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Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is a National association representing the interests of project management professional in all areas. The association has its focus at ensuring that professional standing of the project management as a philosophy, members are furnished with important information, providing trainings and upholding the required accreditation standards. Portfolio approach is taken in conducting business at the association, with a number of board committees being put in place so as to ensure there is good governance. The portfolio encompasses membership, audit and risk, communications, professional development, event and governance. Either a committee or a council takes charge of a program with the possibility of there being sub-committees. The committees and councils are made up of people who give their services as volunteers to ensure the vision of AIPM is advanced. So as to give support to committee and council, the meeting is usually attended by at least on AIPM staff. The AIPM’s National President and CEO also attend the meetings.

Professional Development Council

The key function of Professional Development Council (PDC) is cultivation of community of excellence and practice so as to achieve the broader professional development and educational purposes of AIPM.

Under a number of sub-committees PDC endeavor to achieve the following:

  • Establishing and maintaining Professional Competency Standards of AIPM

  • Maintenance of quality assurance in providing AIPM’s certification programs

  • Establishing , monitoring and reviewing AIPM;s Endorsed Course program

  • Maintaining quality assurance for Advanced Professional Practice Workshops

Membership council

The membership Council has a mission of providing a representative forum for the members and it is also in charge of coordinating undertaking of initiatives and services to members in the whole of Australia. The council also plays a role of assisting AIPM to meet growth of its membership and retaining the goals.

Some of the initiatives that have been brought up by the membership council include:

  • Engagement with the local government in the entire country in supporting project management practice and processes

  • Taking a review of the institution’s membership criteria so as to ensure the the RegPM certification program is recognized

  • The committee is in charge looking for partners and establishing alliances with the aim of providing AIPM membership with access to research opportunities, knowledge as well as best practices. A good example of this being a memorandum of understanding being signed with GS1 Australia and Association of Project Management (UK)

  • Offering support to members who may be facing challenges including unemployment reduced rate

  • The committee is also in charge of implementation of a buddy system , which has seen endorsement from AIPM chapters, whose aim is increasing new membership and networking at chapter events

Knowledge and research council

The council came was established in 2009 under section 10.1.1(c) of AIPM Constitution. The council consists of representatives from Australia universities and industries. The council aims at promoting, supporting and developing Australian project management research.

The following roles and responsibilities are undertaken by the council on behalf of the board

  • Research exchange under which there is creating of a forum for researchers, academicians and those with project management knowledge to interact, share ideas and come up with concepts

  • Research support where there is motivation in research in project management and other related professions

  • The council looks into project management education by examining issues that are related to higher education with regards to development of project management best practice

  • Researcher involvement which serves the purpose of enabling AIPM making use of participation of researchers when it comes to management of the knowledge and research functions in the institute

  • The role of board advising which gives recommendations with regards to knowledge and research issues upon being requested by the board

The institute is recognized by Australian Research Council as being a preferred research supporter. With this relationship, AIPM gives support to research in project management with members being provided for focus groups, formulation of a survey and industry opinion. The institute also gives support to Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and communities.

AIPM is looking forward to holding its 40th Anniversary in 2016 or at the beginning of 2017. So there has been a report setting out the strategy, costs and the timing of AIPMs anniversary event. This report is a project management plan (PMP) and involves the 40th Anniversary Event. The event is expected to be given a go ahead after the AIPM Board approves the PMP.

Purpose of PMP and matters to be put in consideration by AIPM

The PMP aims at presenting 40th Anniversary Project Plan that is detailed to AIPM board. In the PMP the input and approval from AIPM will be sought with regards to goals and outcomes of the anniversary activities; any preparatory activities that will usher in the anniversary summit and the format that will be adopted. It will be 40 years since the institution came to being and this anniversary will be a chance to reflect the road the institution has travelled and decide on what is to be course to follow in the next decade that will culminate into a jubilee anniversary. The anniversary is expected to be a celebration of institution past, present and future with hope of increasing the enthusiasm of all the players involved in pushing the agenda of the institution.

Expected outcomes

The following set of outcomes are expected at the 40th Anniversary Commemorations

  • Reflection on the past forty years, highlighting the important lessons and acknowledging the contributions of made by various parties

  • Taking stock of what is happening in the institution and the entire PM profession currently, the opportunities and challenges being faced

  • Establishing a clear agenda and work plan the vision of the institution to ensuring excellence in PM profession in Australia


Due to time resources and budget constraints the event will be held in a single day. The venue of the event is restricted to be within the country. The number of people to be in attendance will be restricted to those that can be accommodated at the venue where the event is being held. While some of those in attendance will be facilitated in terms of transportation costs, there are many others who have been working together with AIPM who may need assistance but will not have this chance due to limited resources.

Human resource requirements

anniversary event with all other parties involved in the planning and execution of the project reporting to him. He will provide guidance on how the funds catering for the costs of the events will be sourced. He will be in charge of coming up with the event budget. He will be the head of all the committees relating to the event. thThe CEO of AIMP will be the head of the committee that will be in charge of preparation of the 40

The following are the roles that will be taken by the AIPM staff

Fund sourcing

The Anniversary has a budget which will require funding. The sources of funding of the budget will need to be established and discussed. The whole process of sourcing will be dedicated to the National Corporate Partnership Manager of AIMP. He will be in close consultation with chairman of the event on the decision he makes and on the progress that has been made. Some of the expected sources are the organizations which the institutions has been closely been working with. Just as there are many volunteers who offer to give their services to the institution funding will also be expected to be given by them.

Communication officer

The National Manager Marketing and Communication will be in charge of all communication issues. He will be in charge of ensuring that information regarding the event reach the required destination on time. He will also keep records of all the feedbacks that have been received after communicating to various stake holders with regards to the events. He will be expected to communicate to the stake holder about the progress in planning of the event. All questions regarding the progress will also be directed to him. He will also act as the secretary to all committee meetings.

Venue handling

This event will be held in a venue away from AIPM premises. There is need to have someone who will be in charge of looking for suitable venue of the event. The suitability of the venue should put into consideration the number of people that can be accommodated, the location, parking space availability, the charges, the ability to provide other services required in hosting the event such as communication equipment. The certification manager will be assigned this job. He will also in charge of all other resources needed at the venue.

Venue manager

There is need to have a person who will be in charge of ensuring that things go as planned during the anniversary. She will address issues such as ensuring that sits are occupied by those whom they are reserved for. She will also communicate any issue that requires some adjustment including change in the order of speeches where some emerging issues make it important for such a change to be effected. The venue manager will consult the facility manager (the other venue manager) on issues of security, sanitary facilities and the possible risks in holding the event. He will ensure that the facilities provided at the venue are well taken care of so as to avoid charges and those in attendance losing their property. The Membership Administrator will be assigned this duty.

Internal resources and external resources

Some of the functions such as the ones described previously will be done by internal resources. This means that there will be no cost attached to them. The venue being outside the institutions it means that it is an external resource which needs to be paid for. The special duties dedicated to the staff members maybe need some more personnel to assist in accomplishing them. The committee and council members will be called upon to assist those who have been given to head the special duties. This being a 40th anniversary there will be entertainment, to carter for this there will be at least two entertainment groups who will offer their services. This will be external resources that will be required in this event. Apart from being paid it will be upon the event producers to make sure that the entertainers are given accommodation at or near the venue of the event

Materials and equipment

One of the most important resources required for this event is power. This event will require a single phase power which will be enough to carter for the power requirements of the day. The venue provider will be required to provide all the power requirements. This being a daylong event (at least for the main event) the power will be required to carter for all the needs including those invited guest who may need to charge their gadgets. It is expected that there will be a standby generator just in case there is disruption with the mains supply. Safety issues concerning power are to be carefully considered. All The power leads are expected to be tagged and tested and are also to be under the cover of safety pads that are approved as a measure of preventing damage from moving vehicles or people. The entertainment instrument power requirements are to be ascertained and confirmation if the demand will be met should be made well in advance(Richard ,2000).

Toilet facilities

The toilet facilities are expected to be adequate for all those who will be attending the event. The number of toilet required for a specified number of people is usually tabulated (Table 1) by the public health authorities and the venue for this event should be able to meet this requirement. Throughout this event it will be expected that the facilities will be kept clean. The number of people in attendance of the event will need to be revealed in advance and will have to be adhered to so that to ensure that the facilities are not inadequate. Where there is a possibility that the toilets will not be adequate the option of hiring portable toilets need to be put into consideration. Usually toilets are expected to be cleaned every two to three hours by those who are contracted to so. Where portable toilets are to be used it is important that their location be well lit to ensure security and also the location should be considerably far from for service area or storage.

Table 1: Toilet facility requirements

No of Toilets

No of Urinals

No of Hand basins

No of Toilets

Hand basins

Audio and visual equipment

This event will involve use of audio visual facilities. This means that what is available at the venue (if any ) need to be assessed considering the following factors

Requirements of performers (performers will often provide technical specifications for this);

size of venue;

Green room which is used for changing and having a mirror and water

Anticipated number of people to attend

• Time of the day

• Proximity to residential areas;

There is to be informed risk assessment where all the possible risks and opportunities will be addressed. By undertaking a careful analysis potential hazards will be identified that are likely to pose danger to the people who will be involved in this event or there will be identification of the potential opportunities for improvement. In undertaking this venue manager, the risk assessment officer and emergency services are to be present. By holding a risk assessment meeting, with key stake holders attending it will a sure way of identifying and addressing risks and opportunities (Fleming, 2005).

There will be an emergency plan which will outline the response to be undertaken suppose there is an emergency. The possible things to be considered are

  • The emergencies that are likely to occur

  • The procedure of evacuation in case of emergency

  • The personnel responsible in cases of emergency

  • The meeting point when emergency occurs

  • Ambulance and emergency vehicle loading


  • By January 2016 the committee in charge of 40th Anniversary had been put in place and has had 3 meetings so far

  • Some funding sources have been contacted and have shown positive response

Meeting dates

  • The committee is scheduled to meet twice every month with the frequency of meeting increasing to at least once a week as the anniversary date draws near

  • The exact venue of the event should be established not more than 2 month to the event

  • By September 2016 the exact date of the anniversary should be set

  • Two months two the event the groups to be involved in entertainment should have been contacted and the payment terms agreed upon

  • The guest of owner should have been chosen and contacted 2 moths to the event

In order to ensure success of the 40th anniversary budget this is the proposed budget.

Hiring a venue

Entertainment (band)

Telephone bills, mailing

Hiring equipment

External human resource hire

Accommodation for special groups (band)


The 40th anniversary provides a unique opportunity to address various issues as the achievements are being celebrated. The event will be expected to be a great success putting into consideration what has been achieved so far in terms of preparation. It is hoped that all the stake holders will continue with the current sprit and that the membership of the institution will expand further.


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