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5Insert Surname

Chapter 9

Section 1: Text, E-mail, and Netiquette

Text message

“Hey, can we catch up at noon to discuss the last biz report, it’s like some info is missing”.

An email, in most cases, is used as a means of official communication. It becomes inappropriate when abbreviations are used as it is in the case with the text messages (Faculty of Business, 324). Most of the emails are usually forwarded to third parties and the use of abbreviations may hinder understanding and hence impacting negatively on the communication process. It is therefore important to ensure that the email can be understood by everyone.

Section 2: Memorandums and Letters

Swift Communications

P.O. Box 441332

2nd January 2016.

Dear Customer

RE: New Innovative Product

This letter is to inform you about our latest innovative and new Smartphone that is now in the market.

The company has developed a new Smartphone that has unique features and it the latest technology has been utilized. We feel that this product can be of interest to you based on your purchase trend. You can therefore visit any store of the company to purchase it at affordable process. The genuine product has the logo of the company together with a two year warranty. Please feel free to ask any question or clarification about the product.

Yours Faithfully,

Vladimir Polkov,

Brand manager.

Section 3: Business Proposal


About the company



Popularly known all over the world for low cost pricing and high number of customer.

Leading company in the sale of household items in the United Kingdom.

It is one of the most profitable companies in USA.

Section 4: Report


Most businesses are striving at gaining competitive advantage in the market.


Competitive advantage enables an organization to gain the status of a market leader. More customers are also attracted by the company if it gains competitive advantage. The uses of technology as well as innovations are some of the aspects that contribute to competitive advantage. Competitive advantage also enables the companies to deal with any market challenges.


The companies that gain competitive advantage are able to make profits and emerge as market leaders.

Section 5: Résumé

A longer resume is justified when the applicant has many years of experience or educational qualifications that are relevant to the position applied for (Faculty of Business, 356). Some of the positions value individuals with specific work experience that can only be obtained after working for several companies. This justifies a long resume as it provides detailed information about the individual.

Section 6: Sales Message

To: Esteemed customers

From: Wolf Creek enterprises

Dear Customers,

The company is glad to announce that it is reducing the prices of all its products by up to 30% during the Christmas holiday. The customers will also be provided with gifts upon making purchases at our stores. For a great customer experience, please visit our stores and make the purchases at this unbelievable offer.

Yours Sincerely

Davy James

Sales Manager

I recently purchased a newly launched Smartphone from one of the prominent companies. I was motivated to purchase the product by an advertisement highlighting the modern features of the Smartphone.

I bought the product due to emotional influence elicited from the advertisement.