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8Management Communication

Management Communication

11.1.1 Choose a product or service that you find appealing. Try to come up with several sound bites, slogans, or quotes that meet all four criteria. You may look to company sales materials or interviews as a source for this activity, and if you pull a quote from an online interview, please include the link in your response.

Tim Tam-

«Australia’s Favorite Cookie”

Arnott’s Tim Tam double coat

«Tim Tam on your mind”

Delicious Smooth Chocolate Cream sandwiched between 2 crunchy biscuits, coated in Arnott’s Real Milk  

11.2.1 Think of a phone conversation you had recently. Write a brief summary and include at least one example of what worked or what did not.

I called the customer care of one of the telecommunication company to enquire of the rising post-pay bill. The lady introduced herself and I highlighted my problem. I raised my concern about increasing monthly bill. She asked me some questions about the number of months that the bill has been increasing. She explained that I might be using some premiums which I objected since for some months I would not consume all the talk time assigned for the month. She told me to hold the call as she went through my previous month’s bill but after a while she informed me that she could not trace the bill because it was mid-month. However, she advised me to use a self help options and select ‘unsubscribe’ from game loft, game lounge and other premiums. I was not satisfied but she finally told me to call next month once I receive the bill so that we can go though it and identify the problem.

11.3.1 Create a sample agenda for a business meeting to discuss the quarterly sales report and results from the latest marketing campaign. Decide what information is needed, and what position might normally be expected to produce that information.

Sales/Marketing Report (3rd Quarter Yr 2015) as presented by Channel Marketing Manager


  • Growth in planned sales, from $ _____ in the first month to ____ by the end

  • Start- 1st July- closing- 30th September

  • Signed up new partners


-Partner development

  • Name of Partners: kickoff and campaigning period

  • Targeted sales to partners (how many in progress already)

  • Minimizing trail-to-purchase time and increased total supply rate to over 30%


Developing a telesales plan and regional delivery plans

Pace of switch from the previous brand is slower than expected

11.4.1 You are called upon to propose a toast to your team leader after your group has just completed a large contract. Work on this project wasn’t always easy, but now it is the time for celebration and recognition. Write a sample toast in no more than thirty words.

«Each one of you was instrumental in completing this contract: The marketing team put together a great tender application, the project team persuaded the client, and the admin staff kept us sane all through!»

11.5.1 How does the press interview serve the business or organization? List two ways and provide examples.

Reaching customers who might not have known about the organization- Pepsi PR staffs attend tournaments and award event for young cricketers in India which is aired during sports highlights. It attracts young consumers who appreciate its local PR efforts (Sud, 2010).

Inform consumers of a coming major event, new locations and new offers- Peet Limited which deals with real-estates and sale of lucrative houses use hometown media outlets for great stories, nearby estate, and especially when they are doing something exciting (Peet Limited 2015).

11.5.2 Consider the following scenario. Your large company is opening a new office in a new town and you have been designated to be part of the team that will be on the front lines. You want to establish goodwill, but also recognize that, being an outsider, you and your company may not be welcomed with open arms by the local business community. Your company produces a product and provides a service (feel free to choose; a coffee shop for example) that is currently offered in the area, but your organization perceives room for market growth as well as market share. Describe how you would handle relations with the local media.

One of the best and most important things I can do to make an impact with the local media is to know those media outlets. The most probable things I would do when launching a new business in a city to know the journalist covering our company. I would learn their names and prepare the company information to send directly to local reporters that the audience may get to know us better. I would also arrange a short meeting with local journalists to know the individuals and at least get their contacts assuring them of involving them in future events and sending updates.

11.5.3 Observe a press interview. How do they take turns? Does the interviewee ever look nervous? What could he or she have done to improve their performance? Write a brief suggestion and provide a link to the interview.

Jonathan Segal – ABC interview

Jonathan Segal interview on ABC has a good turn-taking though, twice, he is interrupted when he seem to address an idea that is not directly related to the question. Jonathan’s posture, facial expression and energy reveals an active participant in the interview though he does not accentuate what he say with more unspoken cues as the interviewer like hand movements. I would recommend that he define his key messages and deliver them regardless of the questions he is asked or ensure that he bridges back his key messages with the question he is asked.

11.5.4 Find at least one example of an interview gone badly. It may involve a misquotation, expressions of frustration or anger, or even an interview cut short. What happened? Provide a brief summary and provide the link to the interview.

Christine O’Donnell, an author was frustrated and walked out in the middle of CNN interview conducted by Piers Morgan. Her main objection was that the host asked rude questions. Christine repeatedly asks him to drop a topic he had raised about gay marriage claiming that it was not relevant in her work. It appears that the host failed to restrain the discussion on the book and not raise the issue of gay marriage highlighted in the book. She then removed her microphone, looked off camera, ripped the microphone and left.

11.6.1 Watch an introduction of a speaker – televised award ceremonies offer plenty of examples – and not one example that you consider effective, and one that you consider ineffective. Explain why you rated them this way. Report your response and provide links.

In 2013 Katz Award Ceremony, John Wahala’s as the master of ceremony did good introductions. It appeared that he had spent time beforehand to identify specific personalities that were to be awarded that day and the most interesting thing is that he made introductory message so personal that most personalities came to the podium exited, smiling and at times laughing.

In the 87th Oscars Academy Award, Neil Patrick introduction were brief but complete. On such an occasion with so many nominees, his brevity made watching the whole event interesting. He had the right tone and approaches to excite audience for each award.

During the 2015 SAG Awards, Seemayer introduced Uzo Aduba very fast. The previous award winner had barely left the podium when he announced the next celeb winner as new Black actress. She could not believe it and he expressed it in a totally disgusting way. It seems like she was saying “What? Me? Really? As she headed to the podium.

11.6.2 List five facts, points, or things about yourself and your career that you would want an audience to know.

What I am currently doing/ with which organization

My area of specialization and how it helps in current performance

Challenges faced, how to handle them and the necessary support I may need

Future viability or relevance of the career

Future objectives/ workplaces or career development

11.7.1 Find one example of an award acceptance speech that you perceive as particularly effective. Indicate why and share the link.

Kelly’s speech was vividly worded and expressed with heartfelt humble acceptance. It highlighted the people who shaped or supported him in his musical journey. The speech had a recurring theme of people who have been on his side and how they helped him learn some important perspective for his decades-long career. He caught the audience by his optimistic endnote asking his fans to stay by his side as he goes forward. (

11.7.2 Find one example of an award acceptance speech that you perceive as particularly ineffective. Indicate why and share the link.

Adam Goodes, an Indigenous Australia and AFL player speech showed that he did not recognize Australia Day by referring to it as invasion day. It attracted repulsion with booing from the audience since he was receiving an award given by Australians. Though he had been abused by a young girl when playing, it was not expected that he would reveal grudges during award ceremony. (

11.9.1 Consider a message you passed along recently. Write a brief description and include discussion on why you passed it along.

I reminded my group members of the benefits of delivering communication pieces in slides. I told them to analyze how our tutors use some professionally designed slides. I also addressed how well-prepared slides make someone feel more confident when delivering a speech. Finally, I emphasized the need to read and familiarize with other notes outside the slides to use as examples and for elaboration.

11.9.2 What motivates you to pay attention? Make a list of five ideas, images, or words that attract your attention.

If a speaker highlights what to expect from the talk

Speakers who take lee time or actual time allotted

Speech that give numbers, history and emphasize them

Use of silence, tonal-variation often and effectively

Speakers who pause periodically help me digest information

12.1.2 Sales have decreased for two consecutive quarters at your business. You have been instructed to inform your sales team that their hours, and base pay, will be reduced by 20 percent. While you have a few members of your sales team that are underperforming, you want to retain the entire team. Write a negative news message in a direct or indirect approach informing your sales team of the news.

As you are aware, our company is facing the impacts of economy downturn as with other X, Y, Z competitors. In order to limit layoff and increase the cash flow, salary reductions is currently absolutely necessary. I am asking all of you to expect and accept a 20 pay cut but of course with similar percentage reduction in base hours. The executive team has also taken similar pay cut and we are asking to reduce monthly salary beginning next month. We will continue to monitor the financial situation and if performance improves in the next two quarters, we may restore your former salary. Anyone who may decline to proposed pay cut is requested to communicate in advance to be removed from the position a month from today and of course with severance pay.

We appreciate all of you for your hard work and we would not like to lose invaluable employees. Your support, understanding and co-operation to help us endure the current economic situation are highly appreciated.


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