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Activity 1.Scope management plan.

Each organization always has a project to which they follow in the recruitment of employees. The project also serves in the selection process of employees. In the mail distribution center, a protocol needs to be followed in recruitment and selection of new employees. The time allocated for the preparation of the project is three weeks for the implementation in the local mail distribution center. The mail distribution center according to the scope management plan, we have the scope management ensuring that the work required by the mail distribution center has been rendered. The scope management plan controlled by the project manager who ensures that the scope management is effective. Scope management plan in the project is meant for ensuring a smooth flow of activities by the employees.

Activity 2. Project stakeholders.

  1. Project leader

In the project, there are several stakeholders who are to make the project a success. Each member of the stakeholder’s team has a role to play due to their individual interest on the project. The leading stakeholder is the project leader. He is the one who has been mandated to head all the activities to be carried out by the team in formulating a process or protocol to be followed in recruitment or new employees in the local mail distribution agency. Besides, he plans on what the project is to entail and what is to be neglected by the team (Fried, 2010). The project manager has the power to control, lead and define the project as well as planning it. The interests of the project manager include controlling all activities of the team as well as planning them. Their interest is to ensure everything the team is aimed at the success of the development of a new staff recruitment and selection process. All powers and authority over the project and the stakeholder’s team is given to the project manager.

  1. Project team members.

The team members form the largest part of the stakeholder’s team in a project. They are responsible for the production of deliverables as the project progresses. They also form part of the project management process since they are participants there also. The stakeholders in this project are in a hierarchy of five levels. Firstly is the project team members are mandated to contribute their efforts as well as skills and knowledge towards the performance of the project’s task. These members’ interests are to ensure that the project is to perfection through a combination of various skills and ideologies that are aimed at the success of the project. The project team members have been authorized to participate in the project, with no more powers in the team.

  1. Sponsors/ superior manager.

The sponsor in my project is a member of the team who is most powerful. The superior manager in the project is the liaison between the project leader and the management team. He oversees all the activities and strategies followed by the project. The superior manager in the team provides guidance, authority as well as manages the priority of the project. Their interest is the success of the project by ensuring that all members in the stakeholders delivered their duty as required. He is the one who gives mandates to team members and power to individuals over the project which is the development of a process that will be implemented for selection and recruitment of new staff in the local mail distribution center within the next three months. He also ensures that the expectations voiced by the stakeholders are met at the end of the project.

  1. Project customer.

The project customer could be a group of people or an individual whose requirements and needs drive and control the project. He is responsible for the collection of the output produced by the project which includes the processes to be followed in the recruitment of new staff at the local mail delivery organization. The project customer is liable for production and delivery of findings as well as product requirements for the success of the project. The interest of the project customer is to ensure no mismanagement of funds in the project through the production of the necessary and required funds for the project. He also verifies the final products from the report submitted to him by the other stakeholders.

  1. Functional manager.

The functional manager acts as the human resource manager in the stakeholder’s team. All the policies used in the project, as well as resources, are implemented by the functional manager. He is also mandated to determine the number of new recruits required as well as the suitable qualifications to be looked at in the selection. The interest of the functional manager is to ensure a smooth flow of the project with all processes involved followed to later (Fried, 2010). Also, the functional manager ensures that the reports that were expected during strategy formulation are achieved thus the development of a quality project. The desire of the functional manager in the stakeholder’s team of the project is to attain a quality process to be followed in the recruitment of new staffs as well as the requirements required to be determining factors to employment.

Activity 3. Letter writing

The letter below is directed to the stakeholder’s team in the project development of a process to follow in recruitment and selection process. The reason for selection stakeholders to the project is that they are responsible for reporting the processes to be used in recruitment for the success of the mail distribution center.

The letter.


P. O. Box. 99

4th August 2017

Stakeholder’s leader

Project management department

P. O. Box 99

Dear sir/ madam


As the report at hand which is creation and development of new staff recruitment and selection processes to be implemented within three months at the local mail distribution center, there are several issues that have cropped up. These issues include an unclear statement of protocols to follow in the recruitment of new staff members. It follows an issue that affects these new employees whereby the responses to the project give protocol that doesn’t put into consideration the academic delivery of individuals as well as the creation of recruitment policy and plan for the physically challenged. These project parameters are to blame since they don’t cater for selecting work delivery from the new applicants for employment in the mail distribution center (Fried, 2010). The job descriptions of the question in this letter are the distribution and receiving team. The receiving sector needs to have any applicant who has the required academic successes to attain the job. The seconding reason behind writing to the stakeholders to the project researchers is that the stakeholders are the key team whose decisions are highly valued. Their report is trusted thus the mail distribution center management may follow the report given to them by the stakeholders towards seeking success to the organization. Therefore the stakeholders are to question in the process of seeking efficient and right process and procedure to be used in the recruitment of new employees to the mail delivery center. The limits of my responsibility and reporting requirement according to the project researching team is the key reason behind this letter to the stakeholders.

The wish list on the on the things hoped for in the project parameter’s inclusion include that the marginalized applicants and the physically challenged new applicants who meet all the academic qualification to the organization be considered (Fried, 2010). As a result, the mail distribution center will have a quality strategic plan on how to perform its task to the nation as well as promoting fair procedures in the recruitment of new employees. Also, the project parameter should choose a better strategic plan on the performance of its activities. The interest of a good strategic plan is to increase chances for

Activity 4. Creation of a job description that identifies the limits of project managers’ responsibilities and reporting requirements.

The project manager in the local mail distribution firm is responsible for planning the strategies that will be followed by the team in ensuring there is a success in the project. All the plans on the project are regulated by the project manager. The job description at the mail distribution organization is for the delivery servants. These servants are required to be literate in order to easily read the address in the mails. The applicants should have a five-year experience in driving for the purposes of distant delivery of mails. Good eyesight will be considered as the walking ability, communication and hearing abilities will be considered mandatory for the applicants.

Activity 5. Analysis of vision plan in the identification of the organization’s objectives.

The vision explains how and why terminologies in specific individual organizations. According to the case study that is based on the mail distribution center, the suitable vision could be “fair and quick servicing for development” the vision explain why the center exists and the reason is for development. The development could be in terms of technology, in terms of easing communication among other developments expected to be brought about by the success in the performance of the organization. The vision also gives how the company will ensure the firm achieved the answer to the question “how”. According to the vision chosen, the show will be through offering fair and quick services to their customers. Therefore if the distribution is fast and fair, the firm gains more trust from other organizations and individuals as well who entrust them to deliver their goods and mails as well for distribution (Fried, 2010). A project has existed that is meant to be implemented. The reason behind its implementation is that as a result there will be the achievement of objectives to the organization. According to our vision of “fair and quick servicing for development” helps into the implementation of and development as well as achievement of the objectives that had been set by the company. In the creation of a vision, mission of strategic plan among others, consultation of other personals is necessary. The consultation is meant to bring more ideas from which the vision if compiled and generated from.

Activity 6. Resources needed to undertake preparation of baked foods.

The resources needed in making baked goods include the baking apparatus as well as the ingredients that are required in the baking. These apparatus include the heat source which could be electric cookers and gas cooker among many more heat sources. Other apparatus include several dishes and baking tins, if available and easily accessible. Followed is the ingredients that include a selection of the respective desserts and ingredients basing the selection with their accessibility? Besides, these goods are to be used in creation and development of the project. These resources and ingredients that were required for the success of the project have to be sourced from the nearby agencies that have the required ingredients and apparatus thus the success of the project.

Activity 7. Development of project plan.

The project plan to the achievement of a strategy to follow in the recruitment of new employees in the mail distribution has the goal of ensuring that the clients have their mails distributed at the right timeline and to the required department (Fried, 2010). The timelines of the project plan are that the plan is accomplished in three months before the due time for the implementation of the strategy is reached. The breakdown of work in the project plan entails distribution of activities to employees according to their potency as well as trustworthy of the people. The center should have a management body that gives roles and responsibilities to their employees. The rules are set by the management as well as the responsibilities for each employee. The project plan is that the employees distribute mails in time and to the right destinations thus opening chances for the distribution center having more distributions to make. Besides, the role of distribution employees and responsibility is to do the distribution as well as convincing more people to trust their mail distribution agency.

Activity 8. Project management tools

There are a number of project management tools that can be used in the case study for the project. The two tools chosen for the project are logic network and Gantt chart. These two tools can be used by the project manager to run the project (Fried, 2010). The Gantt chart relates to the project on implementing the newly developed new recruitment process and selection process. The chart gives previous records of the progress of the firm. As a result, when other project managers take over to control the mail distribution center, they are able to make assessments on the previous performance, therefore, they are guided by the strategy to formulate to increase the productivity of the company as well as gaining more trustees. The Logic network is used for the online distribution of mails to the customers who can hardly access them. These project management tools can be obtained from the internet of through installation of the software’s in computers for them to operate.

Activity 9. Potential risks.

Potential risks can be clarified as the dangers that are not easy to be found as well as the risks whose repercussions are complex for anyone to bear. The potential risks need to have a risk management plan as a way of reducing potential risks from affecting the performance of the mail distribution center in recruiting new staff (Fried, 2010). The risk management plan that has been formulated to control the occurrence of potential risks is that the management has put only four delivery methods. They include delivery on foot, on the van, on a bicycle as well as online delivery of mails. As a project risk management, each distributor is required to sign the number of mails collected by them for distribution as well as ensuring that the recipients sign on receipt of the mails as a risk management plan process.

Activity 10. Project budget for the project.





Registration fee

These values have been obtained from journals on this local mail distribution center where many mails were sent and data recorded for future use.

Activity 11.

  1. Team of people who are able to help me to be consulted in the project

The people who can be of help in the performance of the project include the customer to the project case study as well as the stakeholders in my project team. These team members are enough and good to offer the services and knowledge required. The required outcomes are a collection of data that is relevant to making wise planning on the project.

  1. The importance of communicating with people of diverse backgrounds.

Each background has a blessing word as well as has a character that identifies them from other background people. The divergence once brought together develops a strong culture and the background will help in adoption of ideas from these diversified background individuals. Consideration of different backgrounds enables people to adopt other cultural beliefs and strategies that are helpful in the project planning process (Fried, 2010). Also through communicating with people from different background opens a chance for one having numerous languages to speak. Therefore he is able to communicate to the illiterate community customers. Besides, they will be able to operate in the different areas of the nation to distribute the mails to be delivered.

Activity 12.determining whether the project is finalized.

In determination and investigation of whether the project has been finished, one has to check whether the project closure process has been followed to the later (Fried, 2010). Also, then the required data has been achieving and stores. People can say that project is finalized when the authoritative is not proceeding with another project before submission of the project.

Activity 13. 1. Responsibilities of team members.

The team members are mandated to strategies the project’s plan that is to be used for the success of the activities carried out by the firm. The team members are also mandated to be the control all the activities in the project. Other team members are allocated to the data collection team for the project. Also, the team members verify whether a particular strategy in the project is a success of in them. The team members also finally compile all the data left and submitted to the respective department.

Clear actions to explain the relationship between responsibilities and requirements.

  1. Explaining to everyone on the regulations and the constitution of the organization.

  2. Training the team members on their responsibility and requirements.

  3. Explaining to the employee on the roles of employees and each team member in the neighborhood.

Activity 17: Complete a progress report that could be forward to stakeholders.

The team should use the best strategy in mail distribution. These members need to be eloquent and able to communicate other local languages for ease in communication with those who cannot communicate in English. The mail distribution center should consider the verbal as well as academic communication of new applicants for recruitment.

Activity 18: Identify and list four potential risks that might result in project outcomes not being met. What would risk management strategies you put in place?

The four possible risks include employment of unqualified new recruits, loss of mails for distribution, retrogression of the company activities as well as loss of trust of the firm from the customers (Fried, 2010). These risks are brought about by the lack of a good strategy to follow in the recruitment of new staff thus having poor services received by the mail delivery center and its customers.

Activity 19: Identify the project deliverables that you need to achieve to successfully carry out the project. Do not limit your answer to final deliverables that need to be achieved throughout the project. Include both tangible and intangible deliverables

There is a need for a quality strategy to be followed by the project management team in accomplishing the mission. All tangible deliverables which include letters and goods are delivered here. Also, the intangibles like electronic mails are also serviced in the mail distribution center.

Activity in 21 transcript

Since all team members are required to adopt the newly allocated role and this particular member is declining, the transcript is necessary for the management to decide on the respective measures to be taken. This member according to the strategy laid in relation to playing given roles opts to replace these individuals. Therefore, the management needs to recruit a new staff member who will play the role willingly for a better result (Fried, 2010).

Activity in 22.

The documents that require being completed before the end of the project include the formulation of new roles and responsibilities to the existing jobs in the firm. Ensuring that each employee in their specific area of interest have been assessed on the required qualification for the area. Besides, the necessary sign offs for concluding the project can be obtained from the comments and reviews of people in response to the new amendments to be implemented to this local mail delivery center.

Activity in 23

  1. To check whether the outcomes received are related or suit the project plan and scope.

  2. The financial records progress, the comments from the customers, efficiency of the services offered by these recruits, control of any risk probable of happening as well as the necessary implementations that can be made to increase the servicing of the firm.

  3. The review is to be presented in form of a speech to the project team members in one of the firm’s meetings. This will help reach all employees in the organization thus passing message easily on the reviews.

Activity in 24findings and lessons learned.

The lessons learned as well as findings in the project include employees being trustworthy, proper planning for the project, strategizing all the plans to be undertaken by a firm prior as well as alerting and informing all employees not the progress of the firm as well as the new changes to be made. As a result, the employees will be able to decide whether to adjust to the changes or quit from the company to other organizations.

Q1. Outline how flow charts can be used as a project management tool and how they contribute to a project

The flow chart shows the progress of the project. It is used to show the previous progress of the management in the management of the project. Through it, we are able to see whether the flow is retrogressing at some extent or progressing at the other period (Fried, 2010). Through the results in the flow chart, the project management is a position to formulate and implement a strategy that leads to further increase in the flow as well as a reduction of the reasons behind retrogression of the flow charts. The floe chard is used by project management as a tool to determine the probable future appearance of the flow chart. Besides, through the use of a flow chart as a tool in project management, a chance is opened that allows assessment easy and manageable to the organization. It allows other stakeholders to compare the flow chart and get to learn better strategies on how to develop their curves also.

Q2. Project parameters are usually set by the delegating authority. Outline how parameters relating to budget, human resources and timelines can impact on the delivery of a project.

Parameters relating to the budget have a great impact on the delivery of the project to the local mail delivery firm (Fried, 2010). When the budget made for completion of a project is inadequate to cater for labor as well as for the provision of the required facilities, the delivery product is also affected. When casual employees are not paid as required, they don’t perform their duties to the project team as require/ therefore, delivery of the project is poor to reach the expected report for the project. Parameters relating to human resource also have an impact on the delivery of a project. The Human R resource is responsible for determination of employee’s recruitment and their qualification to take part in the report delivery. If the strategies put down by the HR are poor, the delivery of the project is affected negatively. Information or results submitted for the project is mostly insufficient for the project due to inadequate skills within the employees. And this is as a result of the poor selection process and recruitment methods used by the management.

Timelines also impact the delivery of a project. Is the period given for completion of a project is limited with the great task to be completed, chances are high that the management will hasten to complete the project (Fried, 2010). As a result, the processes in the project may not be attended to the latter. Also, when the time is much for completion of a project, the management may handle the task sluggishly assuming that the time is enough for the project. Last minute rush in performing the task is probable to happen. Therefore, enough timelines are necessary for project contract assignment. Besides, the project stakeholder’s management team should create a proper strategy on how to utilize the timelines allocated for each project like this project. It is based on the development of strategy or process to be followed in the recruitment of new staff in the local mail delivery agency.

Q3. Definition of risks and explanation of “risk assessment.

A risk is any activity that has an involvement in activities than exposing danger. The danger I this case could be in terms of injury, loss or gaining of valuable property from individuals or organizations. These risks could affect the social status or physical health of employees and participants. On the other hand, risk management is a terminology that is used to define the general procedures that involve identification of the risks that are probable to happen in a project. Risk assessment also entails identification of all risks that are involved in particular projects (Fried, 2010). It is meant for identification as well as the elimination of the hazards in the process of controlling the risks that have been evident in previous similar projects too.

Q4. Definition of vision and mission statement.

A vision statement can be said to be documentation or noting of the key importance of an organization. The statement is based on the future target of the organization. The mission statement, on the other hand, defines the various principles that an organization operates on. These missions entail the paraphrased activities that the organization intends to provide to the nation at the end of the projects. Vision and mission statement are the key directives of people and customers on what an agency is all about as well as the services offered there. Therefore, all agencies are recommended to publicize their mission and vision statement as a guideline to their customers as well as their followers.

Q5. Explanation of what strategic and operational plans are.

The strategic plan is a procedure carried out with the aim of defining an organizations strategy as well as decision making on the resources to be required in pursuing the strategy. The strategy is also known for controlling the mechanisms that are used to guide the strategy’s implementations. Therefore, strategy planning can be said to be a process for preparing and setting goals, mission, and objectives for a given project. In strategy planning, a process is involved that is used in formulating as well as implementing the strategies set in conducting the given project. In strategy planning, several steps are followed where there is data input, output, activities involved as well as outcomes or results collection. Therefore, just like any other process, constraints are involved in strategic planning and the strategic planning could be informal of formally done depending on the complexity of the project to be handled. In strategic planning, several elements are always put into consideration (Fried, 2010). They include the weaknesses and strength of the company which is the local mail delivery company, the broader expectations of the society, the threats and opportunities of the industry as well as the personal values of the board and the management team in the project.

Operational planning is a protocol of planning objectives as well as strategic goals to tactical objectives and goals. Therefore, in operational planning, strategic planning must have been a success for it to be a success too. Therefore, operational planning has its basis on the justification of budget requests that are made annually on the operations. If the strategic plan has been made for seven years, therefore the operational plans, in this case, will be seven also. Besides, operational planning is always the last as well as the first step in the preparation of operating budget requests that are made by project managers. If operation plans are the leading step, it, therefore, gives a plan on how the resources are to be allocated to the report sectors are required. On the other hand, whereby the operational plan is the last step, we have a modification of the OP thus a reflection of the policies that are necessary for decision making as well as the changes to be made in the financial sector being reflected on (Fried, 2010). These operations plans are normally made during the development of budgeting processes.

Q6. What processes and producers need to be followed when writing a project closure report?

Procedure of project closure

The project closure is the final activity that a project team performs before submission of the project. It is necessary to the success of any project thus the team must follow all the procedural steps in closing the project. These steps are as documented below. The team needs to develop a closing procedure which will be used to aid in easing the closure. It is a mandatory step to be taken for the success of any project. The procedures developed will aid reduce time wastage as well as give the exact budget required for the closure of the project. If the project was a contract, its’ closure also needs to be planned for whereby the procedure is documented. Each contract should have its own closure procedure thus the project management team creating a multiple of these closure procedures (Fried, 2010). The contract has to be closed first before the closure of the project. The following process in project closure is verification of the scope requirements of the products. In the process, we have the users in the project management team being signed off as a closure procedure. The key stakeholders the deliver to the project management the formal acceptance of the project.

The final reporting performance is then submitted to the required department, which is the most important step that ought to be carried by all project team managements. The project team members should not proceed to the next project before submission of the previous project report. The report is verified once submitted thus the team being informed on the areas to be rectified thus an adjustment on the strategy used in tackling the previous project. After that, the project manager needs to conduct a phase end or post project review as an assessment of their task done. Archiving and indexing all the relating documents on the project in the management of the project’s information system is necessary since the data can be used for reference in future as history to the research (Fried, 2010). The team members are required to document all the lessons that have been learned from the project for future reference. Appropriate updates are necessary to the project for the benefit of the project manager. Therefore the completed project is to be handed off to the stakeholder or the customer. Finally, in the procedure is releasing the resources to the functional manager (human resource) if the organization is Matrix.

Q7. Aims of health and safety legislation.

Health safety and legislation are a law that was passed and amended by the UK government to ensure that all employees have security for their health as well as safety in work areas. The act was aimed at securing the safety and health of employees. Therefore, risks, effective, as well as fair representation, corporation, and consultation are minimized through adoption and insurance of the health and safety action to employees. The employees require being protected from hazardous and risky working environment of the highest order. Several matters show the importance of providing safety and health to employees (Fried, 2010). They include the provision of information and advice, training, and education to employees on how to maintain health and safety measures at work and home as well.


Fried, Y., & Ferris, G. R. (2010) The validity of the job characteristics model: A review and metaanalysis. Personnel phsychology, 40(2) 287-322