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Photography Assignment


Ans 1: The folio presentation concept seems suitable for the genre chosen (fashion).

This is because; the photographer has been able to show off a number of fashion products in a number of models. The various products that have been presented include; the hairstyle, footwear, swimwear and cosmetic products. The posing by the models confirms that indeed it is a fashion case.

Ans 2. A number of changes need to be done to improve this work.

First, there are cases where the clients have some poor posture. This wrong posture compromises the intended theme. In this case, the theme is fashion. The image below is an example where the photographer needs to address the issue of posture to deliver quality work.


Location 1

The number of images in the portfolio

The portfolio can have as many images as possible. The photographer is the one to decide the number of images to include.

In other cases, the gloomy faces of the images seem to dilute the intention of the image. The photographer needs to prepare the client on ways maintaining a bright faces. Below is an example of a photo that needs to be improved on those grounds.

Location 2

3) Approaching a fashion shoot with a new client

The following steps will help a photographer take a quality fashion shoot on a new client:

  • Direct the client to maintain eye contact: This mean having a direct eye contact with the camera. This helps to connect the model to the eyes of the viewer.

    • Helping the client look away is still another technique that is very useful. This means having the model look away from the camera and focus on something off the camera. It is an intrigue technique of engaging the viewer. A mystery environment is created this way. It makes the viewer to keep contemplate on what the model could be looking at.

    • Direct the models to look at each other. This serve to create a story in the image and the viewer is drifted into the story and the emotions being shared

    • Get the models moving. This involves having the model out of the studio. Moving her out into the street .This create a lot of confidence in the model.

    • Change of the angle. Direct the model to change the angle

    • Have a model play with an item. This involves having the model Play with something like a lipstick or a handbag. A sense of reality is created in this matter.

    • Random candid shoots. This involves those times that the model have her attention away like fastening the shoe races.

    • Involve her emotions. Direct the model to pretend to be laughing wickedly or crying. This includes some sort of acting

Putting the right time together for a shoot

  • Begin by communicating the goals to the team that you are working with as well as the team that you have. Let them be clear on your intentions. At the same time, be friendly and firm to every member of the teams. At the same time, allow everybody to add his flavour to the project as this may help to add value to the project.

  • Match the various models to provided fashion and themes. Sometimes the fashion world will emphasize on the model more than the clothing .Select the model that will put on clothes first to emphasize on the fashion.

  • To take care of the fashion attitude, prioritise on the personality models and match the fashions to their lifestyles to their names.

  • In the case makeup and hair designs, pay keen attention. Let the various models having a particular hair style and colour be matched with an appropriate background.

Ways of drawing desirable emotions when taking a photo

According to Wilder, Kelley and Terrence (2009), a model needs to show the right emotions at the appropriate time.

The photographer needs to use a number of things to achieve the desired emotions for his subjects.

Use of colour; a number of colours and their combination evoke emotions. The photographer should help the models or any model is in the colours which yield the various emotions. A colour like black or red are aggressive colours for example

Help the client take warm up shots. The photographer helps the client take some warm up in front of a camera. In this case, the photographer takes time to understand his subjects.

Flattering the clients before and during the photo session . The photographer creates a light environment through using some enticing statements. He is this way able to find beauty in the subjects.

Asking client many questions also help. When the photographer gets to know the clients during the session, he ceases to be a stranger to them. Having a conversation as you take the photos helps one to take photos that reflect the client’s personality.

Full range of emotions experiment serves to break the ice. Behaving in a silly, funny, serious or sad manner helps to loosen up the subject and to attain the comfort level of the subject.

Observe in-between times. Be always ready in the photo session. This helps many times to capture the time when the client is relaxed. The photographer always is able to anticipate the next move. By this you are able to identify the natural beauty of the client.

Through a thorough intervew with a practising photographer, i was able to receive some responses on some important questions and answers that one need to have in order to give the best folio presentation in his genre.I was able to record both the questions and the answers.

The first question that need to be asked is;where should you start in the folio presentation?The answer to this is that to deliver very quality work in the folio presentation,the photographer need to start with the work he consider best and end with the work that in his opinion is inferior.This gives a very good impression about the quality of photos to the reviewer.

Another question that need to be asked is;how many photos of the same subject should feature in the same sorrounding?The answer to this question is,no photos of the same sabject should appear in the same sorrounding.There need to be a variation in the the folio presentation.

The other important question that one need to ask is,is the sorrounding as important as the image?The good thing to know in this is that the focus should always be on the the image,the sorrounding is important but very secondary.In addition to that,the layout need to be simple.

In conclusion, for a photographer to deliver quality work he has to put a number of things together. The skills in this are very important. His personality should never betray him as he deal with different types of clients. The industry has a lot of competition and therefore every photographer need to be smart


Wilder, Kelley E, and Terrence R, Nathan2009 Photography and science. Reaktion books, London