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Literature review

Literature review

In The Production of Space, Henri Lefebvre explores all the options that could explain why there was the rational and complete fragmentation of space and in doing so, brings together unified production of space. His theory of knowledge enabled him make these observations because it changed his view from that of conceiving things in space to that of actual production of space. Lefebvre argues that space is a social product, or it could be a complex social construction — that is based on values and the production of meanings in a social context — which has effects on certain perceptions and practices. The relevance of this argument is that it explains how the research perspective shifted from space to processes involved in its production.

When it comes to Chris Townsends When we Collide, Whiteread’s work had the sense of scrupulous meditation identified with prior thought and accuracy of achievement that was in contrast with the more intuitive approach of her other contemporaries. His main idea is that Whiteread’s move from domestic fittings and spaces as subjects into the domain of public art would make obvious, and therefore contestable, the apparently natural and therefore non-ideological ideologies embedded in the structures she chose. It is, therefore, safe to come up with the conclusion that the way things collide in Whiteread’s work is the reason that we are liberated from passivity that informs us of the state of life.

Literature review

Literature review 1

Water tower

The two images above are some of Whiteread’s work that was perceived as gestures meant to remind the people about historical transformations taking place.

These two readings are based on the fact that both the writers are trying to understand how space is created and how the created space is expressed with regards to day to day life. However, while Lefebvre clarifies that a representation of space which can be seen as a concept when it is just an image, a mirror, or a mirage; simply reflects instead of challenging or refusing, Townsend is of the opinion that the recognition of the different forms in space will lead to an understanding of coexistence the colliding aspects of life.


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