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Diversity Policy

Sunset restaurant- this is restaurant situated in Melbourne.

Sunset restaurant is a national, diversified, hospitality and entertaining company. The restaurant is principally involved in the ownership, full-service operation and dining restaurant. The restaurant ensures that all the customers within Melbourne enjoy our services so that the market share continues to increase. Sunshine restaurant has developed a mobile app to ensure online booking is made easier. Hospitability of the workers has also been the strength of the business.

The main customer target is the tourists this is due to the increased number of tourists within Melbourne. Security and the favorable weather have continued to attract more customers. During holidays there are more children in relation to the adults. The schedules are therefore different during festive seasons to include children’s services unlike the normal annual seasons when the number of adults and youths outweighs that of the minors.

The restaurant has well-skilled staffs that are in a position to prepare a variety of traditional meals. The tourists are mostly attracted by the Australian traditional meals. Few restaurants have realized that the tourists are more attracted by the traditional meals than the modern meals, particularly the youths. Serving the tourists with the Australian traditional meals has made Sunset Restaurant be more competitive in the market.

By incorporating diversity policy, the organization will be in a position to gain more customers. Expanding the market share will ensure that the organization’s revenue is increased. This will be achieved through fair representation during the advertisement. The advertisement campaigns should be done fairly through the social media; this will mostly be effective to capture the attention of the youths also advertise via radio, television, and web. The physically challenged are also potential customers and are not discriminated.

The restaurant appreciates diverse workforce. This ensures that the societies surrounding the restaurant are in a position to benefit from the organization. It has created job opportunities, starting from senior officials to support staffs. Employing the minorities within Australia has greatly assisted in the expansion of Sunset Restaurant. This is because through networking with the minorities, experience has greatly improved hence improving employee’s productivity.

By implementing the diversity policy, the organization will also be able to offer efficient services to the consumers. This is because, with job rotation programs, the workers will gain more skills in a different department within the restaurant. This will expose the employees to the areas of their specialization and therefore they will occupy the positions and department in which they are well skilled in.

The restaurant’s clients are from different countries. The organization will be in a position to have more customers in case they are able to listen and respond to their will and desires. Teaching the workers more than one language as one of the diversity policy, therefore, helps increase the number of clients. It also helps in increasing competitive advantage over other restaurants.

The diversity policy will also ensure a close rapport among workers and the employer is created. This will be of great importance to the restaurant since it will reduce conflicts within the working place. It will also lead to an increased motivation of the workers. This will be achieved during team building and cultural holiday celebration. Creating a close rapport will ensure that workers are in a position to understand one another and this will ensure that consultation will be made easier and as a result, overall performance is improved.

The restaurant will also consider incorporation a number of legislations. To start with, during interviews individuals will not be discriminated on the basis of gender, race, religion or national origin. The employees who met the required qualification will be employed within the restaurant. The organization will ensure that there are equal job opportunities for the youths and that of the elder people; this will ensure that there is skilled personnel who have more experience as well energetic working personnel particularly the youths. In the case of shortage of women employees, the organization will specify to the applicants that the vacancies available are spared for females and the same for the male. This will ensure that there are equal opportunities.

In most countries, women have been seen as inferior and as a male dependent. However, this has been proved wrong where women have taken senior leadership positions and have outweighed men’s performance. The organization will not discriminate individuals in the line of their sex. All employees will be given equal opportunities to training, scholarship, and promotion. This will ensure that women are empowered and they are able to enjoy the same services as their counterpart male employees.

In some countries, job opportunities are not issued to individuals of a different color from the aboriginals. Sunset Restaurant will not discriminate workers on the basis of their skin color. Applicants who apply to work within the restaurant from other countries are likely to influence more customers to dine in the restaurant. The interviewers will, therefore, be offered with relevant skills that will ensure productive employees from different races are employed. During advertisement on the television, it will also be advisable that advertisement is done by people from different races.

Disability is not inability. Most people with disabilities have been denied job opportunities since some employers have a negative attitude towards people with disability. However, it has been found that such individuals perform less well than those with non-disabilities. The organization will ensure that the interviewers are less strict to individuals with disabilities. They will also offer accommodation and renovate as well as design building that promotes accessibility of those with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities will also not be discriminated during job promotion.

The following are the major stakeholders of the organization, and how they will be informed about the diversity policy.

Suppliers and distributors – the restaurant requires a lot of deliveries to be made. It will, therefore, be important to corporate with relevant business partners. The suppliers need to get full information about the services we offer. This will ensure that the orders they get from the organization are able to meet the services offered. The best way to explain the diversity policy to the suppliers is through print media in the tender portal. As they apply for tenders they can learn of the policy.

The local community- the organization will ensure that the local community is offered with employment opportunities. The local community needs to be enlightened over the policy for them to be in a position to benefit and also to be resourceful to the organization. This will be made easier if the management addresses the issue in one of the local radio station since every homestead can afford a radio.

The employees- they are the individual who offers services to the customers. Organizing seminars will ensure that the employees are able to understand the mission and vision of the organization. The employees will be enlightened on the diversity policy and how they are to be implemented. This will ensure that the workers are able to meet the long-term and short-term objectives.

Customers- customers are very important to any of the organization. If any business lacks customers then it is likely to collapse. The customers are very sensitive. The best way to explain to them the benefits of diversity policy is through service delivery. It is also important to inform them through interactive questioners which will ensure that the organization is able to have the feedback. The importance of diversity policy can be explained to the customers via advertisement.

The diversity policy has a number of benefits. The benefit can be shared among the members of the organization in a number of ways. To start with; the organization will offer training and scholarship programs. This will ensure that the workers gain more skills and they are also in a position to be promoted. Secondly, instituting a cultural week, during the cultural week, the motivated workers are offered with gifts that will also motivate other workers. Thirdly, promotion, the best-performing workers deserve to be promoted. This will ensure that the hardworking employees are able to enjoy working and motivate others within the organization.

The policy will have a number of impacts in the organization. The impact will be assessed in the following ways; the number of new customers, retaining the old customers is an achievement of any organization. The impact of the policy will be felt when the number of customers per day increases. The impact can be measured also by the revenue collected either monthly or annually. In the case of a positive impact, the revenue will increase and in the case of a negative impact, the revenue will decline. The volume of supplies within the organization will also measure the impact of the policy. In case there is a positive impact, the number of customers will increase and therefore more supplies are done (Fassinger p. 223). The workload becomes heavy to the employees in case there is a positive impact. The employees are overloaded and therefore demand for more workforce increases, this will also be a measure of the impact.

It is important to monitor the effectiveness of the policy. In the organization the effectiveness can be monitored via; data collection, relevant information is gathered about the diversity in the workplace. This will include the organization’s potential recruits and the employees already in place. The information has its basis on equality and equity legislation. The main objective of the legislation is to prevent discrimination based of; race, sex, religion, disability among other characteristics. After collecting the data, it is analyzed. The analysis will give clear information on whether progress has been made or the organization has not made any progress. By collecting and analyzing data the organization will be in a position to monitor the effectiveness of the policy.

In order to ensure that the policy if effective the following staffs have to be consulted;

The general manager, this is because he/she is responsible for the daily operation of the business. He/she ensures that the restaurant is well maintained. He also hires train and oversees the performance of the staffs. They also ensure that the restaurant observes to lawful requirement.

Executive chef, this is a very important staff ensuring that the chefs employed to meet the standards and skills. They also help in the determination of the price of different meals.

Front house staff; the staff are responsible for the dining room. This ensures that services offered are of high quality and that the customers are well catered for. They work as a bridge between the kitchen staff and the customers.

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