Management Communication Reflective Journal Part A Essay Example

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Communication Management


Communication is an activity which involves the dissemination of information from one source to another. Communication should be done effectively as it is the basis of the healthy relationships at workplace and harmonious coexistence within the society.

Question A1

There are various environmental cues which have direct and indirect impacts on the communication. The major environmental cues include the setting, the scene as well as the context of the environment where the communication is taking place. The setting of the place impacts different expectation to the audience. For instance a setting for a business meeting is different from a class setting since the audiences are different and have different expectations. The scene involves the use of the verbal and nonverbal communication skills. The perception of certain information is driven home by the application of the communication skills in the scene of communication. More so, the expectation of the audience is affected by the context[CITATION Art13 p 15 l 1033 ]. For instance, in class there is a context expectation where a formal language is used between the instructor and the learners. Additionally, the verbal and nonverbal skills applied also depend on the context of communication.

Question A2

The communicator has a responsibility to the audience so does the audience to the communicator. Communication is a mutual activity that actively involves both the audience and the speaker for it to be a success. The communicator should be clear, organized and punctual. The speaker should ensure that the environment is made effective for the efficient dissemination of the message, for example through the use of technology[CITATION Art13 p 27 l 1033 ]. Therefore the right verbal and nonverbal communication skills must be employed ethically with relevance to the context. The audience on the other hand should look forward to understanding the message being put across by the speaker. For instance, as the audience listen, it is necessary to maintain the eye contact with the speaker to increase the capacity of concentration.


Doublespeak is a detrimental way of passing information. Doublespeak leads to lowering of the self-esteem of the person being addressed. The form of communication is offensive when used deliberately on the audience, making him or her incapable of predicting the outcome of the conversation. The ethics of communication are often overlooked and the message is easily misinterpreted for worse. Doublespeak should be avoided in the workplace and in the business context due to its associated ill effects. Also, doublespeak leads to ineffective communication where the aim of communication and the goals are lost and therefore, doublespeak is not justifiable. Double speak happens both intentionally and without the intention of the speaker. The speaker should always ensure the meaning of a question before directing it to the listener to avoid the adverse impacts[CITATION Art13 p 60 l 1033 ].


An Australian road sign journal is full of signposts which are used to teach the traffic regularities. For instance, the road trip notebook has a signpost indicating a kangaroo and the distance and also the warnings such as “Injured Wildlife”. The journal is provided for the tourists who take trip in Australia and are interested with the wildlife in the country. The journal is hence a tour guide and also gives instructions on how to what the audience should expect in the forests in Australia. The signposts are bold and written in capital letters, hence easy to see. The signposts are also short and inclusive of images for demonstration. The heading of the post has been made informative to the audience due to the presence of a kangaroo image to represent wildlife[CITATION Art13 p 198 l 1033 ].


Self-fulfilling prophecy is an aspect of psychology, which shows a person’s behavior as a reflection of other people’s expectation. According to the psychologists, particular expectations are established by various people and different events. The expectations which are created are disseminated either verbally or by use of nonverbal communication skills. Different people respond differently to the verbal and the nonverbal cues. The people strive to adjust their behavior to create a match between their conduct and the expectation of others. There is a need of understanding oneself so as to unleash the hidden potential. There is also an essential impact which is linked to understanding other people’s expectation of oneself. For instance, the perspectives, attitudes as well as the beliefs that people have on a person are key to self-fulfillment especially where the original expectation is met. Decisions which are made by a person are driven by the self-fulfilling prophesy[CITATION Art13 p 84 l 1033 ].


Perception is influenced primarily by expectations of an individual given the context of communication. The process of the perception has the capability of limiting and expanding the views of an individual in different fields. When one has negative thoughts about something, ill expectations are experienced. On the other hand, when an individual has a positive attitude, ill expectations are avoided. Therefore the capacity to control the perception is within an individual. Although various factors affect a person’s perception on various things, adoption of positive attitude prevents the limitation of perception[CITATION Art13 p 88 l 1033 ]. For instance, the perception of a customer in business premise can be fostered or limited. The staff should hence understand the expectations of the individuals so as to satisfy them and expand their perception on the positive.

Question A15

The audience plays a significant role in the choice of words to be used in passing written information for instance through a document. The language choice in every document must always be in line with the intended audience. The written information should be prepared in such a way that it meets the expectation of the person who reads the document. The message should be efficient, according to the context and the effect should also be felt by the reader. The clarity and precision of a document are of great importance towards the achievement of the aim of the written article. The author requires understanding the nature of the readers and their expectations. The fidelity of the message and the intended objective are factors to consider when writing a document to a particular reader. The reader is hence the paramount consideration of any given document as he or she influences the language and choice of words[CITATION Art13 p 131 l 1033 ].



Visit our website ( and view the reduced prices of our new coffee brand.

Dear Friend,

I am a staff of Sweet Coffee Company and I am sending you good news of our reduced price of our new coffee brand. As a company which looks forward to deliver our services internationally, we are not limited to the local culture. We incorporate different skills from different cultures to satisfy our customers.

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The above letter is addressed to an African American audience. The message is tailored to show harmony and inclusiveness of all cultures in the preparation of the coffee. The price of the new coffee brand has also been made affordable for the audience.


Preparation a speech is one of the most important attributes of the speaker. Different audiences require different speech preparation. For instance, in a business context, the speaker has a different way of preparation than a speaker from the class context. For instance, in a business context, a sales manager requires understanding the clients that they meet. Therefore the prepared advertisement presentation should have value to each and every stakeholder in the diverse audience. The presentation should be incorporating various characteristics which will be understood by an audience made up of people with different nature and opinion. For instance, the language used in the speech should be official and understandable to the whole audience. The speech should also be formal so as to meet the expectations of the audience[CITATION Art13 p 359 l 1033 ].


Rhetoric situation is an important part of a speech. It is also a guiding principle to a speaker who looks forward to making an effective speech to the audience. When the rhetorical question is considered, the speaker understands the expectation of the people from the speech. The revision process is made successful when the content is understood clearly. The most appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication skills are also applied according to the rhetorical situation of the audience. In addition, it is easy to learn the perspective of the audience about the topic of discussion given that the speaker has knowledge of their expectations. The speaker in this case will avoid errors of communication such as doublespeak among others and will also captivate the audience attention[CITATION Art13 p 397 l 1033 ].


Organizing a presentation is the paramount step before the actual presentation. While organizing it is important to consider a number of factors that influence the presentation. For instance, there is need to understand the audience and the message which is to be communicated. As such there is also a great requirement to integrate the communication ethics. For instance, a presentation should be general, given that the audience is diversified. More so, elements that could be offensive to the audience should be done away with to prevent irritating the audience in any way. The environment of the communication process should also be in line with the context of the presentation. Therefore, for the presentation organization to be fulfilling and appropriate there is a need to include the relevant communication ethics to avoid losing the attention of the audience[CITATION Art13 p 400 l 1033 ].


The speech by Martin Luther King Junior is interesting and is found in a wide range of journals. The speech is well done and hence it incorporates all the five structural elements that are contained in a speech. Firstly, the speech has an attention statement which captivates the attention of the audience “I have a Dream”. The expectation of the audience is met in this element of Martin Luther’s speech[ CITATION Mar17 l 1033 ]. The Author continues to introduce the speech by giving the primary idea. The body of the speech is also well composed including components such as subsequent main ideas apart from the general one. The speech also has a strong conclusion which summarizes the whole speech. Finally the component of the residual message is well represented in the speech[CITATION Art13 p 476 l 1033 ].


Communication entails application of various skills and it is integrative of numerous factors. Effective communication is hence of great importance in various aspects of life. Ethics should be observed in the context of all communications.

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