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Lil’ Guppa Scuba School

Lil’ Guppa Scuba School

Lil’ Guppa Scuba School is a business that needs to appeal to children and their guardians. In this way, the logo that would fulfill the needs of the client and represent the brand well needs to be an appealing logo with interesting and captivating colors, font and a message that sells the brand in a fun way. This logo design tries to communicate the vision of the business by the fish symbol which can be associated with water activities such as swimming. However, the logo fails to completely communicate the brand as it omits elements that are pertinent to the brand. For instance, the inclusion of images of children swimming, playing with water or even an additional image of a pool would have worked better to reflect the brand. The fish only symbol is simple and does not give a full representation of the brand.

The first design of the logo design works well in trying to appeal to children. The colors are interesting and captivating to the eye and as such may be associated with playfulness as well as an element of serious business. The second one is simplistic in the sense that it only uses two colors in the symbol, which makes it dull, and the third is also dull. However, the choice of font is good and highlights the brand name in an interesting and bold way. The font also works well with the different colors and is still visible when presented in different colors. The logo can benefit from more addition of colors such as yellow, which signifies vibrancy and playfulness, purple, which would be associated with creativity and imagination, blue for the water to communicate calmness and grey to add some balance (Airey, 2009).


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