Management Ethics Essay Example

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Management Ethics

Values of the codes of professional conduct

The principles of utilitarianism are significant in the society as they promote the good practices through influencing decision making processes of the individuals. The concepts are aimed at ensuring that the actions of the individuals results into a common good in the society. It is through the use of these principles that individuals are able to make wise decisions when confronted in difficulties. The actions taken after the decision making process is for the purposes of producing a better world. The principles also influences the individuals to set aside personal interests and instead focus on the common good during the decision making process. This ensures that the mangers, leaders and individuals in the society make decisions that benefit everyone. As a result, positive outcomes in the areas of operations are easily realized.

The Kantian deontology on the other hand influences the decision of the people in terms of their actions. The concepts mainly emphasize the importance of duty in relation to morality. Its emphasis is also based on the ability of the individuals to be ethical when making decisions in order to ensure that the outcome is respectable and worth. Individuals should act out of goodwill as opposed to being forced to act. It is thus the duty of the individuals to take actions when they are supposed to do so. Their action should however, be morally upright and beneficial to the others. The actions of the individuals should be in relation to the universal laws of morality. The principles are therefore important in the society and acts as a driving force towards attaining the common good in the society.

The Rawlsian principles of justice mainly emphasize impartiality and fair treatment of people in relation to the rules and regulation. The principles are aimed at ensuring that everyone gets what they deserve regardless of their background or status in the society. The principles also ensure that the society is morally upright by making sure that everyone is respected in the society. The principles also attribute some social evils to discrimination in the society. It is for this reason that the doctrines are against discrimination of the people regardless of the reason. The principles thus promote justice in the society. Equal liberty in the society is also highlighted by the Rawlsian principles and has been identified as one of the most important aspect of development. They have played an important role in the society in terms of establishing checks and balances in the society. The principles of ethical rights in the society play an important role in terms of ensuring that the individuals are protected from social harm and injustice. This is because it ensures that individuals in the workplace are informed of impending risks that they may encounter incase the working condition is not safe. The privacy of the individuals is also respected through the use of this principle. The employees are able to receive fair wages due to the ethical rights in the society. It also restrains the mangers in terms of using the managerial power to oppress the employees. Safety of the employees is guaranteed through the adoption of the ethical rights principles at the workplace.

In the current era of globalization, the principles of global ethics have played an important role in protecting the rights f the individuals. Global ethics emphasizes the need for respecting the traditions and culture of a particular society. This has guided the operations of multinationals that have gone global. On the other hand, the global ethics has ensured that the individuals and workers are not oppressed in terms of wages and salaries. The protection of environment is also one of the most important issues in the world today. Global ethics ensures that the companies do not violate the environmental laws and do not contribute to the environmental degradation. It is for this reason that most of the global companies have been engaged actively in the protection of the environment through initiating various initiatives.

The principles of ethical relativity also play an important role in terms of ensuring that the principles of ethics are upheld in the society. This is achieved through the determination of want needs to be done versus what should not be done. This is also based on the cultural setting in a certain society. On the other hand the principles are based on what the society perceives to be good and what it perceives to be evil. This is thus important in terms of guiding the actions of the individuals in the society. It is through these principles that the individuals are able to make decisions that are not oppressive to the others. This is common for the managers and leaders in the society.

Recommendations to AHRI

The professional body has put in place measures to ensure that the members are professional in their work but more should be done to ensure that the principles of ethics are promoted. The professional body should consider incorporating the principles of utilitarianism for the purposes of enduring that its members are able to make decisions that benefit everyone. The body should therefore provide guidelines for its members regarding the decision making process for the greater god of the employees within the company and the society as a whole.

More emphasis should be placed on ethical rights as most of the professionals in the body deals directly with the employees. The ethical rights will enable members of the society to ensure that the welfare of the employees is given the first priority. The principles of Kantian deontology should also be incorporated in the laws governing the professional code of conduct for the members. This will ensure that the members are fully committed to their duties and hence increasing their efficiency in terms of service provision. It is also recommended that the issues of relativism should be taught to the members. These principles will enable the members work effectively within different societies without offending the local employees. This is due to the difference in terms of what the community perceives to be right or wrong.