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Journal 1:

  1. The subject is currently sitting down and writing some notes on her computer. Every five minutes or so, the subject stares outside the window, possibly to search for new ideas for her work. The subject also bites her nails a lot, a sign of a rigorous thinking process.

  2. I have used self-talk as a self-motivating technique severally. Most of the times, I am unaware that I am actually talking to myself and encouraging myself to push forward.

Journal 2:

  1. The dimensions of self that best describe my academic and professional qualifications in my resume include information that is known to me and to others as well as information that is known to me but not known to others.

  2. Based on Luft and Ingram’s Dimensions of Self, I would describe myself as an open book. There are so many things about myself known to me and to others around me. My career goals, aspirations, and my career path are well aligned to the talents that I believe I have and that other people have witnessed I possess.

Journal 3:

  1. We communicate solely for the purpose of meeting our needs. Our interpersonal needs include affection, belonging, and control. There are instances when I needed a high level of control and communicated the same to my audience. This is especially the case when I have been left in charge or have been delegated some responsibilities by my superiors.

There are also instances where I just wanted to be left alone. In such scenarios, there was no motivation to meet my interpersonal needs. For example, I am usually very withdrawn at parties. I usually sit at the very back and avoid any action that might turn attention the crowd’s attention towards me. I have observed the same in other individuals as well. There are some times when my niece really wants to be the center of attention and she will cry until we give her all the attention. However, there are times when she sits by herself and does her own work without wanting any interference from any of us.

Journal 4:

  1. The five terms that describe my personal-self include funny, charming, empathetic, out-going, and witty. The five terms that describe my professional-self include hard-working, responsible, result-oriented, detail-oriented, and obedient.

  2. My classmate and I have developed a mutually trusting relationship over the few years that we have known each other. I can say that it took both of our efforts to develop this relationship.

  3. Self-disclosure in a business setting is important as it communicates the role one wants to play in an organization. For instance, employment interviews often include a lot of self-disclosure. Disclosing your strengths and weaknesses will help the employer determine whether you are a good fit for the company or not.

Journal 5:

  1. The employment interview helps the employer gauge how suitable the potential candidate is for the task at hand. The interview also benefits the employee as he is given a chance to prove why he is the best candidate for the position.

  2. Employment related resources in my campus include brochures that detail the specific academic and professional requirements of some careers. There are also websites that detail the characteristics of different careers including wages and benefits.

Journal 6:

  1. Once, when I was a student librarian, a colleague of mine overstayed with the book thinking that I would not fine him. I imposed the fine and a conflict ensued between us owing to the fact that we were friends. I explained to him that if I made a habit not to impose fines on all my friends who had borrowed books from the library then there would be no books left in the library. He understood, paid the fine, and returned the book. We are now very good friends.

  2. The best conflict resolution strategy in this case would be supportiveness. Here, the individuals focus on the message rather than the messenger. This will ensure that the message is understood and not misconstrued as an attack on the individual.

  3. Conflict is often unavoidable and could be the perfect opportunity for reinforcement and growth. Once there was a conflict on which was the most effective customer retention policy at the company I was an intern. The conflict became an opportunity for learning and growth because we learnt that all the customer retention policies had to be implemented in conjunction with each other in order for them to be effective.

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