Management accounting Essay Example



This report seeks to develop the main ways to deal with the many issues which are affecting the management of the Australia’s University of Accounting. This is in a bid to offer exemplary service delivery to the students and all the other related parties and also to sort out the complaints that are being raised by the staff and the student.


There are many issues which are affecting the university. If they are not well dealt with, they will lead to the occurrence of losses to the institution. Some of the main issues mentioned include

  1. Very high fees associated with the currency differences

  2. Very low student numbers

  3. Absence of equitability in the teaching programs

  4. Complains about the quality of education offered to the classes with very may students

  5. Complains raised about the extra time demand raised

  6. Non inclusion of the manager in the teaching timetable

  7. Night classes complaints


There are very many issues raised by the parties related to the organization. Some solutions have been developed to deal with the issues. The implementation of the findings will result to an optimal or a near optimal solution to the problem.

The first issue raised pertains to the very high fees charged y the University. This tends to discourage the students from international countries where the currency limits are lower than those of the country (Hansen and Mowen, 2000). The university should encourage the government to subsidize the fees paid by the international students. The University should also put in place mechanisms whereby the fees will e cut for the international students. This will encourage greater enrollment levels from them. This will foster the development of the university.

Another issue raised is the very low student numbers. This can be sorted out by the introduction of proper marketing strategies by the University. The University should advertise for vacancies in the media. Some of the best strategies of marketing and advertising include through the printing of flyers which will then be distributed around the country. This will create awareness to the people about the existence of the University and the service and courses which it is offering. The University can also put advertisements about its courses in the print media. This includes the newspapers and magazine and the journals. This will increase the level and the number of audience to the information about the university. Another advertising medium is the media which includes the television and the radio. The University can also establish a Search Engine Optimization Protocol (Gazely and Lambert, 2006). This enables the audience from across the world to view information and details about the company and which can be an efficient advertising media.

Another issue raised is the lack of equitability in the teaching of classes. The University in a bid to well address this issue should put in place an effective operations strategy which should see to it that there is an equitable or a near equitable teaching and lecture time table where all parties are involved without discrimination on either case. This should be well administered so that no party has relatively more teaching hours than the others. This will help reduce the conflicts which are eminent in the institution.

The issues complained about the number of students in a classroom and the quality of education offered should be addressed through the well division of classes so that the number of students in a single classroom cannot exceed 50 students. This will also help in ensuring that there are no lectures who are teaching more students than others (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, 2008). The issue also proposed about the few classes available would be sorted out through the building and construction of more classrooms. This will also help in reducing the number of night classes. This has also been an issue which has been raised. Night classes discourage involvement of students.

A proper framework should also be raised about the manager involvement in the affair of the learning institution. They should have a clear working framework where their involvement is notable. This will help in evasion of all the conflicts which seem to be eminent in the University institution.


As it seems in this situation, there is little or no involvement of the staff in the decision making processes of the firm. Inclusion of them will act as a motivating factor which will foster good work performance. The implementation of all the other strategies raised will also lead to business survival and success.


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