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The Role of Television News in the Society 1



Television news is the primary product of journalism. It is seen, as information that journalists believe is important or interesting to their audience. The journalists’ acts as watchdogs to the institution that run for the people’s benefit and ensure they do their work properly. However, this is possible when the subjects in question thrive in an open society where there is the exchange of information without relative interference from any institutions that controls the societal norms. Ideally, this is not possible. The media is governed by rules and regulations that are meant to preserve ethics. The society uses the news to examine its place in these current times, and with this kind of examination, it can be able to find solutions to its problems. This move shows that news has an effect on the society as a whole. It directs their thoughts and ascertains their beliefs on various topics such as cultural, political, and social views. All these are subject to the bias of journalist. (Lyn Gorman 2009, p. 130)

First, we must recognize that news does not only help in developing public opinion but also in the fight and thrive for democracy. Even in the onset of internet and news portal, television news still holds a strong power in creating common opinion and working as a corporate social responsible tool that changes people’s mindset and fight for justice if need be. In addition, in this contemporary time, television news is very important in trade and commerce the promotion. This is because it involves big corporate and business houses that promote their products by advertising in between commercial breaks (Schaap 2009, p. 280).

What we gather from television news are facts that happened within the previous 24 hours that try to control reality that brings about other deceptive forces like social and political differences. One notable character of news is the public view of certain persons that the society sees as elite. The few showcased elite appear in several episodes and are majorly those in power. The news out rightly knows their work and openness is governed by the ones in actual power and may tend to tailor news that make them look good in the eyes of the people. How the news is also framed will affect certain political aspects like voting. A good example is; if aspirant A voted on a draft law that raised the bill on income taxes, the news headlines would read “candidate A does not care about Middle-Class People’’ a good reverse phycology that puts the candidate in a negative frame of the news(Conley 2002, p. 286).

Another key component is the cultural aspect of the society. In one way or another culture influence morals; the most popular definition of culture is the social forms, customary beliefs, as well as material traits of social groups, religious, and racial. One thing that news does is advertising more on popular cultures such as western culture. Some things that Americans do are not the same as what Indians do therefore bringing the question of boundaries. Where the boundaries lie is a major social conversation in the news and sometimes journalists use it to their advantage; as long as it to their benefit. Which leaves the minority cultured people feeling lessen or lack of respect for their culture. Different cultures have different moral coded, which is not well captured in the news (Schultz 1998, p. 200)

Social differences are also captured in the news and affect how the society sees life. Back in 1970’s broadcasters began to diversify families on their shows and aimed at reflecting changes in certain controversial issues such as single parenthood and divorce. It was accepted and today it’s not a big deal anymore. Currently issues on gender equality and same-sex marriages in on the light with news going to the extent of announcing gay weddings and women on men seats in the society. This is aimed at opening the minds of the society to accept these changes and offer less discrimination (Conley 2002, p. 286).

In conclusion, we see that television news greatly influences the society. It has its advantages such as keeping the public informed on current affairs and can go to the extent of rallying common public opinion in the fight for justice. However, its influences deceits certain cons in the society just when the journalist or broadcasters decide to tailor the information to suit certain bias. It can bring cultural discrimination, social differences or awaken unnecessary political unrest. It is, therefore, important for the rules and regulation bodies to control the news that reaches the people and still ensure they are correct information.


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