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Stronger Business Logo

Hey, this logo is powerful in different dimensions. It takes a blend of almost all features of an effective logo. Besides being simple, the logo is also highly memorable. With a single glance at its structure and formation, the target audience can see the image of a bakery. Even if the designer would not have added the word bakery in the design one would still know it is the bakery business in the advertisement. The audience can easily associate the image with a cake which is one of the most renowned bakery products. The choice and persistent application of one font make the logo more unique and outstanding in French populations

Another outstanding feature of this design is its never-ending versatility. The logo can be easily printed in at different sizes, across various platforms and in a variety of media without losing its power. It can work well on letterhead, the web, in print ads as well as video. Further, considering the industry of the company, the logo is very appropriate and obvious. It uses both the icon and a word description of the industry. In my view, therefore, the logo communicates the right tone and style considering the kind of business and products it is representing.

In today’s cluttered marketplace, standing out amongst the potential competitors may appear pretty puzzling, but the idea here is being different and distinct (Hardy, 2011). Considering the Upper Crust Logo, the distinctiveness of its design is one quality that cannot be underestimated. For the person who sets an eye on it, the message, formation, and shape remain memorable in the viewer’s mind. In other words, this logo is capable of creating a lasting impression on the target audience. This is most difficult but high quality to impart in a logo.


Hardy, G. (2011). Smashing logo design: The art of creating visual identities. Chichester, West Sussex, U.K: Wiley