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Lexis English Group 1


Location of Institution

Lexis English Group

Lexis English was previously known as Sunshine Coast English College (SCEC) which was intended to teach forty students. Then it became Global Village English group which expanded to new areas such as Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay and Perth. Later, the owner renamed the company into Lexis English designed to show the Australian identity (Anson 2016, p.81). The group further expanded, welcoming more adult and junior students from different countries around the globe. It is one of the largest privately owned language school in Australia. This paper seeks to give a summary of the Lexis English group.

Australian Skills Quality Authority is a government accreditation of academic institutions that have fully covered Lexis English operations including accommodation services, student support services, financial stability and academic quality (Barron and Zeegers 2006, p.89). The school has all its full-time courses registered to Commonwealth organization making it able to allow student visa possession. Based on Unsworth (2006, p.9) Lexis Brisbane is an exciting city with many possibilities awaiting discovery. The skills and tools provided equip students with the knowledge required for part time jobs. The environment around the school is warmer, a subtropical climate which is friendly to all students. The location of Brisbane school in the middle of Brisbane city where town hall, skyline from the roof top terrace extend.

The institution offers inspirational trainers, quality educational experience, and outstanding facilities. The accreditation of the schools assures the success of the student outcomes, services, curriculum and premises which are of excellent worth (Macken-Horarik, Love and Unsworth 2011, p.9). All the teacher and other staff members comprehend that the learning practice is pleasant as well as daring and therefore they make sure that the time spent provides a recall to last forever.


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