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2Managing People in CA Retail Store


Managing People in CA Retail Store

First task

Question one a

It is vital to consult with other crucial personnel in the sales department regarding resource and work allocation as a CA Retail department sales manager. Notably, this is due to the alignment of the output of an organization with its input that is required as well as the actions taken for the achievement of such outputs. As such, the output can be achieved by proper consultation with the subordinate staff that a manager is responsible for within the store. Essentially, these individuals are fundamental to the conversion the work plans into achievements. The structure of the company in the CA department store indicates that the individuals that are consulted include the managers of the team leaders and department stores.

Question one b

A department manager’s work plan




Standards of performance

Measurement of achievements

  • Adherence to time by customer service personnel

  • Informal and formal ongoing feedback communication on policies of customer service organization

stApril 1

  • Complaints from customers

  • Lacking in punctuality

  • Implementation amongst all departments

Department managers

Customer services staff change in thirty minutes

  • Reviewing the reports of service especially complaints

  • Check-in time monitoring for all employees

  • Erecting visible advertisement materials to bring in more customers

stApril 1

Promotional advertisement that are not visible to clients

Capital to facilitate advertisement materials

Department managers

A five percent increase in customers

Customer data base that indicates new customers

Safe handling of goods with a continuous follow up on the circulating memos of safety guidelines

stApril 1

Staff without the proper qualifications are prone to more eras

Department managers

  • Damages on goods should be lower than 3 percent

  • Overall stock loss should be less than five percent

  • Reviewing return logs

  • Pre and post the stock take quarterly

  • Ensure high stock supply

  • Taking stocks every fortnight

  • Delay in the delivery of stocks leading to inadequacy

  • Capital to facilitate the pre-ordering of stock

Department managers

  • Emergency purchases should be less than two percent

  • Accuracy of the inventory should be at ninety five percent

  • Amount of money spent on emergency goods over the overall total purchases

  • Actual count of the stock compared to the records of goods in the department store

Sales team leaders work plan




Performance standards

Methods of evaluation to gauge achievements

  • Coordinating marketing departments to acquire promotion tools

  • A minimum of forty sales per person each hour with an average of 250 dollars in fourth quarter

stApril 1

Some sales staff might not meet the target set

Sales team leader

Turnover of the inventory of the fourth quarter by 12.0

Comparing the total number of goods sold with the average inventory

  • Training of the employee on how to improve on customer service satisfaction and how to develop sales

  • Adoption of crucial sales tactics and training might not be developed fully prior to the beginning of the fourth quarter

  • Promotional and marketing tools

  • Training tools

Sales team leader

  • Transition of forty sales each hour by each sales staff

  • 250 dollar worth of purchases for each sales

  • Crucial performance indicators should be agreed upon before the beginning of the fourth quarter

  • A five percent increase in the customers

Sales report

Question one c

The working plan table for the department managers indicates the tasks that are in line with the policy of organization regarding the roles of the heads of departments as well as the development of customer service. Besides, the table indicates how individual tasks are kept in line with the results and the timeline in which the activities must begin in preparation for the fourth quarter. On the second working plan, the table indicates how the sales team leaders guide the activities of the sales personnel to facilitate the achievement of the fourth quarter targets. The table indicates how the sales personnel activities align with the targets of the CA departmental stores. In addition to liaising with the merchandising and marketing departments to achieve successful marketing, the training for the sales personnel is prior to the commencement of the fourth quarter thus ensuring a successful period.

Question one d

Communicating via email by forwarding work plan copies to sales team leaders and department heads ensures an effective communication system. Notably, this form of communication is effective, faster and personalized to each head of the department. Email communication is an effective form of communication among the departments and scheduling staff meetings thus allowing work plan adjustment and feedback easier. Documenting a copy of the work plan on every of the employee’s files makes following an employee’s commitment easy.

Question two

CA City department store risk analysis

Risk Definition

Risk Analysis

Risk Control

Risk #

Risk Description



Risk Rating

Risk Control Strategy

Expected occurrence
Date / Phase

Expected Retirement
Date / Phase

Inadequate stock for April- June quarter

Delays by the suppliers

 Lack of satisfaction from customers


Pre-ordering excess stock

 Department managers


Accurate brought forward inventory balance to the fourth quarter

Lack of audit for a period of six months

Bad timing while ordering for new stock

Lack of stock to sale

Not common


Stock taking should be after every two weeks

Implemented by the manager

Reduction levels growing over the last two quarters

No training on the procedure of security

Poor revenue turnovers for the business


Terminating employees implicated in theft according to fair work regulation

Utilizing CCTv cameras within a department store

Department managers should monitor the operations


New staff who are slow in the provision of services

Under the process of learning, new role

Inadequacy in the customer service

Not common


Training employees so as to enhance the skills of employees

Implemented by the sales team leader

As soon as possible

Too new to have measureable results known- turnover increasing

 Low overall sale and in ability to meet the 4th quarter objective of 10% increase in sales.


 Mentoring program where seasoned employees advice up come employees on the best way to increase sales

-training and ongoing feedback.

TO be foreseen by department managers and the sales team leader

 Soonest possible

Sales staff ability to cross sell

last training session over 6 months ago

 Lack of coordination that thus inefficiency in service provision.


 Training for new employees.

 To be effected by sales team leaders

 Soonest possible

Question 1

CA Retail shop’s tool for performance appraisal

  • Aspect one – retrieval of self-assessment and appraisal via an interview with the staff. Evaluation is on key indicators of performance as well as key result areas.

  • Aspect two – an appraisal by the employer to determine the performance of the employee. Evaluation is achieved via utilizing key results, formal assessment feedback, as well as indicators of key performance.

  • Aspect three – rating the performance of employees on key indicators of performance as well as key result areas

  • Aspect four – general review of recommendation and performance and negative and positive feedback.

Question 2

The process of performance management review

Indicated below is a communication of evaluation policy of performance in CA retail store department.

Necessity for appraisal of performance

In the CA retail department store, performance appraisal is vital as it determines the competencies and abilities of an employee regarding a particular job description. Notably, this includes:

Knowledge of the job

Is the employee well vast with the job? Does the employee possess vast and detailed information on the job specification? Are the daily processes understood by the employee?

The quality of work, Efficiency, and neatness

Is the performance of the employee up to standards? Does the employee value high quality work according to the appraisal? Is the employees work consistently with high quality?

Employee assessment of relationships with fellow colleagues

How is the employee’s ability to maintain a good and positive mind-set during work? How well does the employee associate with fellow colleagues, managers, and the entire work team?


Employees require little to no routine at work. As such, how dependable is the employee concerning following instructions? How much supervision does the employee require during work?


Is the employee able to focus on a particular assignment allocated to him or her? How efficient is the employee in his or her performance of a particular task? Can the staff be referred to as a self-starter? How does well does the staff follow up on a task assigned to him or her? Is the employee able to accomplish a task allocated to him or her?


As punctuality and availability to work is an essential of maintaining an efficient and productive environment at work, how regular is the staff absent from work? Does the employee follow the stipulated procedures of absenteeism? Is the employee puncture at work? Does absenteeism affect the employee’s performance at the workplace? Does absenteeism by the employee affect the performance of work for the rest of the employees?

Workplace safety commitment

How is the employee’s commitment to following the safety performance? Does the employee participate in the training programs of protection? Is the employee actively involved in the management of a properly safety environment during work? As indicated in the work health safety act, an employee should follow the safety standards such as ensuring alcohol does not affect his or her health, encouraging other employees to follow the safety procedures as well as taking good care of their health as well as that of the fellow colleagues.

Ability to supervise

It is vital to evaluate an employee’s ability to strategies, train, manage, delegate, as well as arrange the task of the fellow employees in a manner that is effective and efficient.

Evaluation of performance level

The review of the staff shall follow the following rating category

Below average standards of performance refers to the level of performance issued to departmental store that is not able to achieve the minimum specification of performance for the jobs. Therefore, the department manager should liaise with the departmental stores to start an enhancement plan for performance that should be accomplished with the managers and staff members.

Acceptable standards of performance refer to the level issued to a department store hardly achieves the efficiency specifications. Notably, the departmental managers should liaise with the team leaders of sales to start an enhancement plan of performance that should also be accomplished with the managers and the sales personnel.

Outstanding standards of performance refer to the level issued to a departmental store that meets the full efficiency specification of the job.

Excellent standards of performance refer to the level issued to a departmental store that meets the efficiency specification of the indicators of key performance over and above the job.

Plan for improvement

The CA retail organization shall follow the following methods to support the improvement of the employee’s performance.

Identify clear and specific statements demonstrating the steps necessary to the improvement of performance. Ideally, the statements should be achievable, measurable, in a particular period, as well as relevant. Other ways to the success of performance include formal and informal feedback aimed at increasing performance, mentoring, as well as feedback and ongoing monitoring while utilizing key indicators of performance.

Feedback tools include all round feedback for the planning of development as well as a balanced scorecard for assessing the performance of the employees.

Appraisal of job performance should involve annual review for internal promotional as well as an annual review of the performance that will take place on July and August.

Task three

Question one a

An appraisal interview – question and answers

Q1. Interviewer: What is the main obligation and responsibility of a department manager?


  • To manage the affairs of the department store

  • Set expectation as well as the standards of employees and their conduct

  • Approve major risk and motoring the likelihood of such risk materializing

Q2. Interviewer: Name some of the likes and dislikes in your job while working for this company.

Manager: One this that I particularly like is the autonomy one each manager is given to allow for creativity and productivity among the stuff.

Q. 3 Interviewer: How is the working condition at the company?

Manager: They are adequate for in terms of communication and financial support

Q. 4 Interviewer: Which areas of your work present a challenge?

Manager: Working for this company is exciting but monitoring the theft and insecurity issues is quite a challenge.

Q. 5 Interviewer: What is most interesting about your job?

Manager: I find the mentoring and guidance of the employees to be very interesting

Q. 6 Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in the next two years?

Manager: In the next five years, I intend to acquire enough experience and knowledge to be an area sales manager.

Q. 7 Interviewer: Name one weakness that you feel you have.

Manager: I am highly assertive concerning policy and procedure, which may be misconceived as aggression.

Q. 8 Interviewer: Record the goals initially set in the past several weeks. Rank them with ten being excellent, seven to nine being great, four to six being average, and one to three being inadequate.


Develop high customer service

Reducing shrinkage of goods


Q. 9 Interviewer:Considering the abilities and competencies that you have acquired, future job aspirations as well as individual development, which are some of the areas that you would wish to concentrate on?

Manager: I wish to increase the current sales per hour from 40 transactions to 50 transactions for each sales personnel. I will achieve this target through aggressive training.

Question I b-c

Competency areas

Comments on competency and recommendation

Taking of responsibility: accomplishes projects, shares in the objectives of the company, finishes projects handed to him in an appropriate manner, precise, can manage numerous obligations in an effective manner and is time efficient

-The employee is respectful

-Though very knowledgeable, the employee still requires to learn more

-The employee is very responsible and indicates an overall tendency to work hard

Focus. Devotion to meet the company objectives, focuses on the sales targets, attains good sales connections with the colleagues, trustworthy, goes beyond what is expected of him or her

The employee is focused on the job at hand and shows an overall keenness

-Though the staff strives for perfection which can be time consuming at times, he or she gets the job done in an appropriate manner

Teamwork and collaboration Utilizes courtesy and diplomacy to maintain an effective and productive connection with the rest of the employees, facilitates the performance of numerous projects by being actively involved

-Offers support to his or her fellow colleagues

— He/she is able to work well with other colleagues

-Does not indicate any form of discrimination at work of feverish

-Should learn more about other cultures to mingle better with them

Innovation and problem solving

Examines and recognizes issues, looks for alternative solutions to issues that arises at work, suggests appropriate actions, follows up to ensure that the issues are properly resolved

Is the employee actively involved in problem solving situation


-Participates in a satisfactory manner

Interpersonal or communication skills

Is effective in the communication procedures of the company, information relayed is understandable and in an appropriate and professional manner, users the appropriate communication etiquette


Employee is accurate and concise while portraying information to the rest of the colleagues

-Employee utilizes the appropriate lingo franca while on duty

-Employee is stringent in using correct and professional communication for all the colleagues

Question one d

Develop high customer service

Reducing shrinkage of goods

Question one e

General evaluation (ten being excellent, seven to nine being great, four to six being average, and one to three being inadequate)

A summary of the comments

Reviewing the employees performance indicates that the candidate is hard working, dedicated and is always willing to offer a helping hand to the colleagues. Additionally, the candidate is very active in mentoring young new employees. However, more needs to be done to ensure that the inventory is aligned with electronic figures of store.

General rating

Question one f

According the guidelines a as present in the appraisal procedure, underperforming employees maybe put through training with relevance to policies and procedure as well as their roles in the company. Additionally coaching and mentoring are vital for CA retail group growth

Task four

Question one

There is a general perception that performance control involves employee efficiency assessment. However, there is more to performance control. For instance, an efficient assessment should constitute an all year review conversation that is well detailed. Ideally, an efficient management of performance undertaking enables a manager to measure and assess the efficiency of each individual. As such, a manager can effectively improve the output by doing the following;

  • Documenting the efficiency of the personnel thus assisting in the planning of careers

  • Provision of exposure as well as making the responsibility clear regarding the expectations

  • Determining focus for the development of skills as well as learning outcomes.

  • Aligning the employee’s day to day activities with the objectives of the company

  • Generating certification for reasons of legal nature thus reducing the overall disputes and supporting choices

Question two

Provision of ongoing reviews as well as trainings while aligning them with the set company goals and objectives ease the work of a manager despite it being a bulky affair. Practicing ongoing training and reviews for the staff also builds on the performance of each and thus the entire team as a whole. Additionally, this improves the chances of the team leaders and subordinate staff meeting to consult and come up with new ideas. Ideally, the employees feel appreciated due to the evaluation and they are always well informed with the appropriate requirement of the job allocated to them.

As such, evaluation, continuous management of reviews, as well as managing efficiency should be an ongoing endeavor. In so doing, the mandatory yearly evaluation becomes an easy endeavor, as it is only a continuous check review of the performance of the employee. In essence, the yearly reviews become a formalization of the ingoing relationships between the employee and the members of the administration and more specifically the manager. Therefore, ongoing training and feedback are an essential part of the business that should take place all through the year as well as during the annual assessment and appraisal of the performance of the employees.

Question three

Despite obligatory interventions, which might include numerous training as well as continuous feedback, if an employee is still unable to meet the sales target, then it is vital that the manager informs the employee of the repercussions. Alerting the employee of the repercussions acts as an incentive to the employee to work extra hard. However, before termination of such an individual, it is important that the manager consults with the legal department and he or she has the full detailed reports on the conversations and warnings issued to the staff. The manager should consult with the human resource department to ensure that the grounds for dismissing such an individual are in line with the company policies.

Question four

Some of the numerous methods that a manager can adopt to improve the performance of an employee include

  • Mentoring – this refers to a guidance system integrated with a review system that is goal-oriented. Notably, this provides a coordinated procedure for the creation of durable connections inside the company while providing a strong base for employee growth and preservation.

  • Coaching – Training employee’s supports their sense of value. Training ensures that the employees are well vast about their jobs, and the facilitates the achievement of employees objectives.

Question five

Numerous techniques are implemented to achieve employee development regarding their performance and skills.


Training is essential to employees as it helps them to identify weak points, strong points, principles as well as passions by effective communication, maintaining start as well as motivating the staff. A manager can enhance his or her training by:

  • Scheduling regular professional growth discussions

  • Identifying ways to help workers identify their passions, abilities, as well as values

  • Promoting two-way dialogues

Acting as an advisor

In this case, a manager provides business facts, information as well as resources to the employees. Notably, this can be achieved by;

  • Helping the employees identify the present limitations and possibilities within the company

  • Helping employees develop professional goals based on the personal growth plans and the needs of the company.

  • Provision of professional options and their implications

Question six

It is important for the manager to support excellence in a sales team leader who is a perfectionist and is often critical of him or herself. Additionally, it is vital that the sales manager recognizes and rewards well accomplished activities and tasks done by such a sales team leader. A manager should also give positive feedback to such a staff. Kiran can be assisted by doing an independent evaluation and advising him where he seems to be failing. Moreover, it is important to teach him the importance of tolerant since some results are not achieved instantly.

Task five

Question one

If one of the best sales personnel is stealing from the departmental store due to personal issues, it is vital to consult the human resource department. The human resource department can provide some vital support on how to handle best such a situation, as personal issues are often hard to deal with. While there is a breach of conduct on one side, it involves a senior sales individual motivated by personal issues.

Question two

As issues related to theft are serious misconducts, the managers require acting appropriately. Noteworthy, there are numerous ways of disciplining this particular misconduct and involves termination, suspension as well as written final warnings as theft is considered a serious misconduct. The manager, in this case, should learn how often this has happened and learn the cause of the changes in the employee’s behavior. Despite personal issues, the manager should stress that theft remains an unacceptable behavior in the company regardless of the situation.

Managers should address poor performance accordingly and stress the importance of performing optimally. Additionally, the manager should come up with clear, actionable activities that include indicators of key indicators with a clear timeline. Moreover, communication should inspire and encourage confidence in the performance of sales. Notably, the communication should not be forceful. As a result, there should be realistic and measurable activities that must be time bound to facilitate change.

Question three

Recommending counseling for employees going through hardship and personal issues is a productive way for a manager to deal with such individuals and can also improve and develop followership. Essentially, the manager is responsible for the well-being of the employees, and it includes the employee’s mental well-being. A manager should make sure that the employee whose work performance is affected by personal issues gets the proper help that she or he needs. It is vital for a manager to develop empathy for individuals going through personal difficulties.

Question four

If a member of the sales team is implicated on another theft case after being issued with a written warning, the sales manager should terminate such an individual. However, the fair work act stipulates a particular process of terminating a staff regardless of the situation. The issue that the employee has been accused of should be properly identified so that the sales manager can seek legal help. On the other hand, the employee should be present during the discussion of the misconduct that the employee is accused of such as theft. The employee should be present during the discussion of the action to be taken against him or her. Before the conclusion to terminate the employee, it is vital that the sales manager weight other options. Ones the decision to terminate the staff is final, a letter of termination is written with the time and reason for terminating the staff.


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