Manage ICT project systems implementation Essay Example

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Manage ICT Project Systems Implementation

Qn1. Change request form

Section 1: Requestor Completes

Project Name: MS NoSQL


Requestor: (Your name)

Projector Manager: (your Name)

Description of Request:

A shift from MS SQL to NoSQL database that can be free to access.

Reason for Request:

During implementation of MS SQL, I have realized, that it is necessary to adapt a database that can address the need of a Big Data, cost-effectively (Particia & Taya, 2016 9).

Risk if not implemented:

MS SQL do not handle partitioning in multifaceted servers. When data storage grows largely, it will require the purchase of very expensive servers, working as independent vertical scaling. You will not be able to handle unstructured data that may be availed (Patricia & Taya, 2016 9).

Section 2: Project Manager Completes

Work Effort Required: an analysis of the preferred NoSQL to shift to, and testing with the schools requirement

Duration Required: 6 months

Resources Required: NoSQL database software, Web 2.0, smaller nodes


Analyze, MS SQL present, Analyze, the Big data Focused, Analyze, present types of NoSQL databases (Column, graph, document and Key-Value), design, test and implement.

Additional cost Required: simpler networks

Contracts impacted:

NoSQL is prone to immaturity leading t security and consistency issues thus an obstacle to a wider deployment

Risk if Implemented:

NoSQL data protection is questionable, is limited in addressing complex queries intensive environment because they lack standard interfaces to execute the duty (Birgen, 2014 p.1).

Triple Constraints Impacted:

Time: 12 months

Cost: Labor, contractors, hardware and software inclusive with extra cost for issues that may arise estimated at $200,000

Scope: A NoSQL database, which may handle, enormous structured and unstructured schools data on staff, course, student and other relevant educational information.

NB: change in cost, will lead to time change, thus affect scope to ensure high quality is achieved.

PM Recommendation:

Consider, adopting NoSQL in comparison to MS SQL to ensure data scaling up and Big Data adaptation is addressed.

Signed PM:………………………..

Date: 6/5/2017

Section #: Executive sponsor Completes/CCB

CCB Recommendation:

Signed Executive Sponsor:


Included in Version/Date:

Qn2: project change management strategy

According to Kotter (1996) model in Foster, (2013 p1) organizations initiatives may follow three main phases, Figure 1, made of 8 fundamental steps. This is the roadmap that will be adopted in shifting from MS SQL to NoSQL database.

Creating climate of change:

Step1: Speed up urgency

Step 2: Form up the team to guide

Step 3: Come up with the right vision and formulate strategy

Engaging with and enabling the firm:

Step 4: Communicate the Vision of Change

Step 5: Empower action for stakeholder to take action

Step 6: Create short-term wins plan to acknowledge and reflects benefits so as to motivate the team

Implementing and sustaining:

Step 7: Bring support systems on board to consolidate gains and come up with more change

Step 8: Integrate new approaches within the organizational culture.

Project change management strategy will follow the three phases as indicated below in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Prosci’s Methodology

Manage ICT project systems implementation

  • Define change management strategy

  • Prepare team for change management

  • Sponsorship model development

Phase 1: Change preparation

Manage ICT project systems implementation 1

Manage ICT project systems implementation 2

  • Come up with plans on management of change

  • Take actions and execute plans

Phase 2: Change managing

Manage ICT project systems implementation 3Manage ICT project systems implementation 4

  • Collect and do feedback analysis

  • Assess gaps and manage change resistance

  • Implement corrective measures and enjoy achievements

Phase 3: change Reinforcement

Qn 3. Action plan


Responsible Person


Coming up with change management team


Educating the stakeholder on change process and assessing their readiness to change and coming up with a technical committee

Change management team

Identification of potential risks to change process and mitigation

Change management team and Technical committee

Training on the change management process like soft-skill, process, and technical training

Technical committee

Putting on board stress management to address issues on change management initiatives

Change management team

Hardware, software and policies required to adapt the new software

Technical committee/ change management team


Design the new software

Technical committee

Implement the new software by integrating with the old software

Technical committee

Send to the client to assess acceptance criteria

Change management team/ Technical committee

Test results validation process

Training the target users on the new systems

Change management team

Implement the new database

Change management team

Ensure continuity business plan to ensure effectiveness, sustainability, and efficiency

Change management team/ technical committee

6 months upon implementation and client adoption of the web-based application

Close the process, and enjoy the results

Change management team/ technical committee/ client

Qn4. Acceptance criteria

These will include:

  • Major functioning of the schools web-based application, on all educational data matters

  • Whether the service in case of a larger workload remains within set response time

  • Whether the service architecture is flexible to extend the configuration and is scalable when handling larger workload.

  • Meet the intellectual property (IP), publication and patent rights within the client’s country and international connections.

  • Meet the publishing standards like safety, products, materials and copyright.

  • Ensure software and other related documentation remain within the license agreement including use and disclosure restrictions and be protected by the IP laws

  • And pinpoint the expected R&D activities tax treatment (Deutach, 2005 p2).


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