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Steps to Increase decorator’s motivation to deliver high-quality customer care

Steps Clarkson would take to increase the decorator’s motivation to deliver high-quality customer care

  1. Get your hands dirty and demand accountability

Although customer service is never an easy task, it is an integral part of any organization. Customer service can change the way the customer feels and think about the company. By taking part in the designing work once in a while, Clarkson would motivate her team. By working hand in hand with the personnel to deliver services to the clients, the workforce can learn the importance of worthy customer service. Moreover, she would gain insights about the service offered that she would never get from hearing the customers’ concern from the employees.

At the outset, it is necessary to make every employee aware that they are accountable for their actions. Additionally, it is important to outline that staff cannot pass the blame to another person. As a result, the employees come to be more meticulous when meeting the clients (Wali & Wright, 2016). They would also be more careful not to make a reckless decision and not take advantage of his competence.

  1. Empowerment and Teamwork

The survival of any organization depends on how human aptitude is utilized through empowerment. If the employees are allowed some level of decision-making power, the employees would be able to make important decisions while serving the customers. Personnel who are empowered bring ideas, act in authority, and place the interest of the business at the forefront. As argued by Wali & Wright (2016), sharing information is crucial in employee empowerment as it encourages the team to be self-directed. Moreover, moving to team models increase employee efficiency and their ability to make informed decisions. Despite having the authority through their skills and competencies, empowering the workers would enable them to let this power out in meeting customer needs.

  1. Reward Decorator for their Performance and Implement Recognition Platforms

After empowering the employees and enhancing teamwork, it would be necessary to implement a reward and recognition programs that would act as a motivation. The statistics received from the clients are the main sources and dimension of performance. From the complaints, it is identifiable the employee’s performance in the fields is poor, regardless of their knowledge and competency. As a service organization, Clarkson should consider the implementation of performance programs that support the corporate goals. According to Wali & Wright (2016), recognition reinforces the achievement of the organization’s desired results by making the employee acknowledge that their efforts are recognized. Also, employee recognition would enhance customer service by motivating the employees to engage in meeting the needs of the customer proactively.

  1. Manage the Employees but avoid Employee Micromanagement

Employees need to be effectively managed, given direction and assistance, and effectively compensated for their competency. However, staff need the liberty to function in a way that can deliver results and that freedom helps build encouragement. Wali & Wright (2016) defined micromanagement as a tendency that is detrimental to achieve particular results. Employees that are given room to think for solely should act in a way that enables recognition of the consequences for their actions.


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