Literature and the environment

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The Prelude, by William words worth book sixth, talks about the poet’s adventure during the winter season with his youthful friends. The adventure, though it cuts through his thoughts, ideas and imaginations, youthful rebellions, writings to everyday life and the awesomeness of nature has come to an end.

The poetic concept

It is the beginning of autumn and the poet is saying goodbye to his friends who were with him during the adventurous season as he has to go back to school, “ I bade farewell well… among the youth who summoned by that season” (5). The poet looks down the memory lane, and he has been suffering since his childhood and through growing up, and as such, he does not know what the future holds for him.

He loves to read and appreciates written work. He indulges in scribed material and authorship for comfort and knowledge which puts his mind focused to achieve what he desires “my mind put on focus content to observe, to achieve and to enjoy”.(65)

The poet loves nature and its surrounding. This is the reason he is out for an adventure. It is the only way that puts his mind to comfort and able to make a comparison between a life situation and nature.

The key aspects and the relationship between the poet, the natural world and the poems of study: Lines written a few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, Keats’s Ode to autumn and Coleridge, Frost at Midnight.

The apparent premise all the poems are talking about is adventure and how they connect with life’s sensations. They all relate in the natural language that speaks and reflects common human emotions, the perception of nature and the role it plays in creating self-imaginations. The Prelude and Lines written a few Miles Above Tintern Abbey focus on poets’ ideas and thoughts in a natural setting that meditates on the relationship between himself and nature in general. Frost at midnight reflects on nature as being ‘that one for inspiration’. Keats’s Ode to Autumn explores the possibility of nature as a resource for combating depression, escaping human life and nature’s power in expressing opinions.

In conclusion, the relationship all the study’s poems have is that of using natural environmental aspects to communicate notions ideas and express feelings of human nature.

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