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Negotiation 2




Trade Union Negotiating Brief

This brief is pursuant to the recognition of the trade union as the body officially representing employees in, the company due to a sufficient percentage attainment. Issues that will be addressed in the brief include:

1. Recognition of the Trade Union as the official body representing employees in the company on issues such as wages, benefits, and employee welfare

2. Employee wages. The company has been reported as one of the lowest paying company in the region, and as the official body representing the employees’ interests, wages need review and discussion. Gambling is not only a leisure activity but also a means of making extra money, and with proper wages, employees may relax their gambling views in favour of productivity in the workplace.

3. The sacking of Mr. Green. The issues surrounding the sacking and their legitimacy in their enforcement. The process of laying off workers as required by the law.

Preparation (Mr. Braithwaite)

The trade union has finally attained the percentage required to represent employees in the company and as such is on the lookout to improve the welfare and also remuneration of employees. The wages of employees need to be also reviewed because they are below the recommended limit in the industry. Other than that, the company needs to recognise formally the activities of the trade union in representing the interests of employees. Due to the company’s previous resistance to the trade union, the sacking of Mr. Green is an issue that deserves mentioning and investigation. This is informed by the fact that he was the unofficial representative of the trade union in the company and as such firing him is suspect to the company’s motives.

Management Negotiation Brief

This brief is prepared with regard to the recognition of the Trade Union as the body officially representing the employees in the company pursuant to their attainment of the required percentage of employees in the company. This brief considers the following issues;

1. Trade Union Recognition. The trade union has written in regard to attaining the percentage of employees required in the company to be the official representative of the company’s employees, and as such, this is an essential issue.

2. Company Policies. These will be discussed with a view of engaging the union in the policies of the company, and the code of conduct requires as it touches on the sacking of Mr. Green due to misuse of company time.

3. Firing of Mr. Green. This is because the trade union was unofficially represented by him in the company before its recognition and therefore makes it an important issue

Preparation Argument (Mr. Martin)

The company has come to a conclusion, after extensive consultations and due diligence, that the trade union has attained the required percentage for representation of the workers in our employ. This, therefore, necessitates the meeting between us to discuss the issues that arise with a change in representation. This, however, does not indicate that the company will compromise on its core principles and values because the company policy needs to be established and followed. This view is due to the sacking of Mr. Green who gambled on company time thus necessitating his immediate dismissal (Marsh, 2000).


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