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Library Access Problems 2

Librаry Aссеss Prоblеms

A large number of new resources are added to the CSU Library weekly for exploration of students, with online resources or eResources included. The benefit of eResources is that a student can access it anytime and anywhere in the world. However, accessing some information or documents can prove to be difficult. The CSU library has therefore provided a podcast to provide tips on accessing the library. This paper discusses some of the access problems and tips on how to eliminate these problems.

Without a user ID and password you cannot access the CSU Library website such as eBooks and Journal Databases. Having CSU user ID and password will enable one to be recognized as a CSU student. Students need to renew their passwords every 60 days and contact CSU DIT Service Desk in case they encounter password problems.

When the library’s eResources links are clicked they open in a new window. However, ad or pop-up blockers prevent this new window from opening. Students therefore need to turn off these pop-up blockers on their computers. Access problems page in the online FAQs of the Library also provides instructions on how to disable pop-up blockers. Firewalls may also prevent access eResources especially if one is using a computer at work. If this occurs a systems administrator needs to be consulted.

If versions of browsers (Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer), and related software (plugins or Adobe Reader) running in a computer are old then they will not handle the added content comfortably. Students should therefore ensure that these versions are updated more often. Students should also clear Cookies and Cache of their browsers regularly to ensure they access the current database easily. The Help menu on their browsers’ toolbars can give them more information on how to do this.

Students can contact the Library all the discussed tips are not providing favorable results. Contacting the Library can be done through a link to Ask a Question form or call 1800 808 369 a toll-free phone number.

With CSU Library podcast students will comfortably access online resources and do more exploits.


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