Manage the Marketing Process

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Management of the Marketing Process

Question 1

The marketing strategy embraced at Art and Pasta is the 4P’s model. In an attempt to identify and meet the needs of the targeted clients, the organization’s management has strived to implement its marketing plan with reference to the components of product, price, place, and promotion (Kerin 32). For instance, the main products associated with this enterprise are
three bowl sizes (peckish, hungry and famished), five sauces (Napolitano, Bolognese, Carbonara, Pesto and Marinara) and six pasta types (spaghetti, fettucini, ravioli, tortellini, farfalle and penne). Similarly, their prices are competitive, as one of the ways of mitigating the threat posed by their business opponents and increasing its market share. In regards to place, the restaurant is currently in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sydney. Nonetheless, the involved professionals have hardly focused on the promotion component of the adopted model. Accordingly, the firm is yet to achieve its potential in the hospitality industry. As a manager, I will strive to ensure that the organization benefits from aggressive campaign programs. Subsequently, the restaurant will be in a position to accomplish its short and long-term objectives.

Question 2

Organizational goal

Principles of marketing

Strategic analysis

Strategic management

Increasing the market share

Using discounts and other incentives to attract a wide range of clients

Evaluating the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Using suitable measures to mitigate the identified business threats and maximizing the opportunities

client satisfaction

Maintaining the quality of the offered products

Using the firm’s strengths to deal with the threats from the new entrants and the well-established opponents

Frequent training forums for the personnel on the aspects linked to proper customer service and the attainment of client satisfaction

Question 3

As part of the marketing mix, the management at Art and Pasta has been focusing on three bowl sizes (peckish, hungry and famished), five sauces (Napolitano, Bolognese, Carbonara, Pesto and Marinara) and six pasta types (spaghetti, fettucini, ravioli, tortellini, farfalle and penne). Similarly, their prices are reasonable, as one of the tactics of mitigating the commercial threat posed by their competitors. Subsequently, the firm has been increasing its market share consistently. In regards to location, the restaurant is currently in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sydney. Currently, the major promotion tactics entail referrals. As a way of capitalizing on these elements, I will advise the other relevant to focus on increasing sales in the five branches before commencing operations in other outlets. In terms of promotion, I will encourage the use of social and mainstream media platforms to promote the restaurant’s products. Discounts will also be part of the comprehensive campaign scheme.

Question 4

In line with the restaurant’s mission and operations, managers have the principal responsibility of formulating and overseeing the implementation of programs aimed at promoting the firm and its products to the existent and potential consumers (Kerin 49). Similarly, the kitchen staff should maintain the company’s positive image by ensuring that the prepared foodstuffs are appealing, delicious, and in accordance with all the relevant health standards. The floor staff should also keep the premises clean as a way of attracting customers. By creating posts within the sales and marketing department, it will be easy to reach a wide range of the targeted clients. The available cash will aid in training the staff and logistics. Competent Marketers is a suitable external contractor that will aid the firm in the entire marketing process. For instance, this consultancy company will be helpful in formulating and implementing a comprehensive and efficient marketing and communication strategy.

Question 5

Marketing objective

Communications objectives

Target audience/personnel responsible


To use social and mass media outlets to advertise the firm and its products

To reach a wide range of customers with regards to preferences, physical location, and age

Marketing team

Advertising through various TV and radio stations. Using Twitter and Facebook to execute the objective

To offer competitive prices and packages

To attract existing and potential clients by use of incentives


Provision of coupons and discounts

Question 6

The adopted communication strategy will aid the involved personnel to identify suitable tactics of accomplishing their duties. By working as a team, they will be in a position to implement these communication strategies with the main intent of attaining the relevant marketing objectives (Kerin 74).

Question 7

Establishing training forums at least once in every three months will aid in coaching and mentoring the firm’s staff. On a monthly basis, the marketing management should enlighten the involved personnel about the changes in the targeted market following the implementation of the proposed strategies. A memo regarding the formulated strategies and available training would be as stated below.

To: The Managerial Team

From: Marketing Manager

Date: 7th June, 2016

Subject: Proposed Strategies

In an attempt to accomplish the firm’s objectives, the marketing department has formulated a comprehensive strategy that will focus on enlightening the targeted clients on the products available in the five restaurants and the competitive nature of their prices. In order to work as a team, the department has organized a team for all the human resources n 1st July, 2016. It will be a suitable opportunity to discuss about the efficacy of the entire scheme.

Kind regards,

Marketing Manager.

Question 8

The approach used to communicate the communication strategy to different personnel will differ depending on their position and influence in the implementation process. For instance, when discussing with the firm’s executives, it is important to address the expected results and the costs. In contrast, the floor staff do not need to know about the strategy’s intricate details (Kerin 99).

Question 9

In an attempt to integrate the enterprise’s marketing, promotional, and sales activities in an efficient manner, it will be helpful in use different social and mainstream media platforms to inform the targeted consumers about the products and location of the restaurants. Discounts and other forms of incentives will be useful in attracting more clients. The proposed changes in the promotion component of the marketing mix will influence the set strategic objectives. This is based on the existent connection between the communication and marketing strategy incorporated in the broad campaign scheme (Kerin 115).

Question 10

As the marketing manager, I will hold a meeting with the QLD managers at the Gold Coast and Brisbane outlets as a way of emphasizing on the essence of embracing the proposed strategies. By involving the other executives, it will be easy to convince the QLD managers on the essence of implementing the modified strategies. In fact, holding a training forum that also allows the managers to participate in evaluating the essence of the strategies will be a suitable corrective action.

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