Workplace Discrimination


I believe that every employee should be treated equally at the workplace. If two people are in the sale work grade and doing the same work, they should be paid equally regardless of race. The argument that one born in within the country is well versed with extra duties is simply meant to excuse unethical behavior.

The reason behind the discrimination is also unacceptable in an ethical workplace. Management should not seek to make more money by oppressing the employees.

Just like the manager and the employee, every employee has the right to report unethical behavior and push for their rights. Under the Fair Work Ombudsman, racial discrimination is an offense. The management should therefore be reported and tough actions taken against the people involved.

Age, socio-economic and sexual discrimination are all unethical and should be discouraged in every workplace. A firm culture that promotes one or all of these should be shunned.

Age discrimination is common, where older people look at a minor with contempt and molest them by giving them a lot of work. A person of fifteen years old is quite young and cannot defend themselves against such acts. It is therefore necessary for every organization to come up with stringent rules to protect minors. If caught in such situations, one should report this to the management or to the union.

Men can equally be sexually harassed. More than one out of ten sexual harassment complaints at work are reported by men. A research done in 2015 indicated that 78.4% of sexual harassment cases were against men. These come in the form of sexual coercion or simply being discriminated upon because of the gender.


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