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Some of the major ways of appreciating the employee’s efforts in MacDonald’s fast food chain store include base pay, short term and long term incentives, recognition programs and the company car program which the employees can choose from a wide range of vehicles available and according to the level of staff occupied. Other benefits in the company include medical and dental compensation, profit sharing as well as sabbatical programs and vacations (Derdak & Pederson, 2014).. The basic pay is in most situations fixed over a certain period of time or years but the other benefits and compensation packages apply to individuals’ efforts and level of achievement.

Customer service managers receive between $7.5 and $15.41 while the fast food managers receive between $8.67 and $11.98 per hour. A food service manager receives between $7.22 and $11.50 per hour. The general managers in the different restaurants receive between $7.83 and $16.00. An administrative assistant receives between $11.79 to $21.93 per hour, while the two assistant managers receive between $9.07 and $14.50 per hour. A cook for the company will receive between $6.98 and $11.61 depending on the place of work in the country. These are the people who run the daily activities and operations in the individual restaurants. There are other people who oversee the activities off the whole chain store. For instance, the human resource manager receives between $11.11 and $19.48 per hour, operations manager receives between $8.99 and $20.48, payroll manager receives between $8.96 and 21.94 per hour (McDonald’s publication, 2014).

Other employees who work in MacDonald’s are the cashiers who receive between $7.31 and $9.81 per hour. The secretaries receive between $7.63 and $13.60 per hour while the janitors receive between $7.61 and $10.44 per hour. Another key personnel is the training manager who receives between $6.63 and $15.33 per hour. These rates apply to all the people who work in the chain store and represent the basic pay. However, these employees receive other incentives after the company has evaluated their work at the end of the month and see if they deserve to be rewarded. Those employees who do not meet the set standards or set targets, they are allowed to leave and other new employees are recruited by the training manager.


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