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Effective Communication

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive summary 3

Introduction 32.0

3.0 Case study 4

4.0 Staff survey 5

5.0 Literature review 10

6.0 Conclusion 11

7.0 Recommendation 12

8.0 References 13

1.0 Executive summary

This report contains aspects of effective communication such as barriers and ways of ensuring managers convey information to their subordinates effectively. It entails a case study concerning Mirror Image company, which serves as example of how absence of effective communication can affect the attitudes and performance of workers. Moreover, this report also contains the attitude of workers and highlights them in form of graphs. Literature review is another aspect of this report that outlines barriers and elements of effective communication. The conclusion of this report outlines the summary of aspects of effective communication enshrined in the case study and staff survey. Lastly, the report recommends to the Mirror Image organization on how to establish and develop a culture of effective communication.

2.0 Introduction

Information is essential aspect of a successful leadership in any organization. Most managers presume that inspiring leadership, savvy marketing, technological innovation, and far-sighted financial planning are the key fundamentals to a successful business career (Adair, 2009). . These could be essential in the short-term, but they are all tied managers’ ability to communicate effectively with their junior workers, stuff, and senior employees. Communicati0n is a golden thread that ties all the functions of management such as planning, controlling, coordination, organizing, as well as staffing (Adair, 2009). . Effective leaders stress key fundamentals such as strategic alignment, accountability, discipline, empowerment of employees, and self-drive within the organization by the use of communication. This report seeks to reveal aspects that are essential for communication within the organization to be effective. Moreover, this report also addresses how absence of effective communication can hinder the success of any enterprise.

3.0 Case study

One of the fundamentals of effective communication is that it enhances freedom within the organization. Moreover, effective communication is also a means through which good leaders inspire and motivate their workers. Mirror Image is an example of an organization where the absence of effective communication hinders prosperity and efficiency within the organization. Tama Wilson, the new CEO of Mirror image, comprehends the basics of communicating effectively with the junior workers. However, the junior workers are afraid not to highlight the problems or challenges that they encounter when doing the activities of Mirror Image.

Communication is one way though which good leaders interact with the employees. Regardless of whether one is taking about business, sports, politics, or military, the good managers are first-rate communicators. It is through communication that leaders showcase their values and expectations. Tama Wilson is an example of that kind of leader who is willing to listen to the atrocities that affect the junior workers within the organization. However, Tama Wilson’s curiosity is not satisfied as the workers shy away from sharing their perceptions with the new boss. Worker 1 assumes that Tama Wilson wants to relief hi m off his duties because he was asked a few questions regarding his job. These are the consequences of old management of Mirror Image organization of not engaging in effective communication with their juniors.

In this case study, it is clear that for communication to be effective is must be a two-way process. This is because it is not enough to communicate clearly, one has to ensure that he or she is understood and heard. One can clearly outline that Tama Wilson is not a good communicator. As much as he wants to interact with his junior workers personally, he cannot be a good communicator if does not instill self-belief in his workers. Communication requires that one to highlight his or her intentions before asking questions from the juniors workers. This will instill confidence to the workers and they will communicate without hiding any challenges facing them. Tama Wilson asks worker 1 how he perceives his job, but the worker does not answer him genuinely. Such responses occur because most workers are not able to converse with their managers freely. Open communication is essential as it enables workers to highlight their problems and perceptions to their employers without fear of being laid off.

Lastly, the management of Mirror Image must develop a culture of eliminating barriers of effective communication within their organization. If barriers such as lack of openness and fear are not eliminated, then they can poison the atmosphere of communication between workers and senior employees. Maintaining eye contact while communicating is also crucial. Worker 1 and worker 2 can hardly maintain eye contact with their boss, Tama Wilson. This is the problem of using notices and memos as a means of communication. Communication should be used to highlight goals and objectives. The best way to do this by the use of verbal communication.

4.0 Staff survey

The findings carried out in Mirror Image revealed the barriers of communication within the organization. Most of factory Worker’s in Mirror Image do not have a precise idea about their job. This is the failure of the management not to use clear methods of communicating roles and duties of workers.


long report

Moreover, forty-five percent of factory workers are also not satisfied with performance evaluation system.



long report 1

The findings also reveal that sixty percent of factory workers are not able to voice their atrocities to their managers.



long report 2

Furthermore, the findings also reveal that seventy-two percent of factory workers do not take part in the decision making process of the organization




long report 3

. Lastly, the findings also revealed that thirty-five percent of workers do not have confidence in the intentions of the management.

5.0 Literature review

Developing and establishing effective communication is essential in order to be understood so that one can change the environment according to one’s thoughts. Communication is a medium through which employees get to know the atrocities encountered by their employees while doing their job (World Parks Congress, 2004). Moreover, communication is also a medium through which employers get to know whether employees are satisfied with their job or not.

The central aspect of effective communication is to refrain from fear while communicating (World Parks Congress, 2004). Anytime an employee wants to highlight something, he or she should go ahead and outline it. Mirror Image organization needs to introduce a culture of free communication among the workers, staff, and the senior employees. This is because communication aids in corrections of operations within the organization, thus enhancing the performance of the organization.

Furthermore, establishing what is hindering effective communication within the organization is also another way of formulating effective communication within the organization. Tama Wilson needs to recognize that expression and lack of confidence are the key fundamentals hindering effective communication between him and his workers. Thus, he needs to establish an atmosphere through which workers will outline their issues with any fear of firing.

Lastly, communication enhances the motivation of workers, thus improving the performance of the company. Motivation is an essential ingredient of changing the attitude of workers in the organization. Appreciating one role in the organization is one way through which managers can use to curb negative attitude of workers towards their duties.

6.0 Conclusion

From the case study, it is clear that ineffective communication is a one-way process. An argument or a conversation should entail the talking and listening aspect. The talking aspect should be characterized by lack of fear and should be specific. Workers in Mirror Image are afraid to talk in the presence of their bosses and cannot highlight their challenges freely. Moreover, the listening aspect is also fundamental when it comes to effective communication (Nicotera, 2003). Tama Wilson should be keen to listen to the challenges of his workers. This would ensure that Mirror Image is a society in which workers and employers interact freely. Lastly, clear communication is an essential aspect to the success of business leaders. This is because it is through communication that a leader will change the attitude of his workers and that of staff.

7.0 Recommendation

Mirror image should introduce a culture of effective communication by eliminating barriers that hinder effective communication such as fear and lack of interaction, and use verbal communication as way of highlighting instructions to the workers (King, 2009). Moreover, Mirror Image should formulate forums through which their workers can highlight their challenges. This will help workers who have fear of being fired to present their views freely. Lastly, Tama Wilson should motivate his staff by appreciating their role in the organization. He can achieve this by communicating verbally to his workers and staff. Moreover, it is also essential to allow workers to participate in decision-making process. This ensures that workers feel like they are part of the operations of the company (Calero, 2005).

8.0 References

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