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Logo Design

Logo Design

The logo design works to fulfill the needs of the client in various ways. The choice of the elements included in the logo is relatable to the client’s line of business as well as their location. Being that the bakery is situated in France, the Eiffel Tower element communicates the origin as well as symbolizes the pride the business takes in being situated in France since the tower is one of France’s most attractive and recognizable monuments. In this way, consumers can associate the product with France and all the good qualities that it has. The cupcake in the middle is symbolic of a bakery and baked products and as such, is a good representation of the line of business that the business engages in and the industry.

In evaluating the suitability of the color choices for the three variations presented of the design, the logo works hard to emphasize the product, location as well as the business in various ways. The gray color chosen for the Eiffel Tower is subtle enough but still noticeable. However, the gray in the tower still overpowers the front colors and makes the tower stand out more significantly. As a suggestion, it would be better to lighten the gray in the tower element and make the other colors bolder so that the cupcake and the name of the bakery may stand out.

The rationale for color choice and font are the done well and actually give a good reflection of the business. In choosing only one font for the logo, the design is simple yet still compelling as various fonts would be confusing and crowding for the logo as noted by Kelly (2016). The font also communicates modernity since Sans Serif are associated with the current as noted by the designer. The explanation for the color choice is logical and relatable to the business. The colors chosen each signify a meaning that is in line with the client’s business. However, the first and third variations of the logo are more in line with the client’s needs than the second variation with monotone colors. The second logo could benefit from improvement by an inclusion of a different color to counter the dullness. Alternatively, bolder shades of pink could be used rather than soft pastels of the same color. In the second variation, the image of the cupcake is almost lost in the gray of the tower. A bolder color would thus make the cupcake stand out.


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