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Manage quality customer service

The success of any organization depends on satisfaction it provides to its clients. Foundry distribution markets, distributes and service snowboard products while supporting snowboarders at all levels in two states in the United States. Snowboarders form the biggest market for the company’s product. Leah Michael’s main role to change the organization into a customer driven firm will help change the face of the company as well as increase sales which have been going down.

Leah has to ensure that that there is a conducive environment for her staff and those of her department in order to support cohesiveness within her department and across the departments. Team-building will be of importance for the company’s staff; this will ensure that all the employees are bonded together towards achieving a common objective for the company.

Leah has to ensure that the morale of the staff is motivated so that the company works as a team whose common goal is to satisfy the clients. This can be possible if the company offers bonuses for excellent services to the staff. In addition, the salary system for the personnel should be based on their output. Specifically, in the sales department, the salaries should be rewarded based on the items sold and the feedback received from the clients. This will ensure that the staff members work harder to receive higher pay and rewards. Consequently, the customers will feel that foundry is concerned about their welfare.

The manager plays a key role in the connection between customer service and retention. This is because the employees work under the instructions and the leadership of the manager. That is why is vital to have a manager who is innovative, experienced, self-motivated and flexible to lead the team towards a common goal. The manager will also lead her team towards value adding like customer service, quality, time and cost which are vital components in the success of a company. Value adding ensures that the customers feel as part of a company that recognize them as vital to its success; this boosts the customer loyalty to the products (Foster, 2004).


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