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Induction of New Staff


This report shall provide information in various areas on how to induct new recruits. The following areas deem relevant for Exchange Hotel to conduct its induction on the new cook:Lashley & Best, 2002). Owing to the recent recruitment of a cook at the Exchange Hotel, there is the need for conducting an induction program that shall ensure the new staff understands his/her work environment properly. An induction program makes a new staff feel welcome and comfortable and clearly understands what is expected of him/her in the new work environment. Induction makes the role of new staff clearly defined to the existing staff and makes the flow of work easy and admirable (

Welcoming of Staff Member

The first stage of the induction exercise for the new cook is to make him/her feel at home and explain to what the new job expects him/her to do. Both the new staff and the existing staff should understand each other’s role as early as this time. If the roles of the existing staff are different from those of the new cook, then they should be clearly distinguished. The new staff should be made familiar to the administrative fraternity and his/her responsibility towards the administrative fraternity should be revealed.

Information about the Hotel

The new staff needs to be informed about the hotel’s administration structure and physical setting of the hotel for proper efficient consultations and navigation through the work environment. This is a good opportunity for the new recruit to know where the administrative offices are and the specific administrative personnel. The staff should be familiarized with all sections of the hotel such as the dining rooms, logins, VIP lounges, washrooms and other important section of the hotel. A brief history of the hotel is also relevant under this section as the staff needs to know the background, rank and success of the hotel to the present. More information can be provided in written form such as copies of job description, staff telephone lists, human resource manual and chart list of current roles and names of employees.

Introducing Job Roles and Responsibilities

The new staff should be told about his/her specific roles and responsibilities by help of supervisors and other personnel. The new employee needs to be informed about the standards of his job and quality of output required by the company. The supervisor should introduce him/her to the work team and department of his job position. The recruit should also be shown other work departments in the hotel because of the need for collaboration among the staff. This is also an opportunity to equip the employee with the required workplace values and philosophy since this is an early opportunity to lay down clear foundations in terms of CSR, ethics, integrity and other concepts found in responsible workplaces.

Occupational Health and Safety

The new cook should be provided information in written form concerning occupational health and safety. Because this is a hotel environment, health and safety matters are paramount and the new employees should be informed of what she/he should do what she/he should not. A little training on the use of hotel equipment is necessary to avoid mistakes that might be made by the new staff and cause fire incidences. The staff should be well informed of the procedures applied in the kitchen while carrying out duties to avoid accidents and should be assigned a trainer for the first few weeks whom they should work together to ensure everything is being done right.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The new recruit should be well shown fire assembly point in the case of a fire incident or a drill. The fire assembly location is usually displayed at an open location in any organization but the new staff should be provided with manual containing procedures for evacuation and the locations of safety gadgets such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets. The manual should also be able to provide details on how to turn on alarm or use fire extinguishing gadgets in the case of a fire incident. Emergency call numbers should also be contained in the manual to help employees call for help in case of a danger.

Salary, Conditions of Employment, Accountability and Reporting Relationship

Salary conditions and employment packages should be provided to the new employee according to their job conditions and provisions of their contracts. Accountability of their job responsibility should also be properly defined in written form because it would help the employee avoid actions that can hold him/her accountable for bad actions. Even though most of the aspects are covered in the contract agreement, it is important to emphasize the aspect in reporting relationships for clarity and avoidance of miscommunication. The new cook should also be informed of all the terms of work such as work reporting and leaving hours.

Completion of Legal forms, declaration and Employee Details

After the employee has been given the employment contract, it is the responsibility of the administration to ensure that they provide a written legal declaration of their willingness and commitment to their new job. The form should gather more information about the employee to assist in evaluation exercises of both the new and the current employees. The legal form also serve as a platform for the employee to understand more information about the company and about what their employer requires of him/her. This section of the induction makes the employee more dedicated, effective and loyal to their positions and increases their output.

Completion of Company Forms

The new cook should fill any other form as required by the company to make a complete record of their profile in the work place. Since the particular place of work is a hotel environment, it is necessary that valid health and legal records about the new and staff should be kept for use in for references by the authority during inspections. The new staff should provide the documents to avoid conflict with the authorities at times of inspections and also to maintain the integrity and reputation of the hotel since its establishment in 1885 in Australia.

Advice on Managers

Managers should be at the forefront for ensuring that an induction program meets its purpose and goals and objectives of the respective firm. Managers should not waste their recruitment efforts and costs by conducting poor induction in their organizations. Lashley & Best, 2002). Induction is absolutely important for new employees. Properly carried out induction ensures that new staff are retained and settled to perform a productive role. Managers have a responsibility to ensure that induction plans are made and employees inducted properly. Induction can form of employee training in an organization and is the most effective form of training for new employees singe they still have the morale for the new job (


Everyone, despite of their academic profession and experience, need to be assimilated into a new work environment and shown the way to go in their new work place. Things take place differently even if the industry is the same. Every organization has its work principles that should be known by employees and this makes induction an important exercise for all workplaces. Lashley & Best, 2002). An induction exercise can be seen to benefit both the newly recruited employees, managers and the organization as a whole. An organization that takes its time to conduct a successful induction exercise definitely benefits a lot at present and in the future (


Lashley, C., & Best, W. (2002). Employee induction in licensed retail organisations.

(1), 6-13.14, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

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