In any job placement, suitability of the position for the individual in question is an important aspect. This is because it will determine the job performance as well as job satisfaction. In light of this, it is extremely important to possess employability skills that can help one land a job should a position present itself. I therefore intend to discuss some of the skills I consider important in my field of specialization and how I have developed mine.

In my industry placement, I have come to pick up on some few skills that are necessary if one is to make a successful career from engineering. Communication is one of the most important ingredients not just for this profession but every other profession as well. This skill embodies so many other skills for the activities in any field to be carried out swiftly. This is because from communication, you can develop and implement plans for the achievement of the objectives set. It is important to communicate such that each and every one is on the same page when it comes to making decisions. Teamwork is another skill that is important. Everyone is diverse in their own unique way and have different skills from each other. When all these skills are brought together, they make a pool of diversity full of knowledge that can achieve brilliance. Teamwork is also instrumental in the completion of tasks fast as there is sharing of ideas and brainstorming accompanied with problem solving as soon as they arise. Learning as another employability skill is quite necessary in this field. It is important to keep updating your knowledge and skills so as to keep abreast with all the changes that arise every now and then. Change is inevitable and it is always advisable to learn as much as you can. Education is limitless and learning a new thing every day can be very resourceful.

The development of these skills from my own perspective in this semester has been encouraging as the results are admirable. I have learnt to communicate more with my colleagues which has assisted in the sharing of ideas as well as opened up new opportunities for me. It has also been instrumental in being an enabler in going the extra mile to consult my lectures in other units in areas I felt like I needed more clarification or did not understand at all. The opportunities brought about by communication have been positions for internships during my free time to help polish up on my skills. In the area of teamwork, I have been able to develop an outspoken nature as well as learnt that we all have different opinions and that does not make one’s own opinion wrong. In working in teams, you learn to appreciate each distinct opinion as well as come to an agreement on the best and most suitable decision at the end. Learning on the other hand has become a habit. It is however not limited to my skill of specialization as at times while in the library I find myself fascinated by a book and reach out for it just to be able to satisfy my curiosity. Extensive reading and learning of new ideas will help in networking as one attends various seminars and exhibitions when sharing of ideas takes place.

During my free time, I try to attend various internship programs offered by organizations that are relevant in my field of specialization. Once in such a setting, one’s mind is opened up as the learning is no longer based on theory and is now practical and allows one to gain experience that will be instrumental in securing employment opportunities in future. This also gives one an upper hand when compared to the same colleagues in the same stage of learning but have not gone through any training opportunities. Communication is enhanced as there is a chain of command that one must go through when voicing out their opinions and any company related matters. Team work is also encouraged as it comes collective responsibility in achieving set targets and goals. This will enable one to develop behavioral characteristics that are needed when working in teams for the overall performance of the organization. In all the skills listed above, learning does not take place at a certain time or at a certain place. Once one is already incorporated in the organization, learning begins and becomes a day to day activity until the end of the period. It can take place when communicating to the superiors, while teamwork is in session and any other relevant place.