a member of an organization which I have served in two level of management. I have served as a junior account clerk and latter promoted to department accountant. In the both capacities, I have undergone numerous exposures that have appraised my service delivery. I have shape up my personal skills and I have acquired enough experiences to serve better.

Basically the work of an accountant is to capture data and information on the transaction as it happen. Once this information is captured it is process into tangible report that managers can used to make diligent decision. Where I began my accounting career gave me a solid foundation. I was able to appreciate the important role that junior accountants play in contributing to the success of the organization. Serving at my higher level of management my work became more of processing and reporting to the decision makers. At this level teamwork play significant role such that without corporation from other staff task could be more cumbersome.

The success of my company over it recent past is attributed to vibrant teamwork which is well founded in the organization. The connection in the organization and the study is how the teamwork is boosted from the higher level of management. Any initiative from the top management supported with enough resources is prone to succeed. I have learned the significant role that teamwork play in an organization. The impact of teamwork in an organization is competitive edge. A vibrant teamwork places the organization above the competitor. The future success in every career depends on orientation in teamwork with members of the organization. Management structure therefore must be made to reflect teamwork. The implementation of the effective teamwork must start at the top of the organization. Employees must also be motivated to practice teamwork by availing the resource to them.