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The Journal

The following are the three words that the English dictionary borrowed from other languages.

  1. Boomerang

  2. Limousine

Such similar words exist because of the interaction between the people who speak the different types of languages. Simply put they are called borrowed because these words are “given back”. For example, the word algebra comes from an Arabic word al-jabr which means restoration.

How does thought influences the use of language

It is difficult to use any language without thinking; this is because prior to using any language or word correctly, one has to fully understand its concept (Moore p.6).

Three examples of communication

  1. Verbal communication is a primary message since most, if not all of it consists of intentional content; an example is when one is in his or her office the visitor walks in, the owner of the office can say “Here, have a seat”.

  2. Vocal inflection is an example of an auxiliary message since it can be used to show intentional or unintentional ways of how the primary message can be communicated; an example is saying, “Here, have a seat” in a low and smooth voice.

  3. Gesture and posture are examples of auxiliary messages (Pearson & Nelson p.7).

How language can shape our self-concept

According to McLean, (p. 100), an individual’s birthplace is a significant influencer of communication. Simply put an individual will be a different person who communicates in a very different manner. Arguably, an adult can choose to see thing differently, but it depends with which language he or she wants to think with. It is not specifically about the words or how the words are arranged that makes the communication challenging, but rather the language changes that shapes ones reality. An example is during the medieval days people believed that the world was flat and that the edges should be avoided.

An Article From a News Website

According to the Daily Star, Green (p. 1) asserts that the Arsenal football club has signed Mohamed Elneny from FC Basel the heading reads “Mohamed Elneny passes Arsenal medical.” The attention statement “Mohamed Elneny passes Arsenal medical” captures the reader’s attention since most Arsenal fans anticipate for new players. The article’s introduction makes it clear that, even though the player has completed his medical, he has issues with his work permit. The article further explains the persistent issues with the work permit and defines the player’s quality. The conclusion summarizes the article’s main points by showcasing the measures Arsenal teams are taking to complete the signing of the player.

Denotation vs. connotation

Barked- if one says the dog barked. The connotation is neutral, but if the one says the manager barked orders, the connotation is negative.

Cheap and inexpensive both suggest that something is not costly but the connotation of cheap suggests that something is of poor quality while in inexpensive it does not

Child- child can suggest innocence, meekness and wide-eyed e.g. She is a little child. Child can also mean immaturity or pettiness, for example, that guy is such a child

Common clichés

  1. To bite the bullet- is a phrase that originated from a field of surgery before the use of anesthetic where a surgeon would give a bullet to a soldier to bite before operating him

  2. As drunk as a lord- originated during the 18th century where only the wealthy people could boast about getting drunk

  3. For the high jump- refers to hanging of the criminals with the gallows being high

  4. The phrase, ‘spilling the beans’ originated from the ancient Greek voting system where black and white beans were used to symbolize no and yes respectively

  5. The wall has ears- originated during the time of Henry II of France

Is there a justifiable way of double speak?

Yes, there is a justifiable way of using the double speech, for instance when someone wants to pass a message about an individual’s death, instead of focusing on the negative effect of the persons death, the person can say that the individual has passed on, this symbolizes that the person has not actually died but has more of moved to another place or the world ( Mizzi, p.2)

An article that has visual

An article written by Steve Martoranos uses good visual pictures to illustrate the delicacy of the type of food found in Paris Restaurants; the article is titled Paris Las Vegas, without the visual pictures, the article would not be the same as most customers will be drawn to the photos of food found in the restaurants.


An example of a signpost is “moving on” to a new point, this helps in letting the audience know that one has finished his previous point and is moving to the next point.

The following are some of the words considered as jargons from the police department

  1. Suspect- a person who the police believe has committed a certain crime

  2. 10-4. – a radio for okay or I understand

  3. Code eight- term meaning an officer needs help immediately

  4. Code eleven- code meaning an individual is at the crime scene

  5. FTP- failure of an individual to pay a fine

  6. APB- to put all focus on a specific suspect on the run

  7. ETA- the estimated arrival time of police coming to offer help

  8. Suspect down- means that an officer has shot a suspect

The writer helped in understanding these jargons by clearly defining what each word means in brackets just after the word.

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