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2Leadership and Management

Leadership and management


Qualities of a good or effective manager

Qualities of a good or effective leader

  1. Deals with systems and processes

Deals with people

  1. Ability to handle conflicts

Use conflicts constructively

  1. Facilitate team work

Should be able approachable

  1. Good education background in nursing

Good interrelation skills. Not necessarily educated

  1. Must have appropriate managerial skills

Must possess leadership skills

Management and leadership are not the same in my own view. Even though they may seem to both share some features, but the two have some unique characteristics. However, some managers have leadership skills in them but they are always tied to management tasks which are not related to leadership. Managers and leaders are not the same based on their features. Firstly, a manager controls activities of an organization while a leader provides direction. This is so true based on the definition of ‘lead’ and ‘manage’. Secondly, for one to be a manager, he or she must possess managerial skills and have some outstanding managerial skills. On the other hand, anyone can be a leader. Leadership does not necessarily depend on academic qualification but rather relies on interrelationship skills whether made or born with of providing direction. Thirdly, managers are usually tied up to organizational tasks thereby tending not to be approachable while they should. For a leader, since he or she provides direction to people, a leader takes a lot of time to listen to people and is flexibly approachable for discussion on issues affecting people. Last but not least, leaders and managers must have the ability to constructively handle conflicts but both do so at different levels. The manager does it in an organizational level while a leader does it in any context.